Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Excellent build with outstanding service when it went wrong In my opinion the true measure of a company is not just the efficiently of the sales and delivery process, but how that company responds when things go wrong. My custom-built 3XS system was badly damaged in transit despite layer upon layer of protective packaging. Scan could not have been more helpful in arranging the collection and repair of the system. Scan has not only proven their focus on achieving customer satisfaction, the quality of the build is also up there with the very best. My OCD didn’t twitch once when inspecting the beautiful cable management! I made the right choice in choosing Scan

Justin Rowe - 21 Feb 2024

I've always found Scan to be a brilliant company to deal with and haven't ever hesitated to recommend them to friends and family looking for computer bits or music kit. Recently it was time for a new PC and having not been for a while, Scan popped to mind immediately. Having recommended that my partner buy a 3XS system a few weeks before my own PC's inadequacy came to light and the team at Scan were fab all the way through: communicative, friendly, very helpful and very reasonably priced indeed. Thanks again to the 3XS team and everyone at Scan who've made me chuffed to bits for the next few years.

Mike Tomlinson - 9 Feb 2024

I recently made a purchase of a computer built in the 3xs system lab and I am absolutely blown away with the quality Scan deliver. It is the best computer I have ever owned and I am likely to own highly recommend to anyone considering buying a computer or parts for one, these guys deliver a top quality service and will definitely consider upgrading in the future with them!

Ben - 9 Feb 2024

I have used SCAN multiple times over decades and never had an issue with the products or customer services. I recently purchased another 3XS Custom PC from them and was yet again very happy by their clarity and helpfulness. Would gladly recommend and will definately do business with them in the future again.

Mr Kaiden Harkins - 23 Jan 2024

Scan are the company from which everyone should buy their PC. They offer a vast selection of set-ups and prices to suit everyone. They also have configurable systems which you can tweak to your heart's content. I recently purchased a self-configured 3XS system and the service from Scan was outstanding. From order to delivery I was kept up to date with the progress of the build, which was highly professional - cables nicely tucked away and each component optimised. It was literally a high-end plug and play system. I would have no hesitation buying from Scan again, and would recommend anyone buying a PC to give them a look.

Trogzz - 18 Jan 2024

So I found myself ready for a PC upgrade, and having shopped around for prebuilt systems (couldn't be bothered with the faff of building my own this time) I landed on Scan. They seemed like the best value versus competitors.I went for a 3XS build, and frankly it was one of the best big ticket purchase experiences I've had in a long time, and I think it's only fair that I write a new review to highlight how good they were. I received frequent emails from the day the build began all the way through to despatch, with every major step being explained. When it came to despatch, the build finished a day earlier than expected so I quickly called customer service and had a pre-midday delivery booked. Roll on to today and the PC arrived safely, on time and extraordinarily well packaged, including packing out the inside of the PC with anti-static bubble wrap. Couldn't be happier with everything, thanks guys!

Nick - 9 Jan 2024

My third 3XS pc in 12 years and Scan quality and service continues to impress. PC build was to the usual high quality including the extras I had requested. In addition, telephone support was outstanding - always no waiting and very helpful. Highlight 2 calls I made on a Win 11 problem when setting up - nothing really to do with SCAN but the response was immediate, patient and very knowledgeable. Many thanks.

John Rooum - 11 Dec 2023

Just got my 3XS system and it is better than anything i could have built myself. Had good contact with team during build. Really appreciate what they have done for me.

John Hayes - 8 Dec 2023

Consistently great. Have bought from Scan for about 10 years now. From full 3XS systems to small components. Communication from both Josh and Alex last week to answer my questions on a custom build was amazing. Really happy with my new machine. Thanks guys.

Steve G - 7 Dec 2023

Ordered my second pc from 3XS/SCAN, by far the best gaming pc I’ve owned to date. No faults of any kind in 6 years of ownership, ran as perfectly as it did for the first time. Now onto my second order from them and my third pc; I trust it will the same for the next 6 years.

Aaron Donaldson - 30 Nov 2023

Bought a custom pc through the 3XS service and was very happy with it! Great communication along every step. Offered support if necessary and even gave a follow up call to see how i was getting on and if I needed anything, will definitely be using again and recommending.

Jack Walker - 19 Nov 2023

I had a custom made 3XS water cooled PC built by Scan, what an awesome beautifully built machine, hyper fast very good workmanship, a credit to PC builders. Thanks.

Steven D - 18 Nov 2023

Fantastic to deal with from start to finish. I can't recommend SCAN enough. They keep you updated with every process/stage of your build and are very responsive in regards to communication. As for the finished product itself, my 3XS custom build is a dream. Its been running like clockwork with no teething issues since day 1. And even if there are issues that arise, they have a robust customer support system and warranty to keep you covered. If you're on the fence about using these guys to build you a top tier rig, don't bother doing anymore research, just use them. You won't be disappointed. 10/10 experience.

Peter - 18 Oct 2023

My interest over the years has been in Pro-Audio. I think I'm on my third 3XS system in the past 20 years! A few years ago my old friend Steve Fairclough (a music expert in his own right) put me in touch with the Scan technical experts (I think it was Phil originally and more recently Tom). The advice and recommendations I received were second to none helping me to make informed buying decisions. I had one issue 2 years ago with a failed PSU on a new 3XS system. Support calls were answered and dealt with promptly. Scan replaced the PSU at the counter in under 10 minutes (under warranty). I'm a member and actively involved in many online Pro-Audio and music production forums and I always recommend Scan Computers Ltd for PC and config needs, sharing the site URL and advocating your services. Keep up the good work!!

Andrew Woods 17 Oct 2023

Overall great experience. By far one of my favourite hardware websites to navigate. Offers, in my opinion, the best level of customisation on their 3XS systems compared to competitors. Process was seamless, the level of information given during was perfect and the consideration that goes into the builds is second to none. Top notch. Used them for 15 years plus and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Laurence Jones - 4 Oct 2023

3.5 year old 3XS required 2xFans as originals got noisy, Josh on Chat Help took two minutes from me giving him the original order no. to recommending the correct straight replacements! Amazing, usually on other chat helps getting an answer takes longer than that! Placed the order on 2-5 day delivery as I'm retired and it's not a problem to be here with the one hour window, so the machine will be quiet again by the end of next week.

Lew Sang - 29 Sept 2023

After using Scan 3xs for two high end custom built PC's now, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Flawless build quality, complete communication throughout, and overall a brilliant customer experience from initial conversations to recieving the PC's.

Marley - 11 Sept 2023

I've been a longtime SCAN customer and fan ever since building my first PC and then upgrading various other builds. Their selection, prices and speed of delivery is truly exceptional. But today I want to sing praises for the whole 3XS team as I decided to get a prebuilt gaming system and I am simply in awe. Such flawless build quality coupled with the cleanest cable management I have ever seen and to top it off, the transit preparation of the system was simply mindblowing! System arrived in record time, survived transit impeccably and the 3XS support team was always at hand before dispatch to ensure all my queries were answered and status updates were provided! Honestly so so impressed with everything and I will now recommend the 3XS systems to everyone who wants reliable quality at a price that can't be beaten!

Nils - 4 Sept 2023

This is my second 3XS Gaming Laptop from Scan and a great machine for video editing as well as gaming. Service from Scan Computers is excellent.

Royden John Elson - 19 Aug 2023

Having bought all my previous Music computers from Scan, and been very happy with each, returning was inevitable. My new High-end 3XS Audio Workstation is a Power God. It is built to perfection and runs like a dream. Fast with everything and barely gets above 2% when running specific hungry and multiple plugins. The service Scan offers, even whilst my system was being built was impeccable. Everyone I communicated with was extremely friendly and helpful. I am so happy when composing and Scan have ensured that continues.

Fallen Butnotdown - 11 Aug 2023

I ordered a 3XS PC in 2019 and have been using it almost daily for the last 4 years. The system was fantastic, and any issues I had were swiftly sorted by their fantastic support team. After this positive experience I knew I would use SCAN again for my next PC. I have recently ordered a fully custom PC and asked the guys at SCAN to build it for me. They have offered support at every step of the way, making recommendations and giving me advice regarding compatability and how to get the most 'bang for buck' for my individual use case. I have been able to ask questions and receive quick and friendly replies, and I am now being given updates with my PC build every step of the way including pictures of the assembled build. If, similarly to me, you cannot find a prebuilt system that is exactly what you want, I fully recommend using SCAN's custom pc builder, or creating a basket of all the components of the build and forwarding this to their sales team who will offer you second to none service and ultimately create your bespoke system at a fantastic price. SCAN also include 3 year warranties on their systems where as many competitors offer far less. For anything computer related, use SCAN. Special thanks to Robert for all your help.

Daniel Stead - 8 Aug 2023

I’ve been a customer (looking at my order history) since 11th Jan 2006. This is a company that was good back then and it is, I think the best place, bar none for all your computer needs whether you build your own pc or buy pre build pc/laptops. Their own brand 3XS is also very good having purchased a midrange gaming pc for my son. They are always competitive on price. Always have stock, which is important as I have heard of some online sellers offer lower prices and then cancelling or offering something else. I have only had to return something once when a m.2 drive in raid died. It was tested and refunded the same day it arrived. The odd time I have called they have been really helpful and friendly. I can’t recommend them enough. Buy with confidence.

Dave Kenna - 27 Jul 2023

I’ve ordered several products with Scan, including a 3XS custom pc and everything I’ve ordered has arrived quickly and packed perfectly to ensure it’s safety. On the occasions I’ve called their store and support team they’ve been beyond helpful and knowledgable. I genuinely cannot recommend Scan enough and will be using them for all my computing needs from now on!

James A - 18 Jul 2023

I've just had an audio workstation built by 3xs, the build is very neat and tidy and the machine is so quiet, it's barely audible when using music software. It also has plenty of grunt! The service is overall great, I had to wait a little longer as it was a busy time for Scan, but they do a great job with the updates and they package the computer extremely well for transit.

Matt - 17 Jul 2023