Intel Z170 Socket 1151 ATX & Larger Motherboards

The Intel Z170 is a fully featured, enthusiast-grade chipset, and supports all Intel 6th Generation Intel Core CPUs. Enjoy full CPU multiplier overclocking, multi-GPU support (depending on the motherboard's PCIe slots) and PCIe storage through M.2, MVMe or SATA Express. The ATX motherboards here have the most expansion slots, headers and ports of the Z170 range, and it also supports DDR4 memory across 4 memory slots up to 3000MHz. There's a massive variety in prices and available features, from under £70 to £200 and beyond – make sure your choice ticks all the right boxes for you. 05/08/15

Please note: In order to use a 7th Generation 'Kaby Lake' Intel CPU with these Motherboards, you will need to ensure you are running the latest BIOS version before installing the CPU.

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