Scan Priority Replacement Policy

Faulty products replaced within 2 working days with R48

Here at Scan we understand how frustrating it can be to have a faulty part. Be it your GPU, motherboard, mouse or monitor, R48 has you covered.

We have developed R48, our 48hr replacement policy alongside our key partners to give you the best returns/replacement experience.

Every partner has its own replacement policy for faulty components, resulting in an inconsistent turnaround time.

R48 means we will dispatch a replacement to you within 2 working days of receiving the product back at Scan.

R48 is free of charge, providing another great reason to buy from Scan and choose a product from one of our key partners.

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A selection of our R48 Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions


How will I know which products are covered by R48? Products who participate in the program will have the R48 logo displayed across our website
Check for the R48 logo in the product listing: R48 Infopage

What is not covered by R48? - Products that are returned as faulty but when tested are not, or are damaged.
- Products that are returned and confirmed as faulty, but we do not have the same item to replace it with. In these cases we will need to offer an alternative or the option of a repair. This offer will be within the 48 hour period.
- Products that are returned missing vital parts that can’t be swapped out with the replacement product
- Any product that does not display the R48 logo.

If a product has the R48 badge, does this mean that the same warranty will apply on other websites? No. Most other sellers only offer the standard manufacturer’s warranty terms, which often involve using a repair service. Scan has made extra agreements with the individual brands to follow our R48 policy in return for the badge displayed on our website.

If my product is not part of the R48 program, which faulty return service will I receive? Products that do not show the R48 badge will default to the manufacturer’s warranty terms. These will be tested and confirmed faulty by Scan within 5 working days of being received. We will then follow the warranty terms for that product which can involve sending the product away for a repair. This process can take up to 4 weeks depending on the service offered by the manufacturer.

What do I do in the event of a faulty product covered by R48? Please contact the Scan Technical Returns on 01204 474747 or use our live chat service.

Do I have to pay for R48? R48 is free of charge, providing another great reason to buy from Scan and choose a product from one of our key partners.