Why Choose 3XS?

3XS Systems has been building thousands of PCs, workstations, laptops and servers a month in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK for more than 10 years. Our team of engineers has racked up hundreds of awards in the press

3XS Philosophy

We will go the extra mile to make sure we are pushing the boundaries to deliver the latest and greatest tech with style. We are a 24/7 thinking business and our desire to innovate and strive to be the best is what motivates us.

We want complete transparency with all we deal with. From our supply partners, our internal team and to our customers.

Nothing means more to us than getting your feedback telling us you are satisfied.

What We Offer

3XS Systems employs a large team of resident technical experts, each with dozens of years of experience in their respective fields, to design our Specialist Use systems. If you have a particular requirement our technical specialists will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate hardware and software configuration.

Custom Design

3XS systems are designed and tailored to each customer’s needs – from home users to professional workstations and servers, they run the latest games and applications flawlessly.

3XS Systems employs a large team of resident technical experts, each with dozens of years of experience in their respective fields, to design our Specialist Use systems. If you have a particular requirement our technical specialists will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate hardware and software configuration.

Pro Gaming
Built using the best-in-class components such as Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards Scan 3XS gaming PCs and laptops deliver silky smooth frame rates in the latest games. Our gaming PCs are so fast they are also by many production studios for the development of upcoming games and leading esports Team Dignitas.

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Simulator PCs
Amp up your virtual experience with a high performance simulator PC with multiple monitors or a full motion cockpit. Whether you are flying, driving or taking to the stars our simulator PCs and peripherals will help take you there with glorious graphics, full motion simulation and immersive audio.

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Office PCs
A range of affordable and stylish desktop PCs and mini PCs perfect for the home or office. Choose from a wide range of performance levels, storage capacity and form factors.

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Pro Graphics
Using Intel processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics Scan Pro Graphics workstations deliver maximum performance for CAD, CAM, graphics artists, modellers, animators, engineers and architects.

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Pro Audio
Scan 3XS Pro Audio workstations are optimised for low latency and to be extremely quiet. They have been used in the production of multiple number 1 hit tracks while our laptops are ideal for production duties at live events.

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Pro Video
Scan 3XS Pro Video workstations are designed for maximum performance and responsiveness when video editing and colour grading . Using Intel CPUs and NVIDIA graphics our video production workstations have been used in the production of multiple major film and TV projects.

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Trading PCs
A range of high-performance, low-latency desktop PCs specially designed for high-speed trading. All of our Trading PCs have the latest workstation-class NVIDIA Quadro NVS graphics cards which have certified drivers for all the leading trading platforms including Hanweck Assoc, Activ Financial, Level 3 Finance, RapidMind, Hummingbird, JAVA, Bloomberg, Reuters and Numerix.

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Digital Signage
Scan 3XS Digital Signage solutions enable better communication with your customers. Using Intel and NVIDIA hardware coupled with Beabloo cloud technology, our Digital Signage solutions are used by retailers, banks, hospitals, universities and more across the globe. Also available with analytics that can gather anonymous statistics such as gender and age group about who is viewing your marketing messages.

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Enterprise Solutions
A range of reliable, high-performance servers, HPC nodes, storage solutions and business services infrastructure solutions for business IT. These systems are be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business, delivering maximum performance and reliability using server-grade Intel Xeon processors with ECC memory and NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla accelerator cards.

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What makes us so good?

Anyone can build a PC, so what really makes the difference between any old PC and a 3XS PC? For starters, our team has been designing and building PCs for more than 20 years, so we have a huge amount of experience in building highly reliable systems that deliver the most performance for your budget. These are the benefits you receive when buying a professionally built 3XS system.

Quality Components

Unlike other PC manufacturers we don't believe in fobbing off our customers with unbranded components. We're just as demanding as you are and expect our PCs to work reliably for years. For this reason we have over the years built up close relationships with key manufacturers, ensuring that your 3XS PC is built using only the finest quality components. We're open and honest about all the components used in our PCs with the brand and specification information available on every configurator.

Beware manufacturers that recommend components that are too cheap as there’s always a price to be paid later in terms of reliability and quality. At the same time beware over-priced components such as unnecessarily large power supplies; modern PCs are far more power efficient than they were a few years ago and most 3XS systems simply don’t need 1kW of power. For these reasons the components in our 3XS systems may not be the cheapest or most expensive but they do provide you with the most bang-per-buck.

A work of Art

We don't just build PCs in our state-of-the-art factory, we craft them. For instance, we route and tidy all the cables around the sides of the case. This not only makes your PC look great and easier to upgrade in the future, but eases airflow through the case resulting in a cooler and quieter PC. In addition, we can customise your PC for you, not just the components inside but also its appearance, so if you fancy a PC in an unusual shape or colour we look forward to from you.

Intensively tested

Building a PC only takes a few hours, but installing all the software and making sure that everything is configured properly and that your software runs stably takes up a huge amount of time. By ordering a 3XS system our engineers take this painful process away, as all our systems undergo a strenuous Quality Control procedure which includes updating Windows, installing the latest drivers and motherboard BIOS. Overclocked systems receive an additional 24 hour burn-in test to ensure stability.

No compatibility headaches

It can take weeks to research the right combination of components, not just to ensure you get the most bang for your buck but to minimise the chance of one component being incompatible with another. Whether you buy a system from our configurator or a custom spec system our engineers will do all this hard work for you, ensuring that when your system is delivered it performs flawlessly.

The 3XS Experience

When you buy a 3XS system you're not just buying a PC but a premium experience. For instance all 3XS systems include a welcome pack, which includes detailed setup instructions, all the software, cables, paperwork and accessories for your system.

3XS Utility

We also preinstall a Windows application on your system that has shortcuts to some helpful diagnostic tools and our contact details. The 3XS Support application can be found running in the System Tray in the bottom right corner of the Task Bar with a ‘3XS’ icon – simply right click on the icon to open the menu then left click on the option you want.

Recovery Tools

Sometimes software installed after a system has been received can cause instabilities and crashes. Typically these issues can be resolved without requiring a visit from an onsite engineer or returning the system to Scan. To aid this process all systems ship with a USB recovery stick which includes a backup of the operating system. Simply insert the recovery stick and follow the instructions on screen and the recovery stick will refresh your system back to factory defaults.

The USB stick also includes dozens of helpful utilities for diagnosing and repairing your system should it develop a fault. The USB stick can be found attached to the PSU inside your PC in case you misplace the welcome pack. We hope you’ll never need to use it, but it’s there just in case.

Track and Trace

Once we have processed your order you can use our website to track and trace the status of your 3XS system as it is built and tested by our engineers. You can see check out how fast your system is, as we push it through a rigorous set of performance and stability benchmarks. We’ll also send you regular updates via email on the status of your build including photos at every stage.


Nothing is more frustrating than awaiting delivery of your order only to find it was damaged in transit. Once your 3XS PC has passed our rigorous Quality Control procedure any space inside the case will be filled with anti-static bubble wrap. This has been specially developed for 3XS Systems and helps to protect your system when it is with our courier. Please ensure you remove this bubble wrap before turning on the system for the first time. We also double box all systems, with the inner box cushioned inside the larger outer box by a layer of shock-absorbing plastic air pockets.

Rapid Delivery

Scan Computers is proud to build all our 3XS systems in our state of the art factory in Lancashire. This ensures the highest quality and rapid delivery to our customers and that our engineers are easily available should you need technical support.

Sometimes you just need a system right now. Maybe your existing system has kicked the bucket or you’ve found that your old workhorse can’t cope with the latest game or application you just installed. Either way, we pride ourselves on having your bespoke system built, tested and delivered within 5 working days, twice as fast as most of our competitors.

In addition, we offer a Priority Build service, where for a small fee we guarantee to build, test and dispatch your new 3XS PC within 3 working days. Your order will be expedited but system will undergo the same strenuous quality control procedure. You can choose between Standard and Priority Build in the Build Time section of the configurator when ordering online or simply asking one of our sales advisors over the phone.

If time is the essence we also offer a variety of our most popular Custom and Value Series systems, pre-built and pre-tested, available for next-day delivery or collection.

Peace of Mind

7 Day Support

If you do encounter a problem with your PC our technical support team is available 7 days a week, from 9am to 10pm Mon - Fri, 10am to 6pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays. Click here for more info on how to get technical support for your 3XS system.

3 Year Warranty

Another key difference is that all Scan 3XS Custom Series PCs are covered by our Premium 3 Year Warranty. This means that if your system develops a fault in its first year we can send an engineer to your home or office to repair it. In the remaining two years of the warranty we'll still repair or replace any faulty parts, but do this from our state of the art factory in Lancashire.


Award-Winning Service

Don’t just take our word of it though; our 3XS systems have won hundreds of awards in publications such as Custom PC, Develop3D, Expert Reviews, HEXUS, PC Gamer and PC Pro. In addition we have won Custom PC’s annual Dream PC competition every year it has run since 2007.

3XS systems have also been extensively featured in the media such as BBC and Channel 5.

Certified Quality System

Scan computers implements a Quality System,
certified by QAS according to Standard
ISO 9001:2015

Scan Computers provide high performance computer solutions to a range of industries and the general public and also bespoke services to meet customer requirements.

Contact Us

Scan 3XS offers PCs, laptops, workstations and servers. Please contact us below if you need any help choosing the configuration of your system.

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