About us

At Scan we’re all about three things – technology, people, and how we bring them together. For 30 years we’ve been driven by these three passions that run through everything we do.

Family added value

We’re like a family, so naturally we’re friendly, approachable and always here to help. Passionate about what we do, whether it’s tech, service or even just answering the phone. So if you do call us, you can be sure that we’ll always find the right person for you – whatever your query. And with a team of over 200 strong, there’s always an expert on hand to happily share their knowledge with you. From software to hardware to expert technical advice and care, there’s nothing we don’t know about tech – after all we’ve got hundreds of awards, thousands of positive reviews, so we must know a thing or two.

Gamer, creator or music maker?

Whether gaming, creating, editing or production is your passion, we’ve either got your spec, we’ll find it, or we’ll develop it tailored to you. From pre-built workstations to computer hardware and PC components, along with all the latest and greatest products and accessories.

We have been winning awards for our 3XS digital audio workstations (DAWs) for more than ten years. Our experienced audio PC builders coax every ounce of power from your music computer, tweaking the BIOS and software. Our team is made up of music professionals including top producers, composers, DJs, instrumentalists and engineers, and we have everything you need for your studio, from keyboards and guitars through to DJ kit and PA equipment.

We build fast and reliable graphics workstation and GPU server solutions specifically for creative professionals, engineers, researchers and scientists. Our bespoke workstations address all of your graphics requirements, with the latest NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla and TITAN X graphics cards to deliver powerful and reliable systems. We also provide deep learning & AI systems for machine learning, plus immersive solutions including the HTC Vive Business Edition VR headset.

Our mission is to provide you with PC hardware that gives you the edge over your competitors in all the latest games. Scan Pro Gaming is the home of the fastest gaming desktop PCs and laptops, all built by the award-winning 3XS Systems team. We also stock a huge range of peripherals to improve your gaming experience, from keyboards and mice, to G-Sync monitors and gaming headsets, plus video streaming technology for recording and sharing your best gaming moments.

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of video editing PCs and equipment for professional video production. With more than thirty years of award winning IT services, our video workstations, laptops, monitors, media and storage solutions are perfect for professional editors, digital artists, colourists, and DITs. We also offer a wide range of lighting tools, cameras, grips, lenses, audio and VR/360 accessories to really bring your ideas to life.

Expanding our bespoke portfolio, we are proud to bring you Intel and NVIDIA server solutions designed to address the latest cutting-edge applications in today’s IT world – whether it be Deep Learning, HPC or 3D Graphics. We’re also offering a high-end 3D graphics virtual platform and advanced digital signage and analytical solutions too. Adding high performance systems into your business demand a network capable of supporting them – and we’re able to help here too. Our professional services consultants are able to provide advice on network design, security and compliance, working to recommend the best hardware for your business, but also ensuring it is deployed in the most effective manner.

Putting our customers first

We’re strong believers in that how we do business is as important as what we do – it’s what makes us different, it’s what makes us Scan. So we aim to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our dedicated team ship over 1500 orders a day, with a success rate of 99% – that’s a lot of team players who take pride in doing a great job.

We’re currently experiencing a lot of feedback

We love your feedback, as it helps us to improve, which in turn makes for a better experience for you. We know we aren't perfect, but we strive to be, so if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it, until you’re satisfied with your shopping experience with us.

Take a look at our reviews and make your own mind up about our products, service and overall customer experience – we think you’ll be impressed.