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About Scan

Scan was founded in 1987 by Shelley Raja. Today we are a professionally run family business with over 200 employees, a revenue close to £80 million and growing fast!

We believe we have an amazing team culture and great employees which puts a great deal of care and passion into delivering the best technology to our customers.

Spec, service and satisfaction are our big values that we aim for every customer to experience.

Spec - we will go the extra mile to make sure we are pushing the boundaries to deliver the latest and greatest tech with style. We are a 24/7 thinking business and are our desire to innovate and strive to be the best is what keeps us driven.

Service - we want complete transparency with all we deal with. From our supply partners, our internal team and to our customers.

Satisfaction - nothing means more to us than getting your feedback telling us you are satisfied.

We smile when we get praised and we turn the business upside down to resolve any criticism.

We genuinely care and will do all we can to make sure we can keep customers happy.

Bringing 3XS to reality:

We ship over 1500 orders a day and are growing fast. We have a floor clear down policy for each day, which means all our orders have to ship at the end of the day. Our success rate is 99.xx% daily.

For this to happen every department has to be playing in rhythm, feeling the groove and improvising to continuously improve in a rapidly changing market.

We aren't perfect but we strive to be. If we mess up well do all we can to rectify the situation and stick to our values.

Dealing with 12000+ product lines and various suppliers, delays can happen that are beyond our control. It's so easy with social media, for people with an axe to grind to tell the world about their experiences and lose sight of the real facts. We’re happy and encourage people to leave feedback on where we can improve our offerings. We will never delete these comments; on the contrary we will show our transparency by commenting on what we can do to improve.

3XS is our commitment to our customers, backed up by 100s of awards, 1000s of positive comments and a Royal Warrant.

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