About us

At Scan we’re all about three things – technology, people, and how we bring them together. For 30 years we’ve been driven by these three passions that run through everything we do.

Family added value

We’re like a family, so naturally we’re friendly, approachable and always here to help. Passionate about what we do, whether it’s tech, service or even just answering the phone. So if you do call us, you can be sure that we’ll always find the right person for you – whatever your query. And with a team of over 200 strong, there’s always an expert on hand to happily share their knowledge with you. From software to hardware to expert technical advice and care, there’s nothing we don’t know about tech – after all we’ve got hundreds of awards, thousands of positive reviews and a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, so we must know a thing or two.

Royal Warrant By Appointment To
Her Majesty The Queen
High Performance Personal Computers & IT Hardware
Scan Computers International Ltd

Gamer, creator or music maker?

Whether gaming, creating, editing or production is your passion, we’ve either got your spec, we’ll find it, or we’ll develop it tailored to you. From pre-built workstations to computer hardware and PC components, along with all the latest and greatest products and accessories.

Our Scan audio systems have been winning awards for over a decade & our Pro Audio team is made up of music professionals from all over the country, including Top Producers, Composers, DJ's, Instrumentalists and Engineers.

Over the years this breadth of knowledge and experience has allowed us to work in partnership with some of the Pro Audio World's finest manufacturers, and we now work alongside them to ensure that we have everything available for the studio from Keyboards and Guitars through to DJ Kit and PA Equipment. No matter what you need to achieve and whatever style of music you’re making, the chances are we've been there and we understand exactly what you need to make your music the very best it can be.

Scan Pro Graphics solutions are constantly evolving to include the latest GPU technologies to give your business the competitive edge it requires. We build bespoke systems to address any graphics requirements, installing the latest NVIDIA Quadro or Titan X graphics cards to deliver powerful, reliable systems, including VR ready solutions to offer a truly immersive experience.

Our experienced engineers have also developed innovative solutions such as NVIDIA Iray machines providing designers and visual effects artists with highly interactive video rendering, capable of simulating the physical behaviour of light and materials; and NVIDIA Tesla powered appliances that harness huge amounts of GPU compute power to deliver deep learning and artificial intelligence.

The Scan Pro Graphics family also includes graphics-accelerated virtual desktops based on NVIDIA Grid technology to provide a high quality user experience without the restrictions of being tied to a physical workstation.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve built quite the reputation for building high-performance gaming PCs for professional gamers. Add to that all the latest gaming products from soundcards to coolers, plus access to live gaming TV and gaming guides and you’ll see why.

Whether enthusiast or professional, we can provide all the kit to meet any editor, producer or director’s needs, from cameras and lenses to lighting and audio converters. And with experts with over fifteen years of professional experience on hand, we’ll help you on your way to capturing that perfect moment.

Putting our customers first

We’re strong believers in that how we do business is as important as what we do – it’s what makes us different, it’s what makes us Scan. So we aim to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our dedicated team ship over 1500 orders a day, with a success rate of 99% – that’s a lot of team players who take pride in doing a great job.

We’re currently experiencing a lot of feedback

We love your feedback, as it helps us to improve, which in turn makes for a better experience for you. We know we aren't perfect, but we strive to be, so if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it, until you’re satisfied with your shopping experience with us.

Take a look at our reviews and make your own mind up about our products, service and overall customer experience – we think you’ll be impressed.