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At Scan we’ve spent 30 years focusing on three things – technology, people, and how we bring them together. Whatever your passion, be it PC gaming, professional graphics, video editing, music production or AI – we have a team of specialists ready and waiting to help you find exactly what you need, even if it’s just some good friendly advice. Our family of over 300 teammates live and breathe our 3XS philosophy of providing customers with the best Specification, Service and Satisfaction, which is reflected by the hundreds of awards Scan has won in the media and more than 20,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot.


SpecificationWhat we know. Inside out. Computers. Components. Gaming. Audio. Video. Graphics. Digital signage. Bespoke computer systems etc. These are the things we love, live and breathe.


ServicesHow we do things. People-focused. Going the extra mile. Passionate about giving people what they need. Build relationships and nurture loyalty. Speed. On-time deliveries.


SatisfactionWhat sets us apart. Our depth of understanding and guidance. Innovative and visionary sourcing. Award-winning service and custom builds. The reasons people keep coming back.

Since 1987 we have attended hundreds of events & supplied IT hardware to over 500 businesses across the world

Meet our super sub-brands

Underneath our Scan brand sit our six super sub-brands. Using our experience and knowledge within the computing and technology industries, we have applied this and our 3XS philosophy to become a leader in our field. Each sub-brand has its own business unit, run by industry experts, which provides and represents the complete range of services needed for each


We’re like a family, so naturally we’re friendly, approachable and always here to help. Passionate about what we do, whether it’s tech, service or even just answering the phone. So if you do call us, you can be sure that we’ll always find the right person for you – whatever your query. From software to hardware to expert technical advice and care, there’s nothing we don’t know about tech – after all we’ve got hundreds of awards, and thousands of positive reviews.

Pro Audio

The Pro Audio team here at Scan is made up of Music Professionals including Top Producers, Composers. DJ’s, instrumentalists and engineers. Our aim is to provide high quality service and advice both during and after the sales process. If you’re interested in Music and music making, and have a good working knowledge of the creative tools used in our industry, it may be that you’d find yourself at home in our Pro Audio department.

Pro Graphics

Scan Pro Graphics provides workstations and servers for graphics intensive workloads. Our systems are optimised for a wide variety of applications and industries including Media and Entertainment: film, TV and gaming plus engineering and science applications such as AEC and BIM, CAD and CAE. Powered by the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators, our workstations and servers our portfolio also includes virtualisation solutions powered by NVIDIA vGPU, including Virtual Compute Servers, Virtual Datacentre Workstations, Virtual PCs and Cloud Rendering.

Pro Gaming

Our mission is to provide you with PC hardware that gives you the edge over your competitors in all the latest games. Scan Pro Gaming is the home of the fastest gaming desktop PCs and laptops, all built by the award-winning 3XS Systems team. We also stock a huge range of peripherals to improve your gaming experience, from keyboards and mice, to G-Sync monitors and gaming headsets, plus video streaming technology for sharing your best gaming moments.

Pro Video

If your passion is filmmaking or photography, live production or post-production, why not join Scan's professional imaging team? We provide support to professional editors, digital artists, cinematographers, photographers, colourists and DITs, supplying the latest tech solutions to a broad client base from vloggers to award-winning VFX studios. If you have the skills and commitment, we want to hear from you.

SCAN Business

Within the Scan Business unit, we apply the latest cutting edge areas in IT and technology to retail and business environments. With a dedicated website, our professional service consultants and industry experts are able to provide advice on network design, security and compliance right through to the latest in AI developments.

Experts in our field

From software to hardware to expert technical advice and care, there’s nothing we don’t know about tech – after all we’ve got hundreds of awards, and thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot, so we must know a thing or two about what makes good customer service.


Thousands of reviews on Truspilot with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 we know something about what makes good service.


Scan Computers is proud to announce that we have been accredited as an Investor in People.


Scan computers implements a Quality System, certified by QAS according to Standard ISO 9001:2015

Our HQ

Our impressive 26,000 sq ft headquarters in Bolton is home to everything Scan. We have our showroom where we demonstrate and display our huge range of PCs, computer hardware, peripherals, monitors, audio and video equipment from leading brands including Intel, NVIDIA, Asus, Blade, DJI, Black Magic and Lacie. We also have an onsite warehouse, a dedicated call centre, our state of the art 3XS factory and an in house studio where we filmed all our Scan shows.

Visit our showroom to view the latest technology from our partners for gaming, pro audio, pro video and pro graphics. We offer an order online and collect in store service and we are open 6 days a week, with experts on hand to answer your questions and queries

Opening times:
Monday to Friday - 9am to 17:30pm
Saturday – 10am to 4pm

At our HQ in Bolton we have dedicated teams overseeing the purchasing, marketing, sales, customer services and IT. We also have a team of Scan Account Managers who work closely with our business customers, to support, advice and find the right bespoke solutions. In addition to the traditional departments, Scan also have their very own Film Studio to assist in driving content through our marketing channels.

3XS Systems has been building thousands of custom PCs, workstations, laptops and servers a month in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK for more than 10 years. Our team of engineers has racked up more than 293 awards in the press for supplying High Performance Personal Computers and IT Hardware.

Scan stock over 70,000 products, all shipped from our UK warehouses. With a dedicated logistics, warehousing and customer services team, we ship over 2000 parcels a day, worldwide. With state of the technology, we can also track and report on parcel statuses from order through to shipping and delivery.

Want to be a part of our journey?

Join us in our mission to dominate all things tech. From taking over the e-sports industry with our bespoke gaming systems to helping solve the world’s most difficult problems through Deep Learning and AI.

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I have honestly never experienced service as good as this. The company gives you a tick list .. order received, payment processed, item despatched and DPD delivery on the exact date and time... cheaper than Curry’s and same laptop. Definitely buy from this company if you’re thinking about it but not too sure - Cathy