Customer Reviews & Testimonials


Bought a 3XS PC from Scan for some graphics work. Found the online purchasing procedure very straightforward. The system was delivered on schedule and installation went smoothly. I'm very pleased with the performance - it's the first time I've bought a machine with an AMD processor (3950X). At the time of ordering, I thought there might be a problem sourcing the processor, as other companies didn't seem to be able to supply it, but no problems there. Overall very pleased with my purchase and would recommend Scan without hesitation.

Paul savage - 7th February 2020

This is my first gaming computer from… This is my first gaming computer from Scan Computers with a huge specification. I must say I'm blown away by the quality of the build and the incredible speed of the machine. Awesome! The support team, are excellent too. Very helpful over the phone (thank you, Lewis H , Ryan, Ben and Daniel). I experienced some problems when updating the BIOS. Scan kindly took my system back and fixed it for me. They reviewed the initial build and changed some components - thank you, Callum. NB Never change the BIOs, unless Scan do it for you!! Recently had a problem with a top end graphics card and Scan sent me some diagnostic software to run to test stability. Ryan and Ben quickly diagnosed the graphics card was failing - lots of artefacts on the screen - looks like Morse code. Scan sent me out an advanced replacement which arrived next day. Installed the replacement card and all well again!! Scan Computers are excellent. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!

JH - 6th February 2020

Customer for 11 years and counting, A long standing customer, most recent purchase was for 3 high end stand alone PC’s for all kinds of tasks from graphic design to standard office work. The prices are good but the standout difference is the quality of the customer service. They make a fraction of the margin that big name brands do yet if you call with a faulty part that is in warranty it is replaced efficiently and with minimal fuss. I have cited this difference several times when explaining to Apple and Lenovo (thanks to Lenovo’s use of Digital River) why no company I am involved with will ever again pay for their products. Scan PC on the other hand? Have been recommending them to friends, family and colleagues for years.

Greg Chew - 27th January 2020

Very Happy. I am extremely happy with the service provided by Scan and by Josh especially. Got my system in no time with free additional hard drives installation. Will definitely use them again.

Jovan - 30th January 2020

In 2015 I ordered and received a 3XS Laptop from Scan Computers for editing 8bit 1080p video. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the build and the speed of editing full HD natively in Premiere Pro CC. The service I got was excellent, all the staff were very patient with me when I had any queries during and after the build. So when I wanted to upgrade my editing system to cope with 10bit 4k V-Log footage from my new GH5 camera and aerial footage from my DJI Mavic Pro2 UHD 10bit H265 using DaVinci Resolve 16 to edit and colour grade, I naturally went back to Scan to build me a new 3XS PC desktop computer. I decided that having one of their editing Desktop PC's, custom built to my specifications, I could easily upgrade at a later date should my requirements change. I am not very computer savvy so it was great being able to tap into the wide knowledge base of Scan's technical department before I chose the final configuration for my new PC and as always, were very helpful and patient with my queries. I received my new 3XS PC this week and couldn't wait to put it through it's paces, and I wasn't disappointed. For the first time, I could edit and colour grade my 4K footage natively at blistering speeds. Considering it's awesome power, it's whisper quite in operation and thanks to one of the kind members of the Scan team, who suggested a different motherboard to be able to connect the latest DaVinci Resolve USB-C editing keyboard, I have as many different types of USB ports storage and ram I will ever need. As always when Scan delivers anything you buy from them, it's extremely well packaged and protected from damage during transit, a plus for me when I'm so eager to put it to work. As for the laptop, I still use it, there's a lot of life in it still. A lot of my work is shooting footage from my yacht at sea so it's rugged enough to cope with the riggers of sailing and great to be able to review my footage even though I have to convert it to a proxy file first. Later on I will upgrade my studio monitor to 4k 10bit when I've saved up the dosh. It goes without saying, I will buy it from Scan when the time comes, they will never disappoint!

David Cubbage - 9th November 2019

Bought a 3XS cpu bundle and some other bits. Was already as low a price as i could find without taking chances on unknown seller. Better than that though, the customer support is just amazing! Even though everything they sold me worked perfectly, i have spoken to support a lot and they have helped me to set up things to my personal tastes and requirement, even with some components that wern't bought from them. Really didnt expect that level of after sale support. I am deffo a Scan fanboy now.

Adam - 28th October 2019

What I bought: 3XS Carbon GL2080 with everything I could configure in it. There's not allot else to say really, only that the product is of an outstanding quality and so is the service I received so far and so I highly recommend this company and this computer for anyone looking to buy.

Jan Zblewski - 11th October 2019

I started my gaming life on an old slow laptop struggling to meet 30fps.. Scan helped me create the best system i could afford! The great customer service and fast replies truly made it the most comfortable purchase i've been a part of! Their very well trained staff and extremely knowledgeable technicians were extremely helpful in helping create the system i wanted! I have bought one of the Overclocked 3XS Bundles with the new Ryzen CPU.. and now every time my PC boots up i feel proud to see the SCAN logo and to own such a powerful machine! 10/10 Would and will purchase from you again. Thank you for the great service and keep it going!!

Richard Mann - 29th September 2019

Second to none customer service. I had a lot of interaction regarding my order with Joshua C and he was prompt and extremely helpful. Any problems or questions I had regarding the order were quickly resolved in a manner that always put the consumer first, and I felt like my custom was valued and that the team at 3XS builds were trying to give me the best service possible, even to the extent of calling me to explain a misunderstanding on the part of the courier and resolve any worries I had regarding my purchase. Recommended and will continue buying from Scan and their 3XS team.

Dan Stead - 30th August 2019

Adam B, of the 3XS system team has been nothing but outstanding customer service wise, has done everything possible along the way to help in any way possible. Very personable and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend scan and the 3xs team specifically.

CD - 24st August 2019

spoke with josh from 3xs systems who was super helpful, spent a good two hours helping me reinstall windows and all the drivers to my pc, was very friendly and was happy to help me with my annoying questions. hes a credit to your company.

Joe Parr - 21st July 2019

What can I say, absolutely adore my new pc, from picking the parts to building the system and testing I was updated every step of the way including build photos!! I can't fault the quality of the build and how professional the cable management is! Would deffo recommend using 3xs for any build and the range of parts is immense

Sam - 11th June 2019

We have been using Scan since 2003 and have rarely had a complaint, we are lucky enough to live 10 mins away so are there quite often.We have bought about 5 systems from them and hundreds of different parts down the years. Bought the latest 3XS system a week ago, well built and running perfectly. 5 stars for sure, but for me, being able to visit the shop and look at all the different stuff in there gets an extra star, we have to drag my 11 year old out. Highly recommended.

Phil Hex - 8th May 2019

I am a 79 year old who has little knowledge of pcs, up to now I used an Xbox which kept freezing so I decided to treat myself to a pc. I went to Scan not knowing what to expect and was almost overwhelmed by there variety of stock and was totally confused. I went to the counter and spoke to one of the staff, explained my situation and from then on he went through my requirements, sorted me out with a 3xs pc which I have now had for a year and has been great. I have been back recently thinking about upgrading but the staff said that the cost was not really worth it. No pressure, great advice, helpful guidance, and some pc education for me.

David Wrigley - 12th February 2019

I have bought two 3XS computer systems and a bunch of components and accessories from Scan Computers. Their service has always been excellent, particularly when I've had trouble with the stuff I bought. The first computer has been running for years without any technical problems (unlike some brands I could mention) and the latest computer is a well built and sleek looking addition to my home network. They are not always the cheapest, but their quality is excellent and they cannot be beaten for service. I have no hesitation in rating them 5 stars.

Stephen Wasko - 19th January 2019

Excellent 3XS system, built and delivered within a week during the busiest ordering period there can be in IT world - Black-friday to Cyber Monday weekend. And everything in order ready for Christmas. First Class. Even the RMA for a missing case part was solved as soon as reasonably practicable. (with BHs and suppliers on shutdown, I still got this external part withing a day of startup.) Thanks!

Warren Gilbert - 8th January 2019

Black Friday order, a super nice 3xs system with a 8700k and a 2070 xc, came a little bit late but given the occasion it's understandable. Scan offered transparency through e-mails keeping me aware of the possible delay and the deadline for dispatch was respected so none of my busy time was sacrificed.

Ionut Pritulescu - 8th December 2018

I purchased a gaming 3xs tower last December, And now I purchased a gaming laptop! I never had a problem with scan! The only thing I like changed his the finance with less interest! That would be great but that's asking too much! I might purchase from scan the new GTX 2080ti, Scan keep the good work!

Helio Patoleia - 8th September 2018

Company did a great job of keeping me up to date with my new PC order, when it would be built, as it was being built, shipping etc. PC arrived in perfect condition in the designated timeslot. I had to substitute a part early on in the build and they were quick to notify me of that and suggest an equivalent replacement, didn't try to slip it under the radar or anything. Overall the service deliverd was perfect and I hope I'll be using the machine for years to come.

Chris - 27th August 2018

Nice, reliable service, would recommend to anyone, I will stick to for sure in the future if I want to buy anything else. The only disadvantage I experienced is that they don't have everything on stock all the time (obviously), and from the date of my purchase, I had to wait almost 3 weeks for my 3XS pre-built gaming laptop to arrive as the scan team was waiting for all the pieces to be in stock again. I was worried, as with the delay I couldn't calculate which day will my laptop arrive (I had no selectable option to choose a weekend delivery) and I wasn't sure if anyone from my family will be at home to sign the parcel. In the end all turn out to be fine. When the scan team got everything to build my laptop I got an e-mail, and 2 days later it was ready for delivery, so I could prepare to be at home for sure. And now I am extremely happy with this beauty, it is nice, fast, can play all the games I want to with high quality. Absolutely good purchase.

Dorka Renes - 20th August 2018

So I brought myself a new Desktop PC from Scan i7-8th gen coffee lake with GMX Silent Mid Tower Computer Chassis with Sound Proofing. Ignore the past review grumbles, Customer Service is excellent! Me is a very happy customer I think I will be returning again soon.

Russell - 15th August 2018

Competitive prices, excellent service and fast delivery: no issue recommending Scan Computers to others. Over the years I have used them a number of times.

Kevin - 31st July 2018

I ordered a 'gaming' computer from Scan. co. uk and in less than 24 hours it's connected and working at my home. It packed extremely well.

Jane Lineker - 24th July 2018

First time i ordered a 3XS system from here. Great service as was kept updated through every step of the order and was sent in well packaged within the time frame. Would definitely recommend

Umer Farooq - 20th July 2018

Absolutely amazing company amazing brands fit for anything you desire weather it's just a standered website Browing based computer upto the Top of the Range Gaming rig, there pre-Built computers are amazibgly balanced at fair prices to pretty much fit anyone's budget and amazingly prices parts in general there delivery system is really quick even if you order on Weekend you will still receive you item on the day you ask (between Monday and Friday) very friendly staff abd overall just an amazing company A+++++++++ would recommend scan to anyone

Daniel - 30th June 2018

If you are thinking of building your own gaming pc Scan Computers will help with giving you the right advice in making the right choice of parts & components to use no matter what your budget, thank you Scan 3XS.

Paul McKay - 10th June 2018

Amazing pre-built system from 3xs. Really impressed with the build quality and care taken. Superb performing and looks great too, customised to my exact specification. Customer service was fantastic during the process, helping me with changes I wanted to make mid way though and also updating me on the build status the whole time. I want to mention Adam particularly in 3xs customer service who was brilliant.

Jack Aldom - 30th May 2018

I also have to give special mention to the fantastic work that they do at 3XS. The build of my new laptop is astounding and of very high quality. My first laptop from scan was an MSI gaming laptop 2 years ago of which I have given to my son. I do upon reflection though wish I had gone through the people at 3XS for it as the quality ( in my opinion) is vastly superior.

Serek Law - 4th May 2018

I wanted a bespoke 3xs system to my specs. The website didn't allow that. Not an issue, I spoke to Scan and they said they can build whatever I wanted. Chris was fantastic, helping me all the way and keeping me up to date. My system arrived on time and built to a very high standard. I would recommend them and definitely buy from them again.

Philip McShane - 12th April 2018

The system arrived in perfect condition, I couldn't be happier. The care that was taken to prevent damage was outstanding, the organisation of spare parts, instructions and other bits in the box were also outstanding, even down to the screenshots of the systems tests and the OS pen drive stuck on to the case. An amazing level of professionalism. I'll be using their site for basically everything from now on and I've already had the chance to recommend them to a few friends.

Aaron Carter - 6th April 2018

Purchased a 3XS Vengeance system with GEFORCE GTX 1080 graphics about three weeks ago. It is quiet and very fast No issues at all. I also purchased an Asus 27 GSYNC with some trepidation after reading some of the reviews. But the monitor is fine with no dead pixels and just a bit of bleeding from one corner. I also acquired a Corsair K70 lux keyboard and mouse and they are fine. Only criticism is they could print out the invoices better as they are hard to read, not the first time. My sin is also delighted has I have given him my older 3XS that is still running fine.

John Noden - 28th March 2018

I'm really pleased with the service I received from Scan. There were a couple of issues, initially with Amazon Pay (not Scan's fault, but Amazon's), and then my PC build got delayed by a day, meaning that it was not going to arrive on the day they'd said it would. I called Scan and explained that I had booked a day off work to receive the delivery, and so they pulled out all the stops to get it to me on time. In fact, it even arrived earlier, so they recovered the situation really well. Recommended.

Jason King - 23rd March 2018

I've trusted for my PC builds for many many years. I've never been disappointed with them, neither the products nor the experience and knowledge of their employees. If you need a little help with a PC build, don't be afraid to approach Scan with your requirements, I'm pretty certain that they can help.

James - 28th February 2018

Purchased a 3XS system, was delivered the next day at 11am, built and ready to go. can't fault that at all...

Steven Barron - 12th February 2018

I chose Scan to build my new gaming PC and they've been absolutely fantastic every step of the way. From custom order placement using their 3XS Systems service to delivery was incredibly quick! I was kept up to date at each stage of the build, including some pictures of how it was coming along. Small things like that really do go a long way. Their customer service has been brilliant and helpful and they resolved an issue in record time when I was really stuck with something.

I'd highly recommend using Scan for any computing needs and they'll always be my go to company due to their extra level of customer care that goes above and beyond what you'd expect.

Cole - 23rd January 2018

I just received my first order from Scan and everything was spot on. I bought a 3XS gaming laptop and I hope it will live up to the expectations.

Marius Lacob - 10th January 2018

Awesome company.. honest and customer friendly, im a customer for life and i would advise anyone who is buying computer parts or wanting a PC built to try the 3XS machines they are incredible!

Lee Morris - 21st December 2017

After months of considering building my own high end computer i decided to let Scan build it for me.After a short delay due to busy time of year it was well worth the wait.They kept me informed with updates & pictures of the building process. Excellent service & highly recommended

Dave Giblin - 15th December 2017

Excellent company, excellent products, excellent delivery time. They supplied a built to order 3XS laptop in 3 days. I needed a replacement laptop urgently when my HP Ultrabook died and Scan delivered. They were very helpful with a hardware enquiry and changed my order without any fuss. Plus, they accept bitcoin.

The build quality of the laptop is excellent, solid and rugged. The performance is outstanding and is the best laptop I have ever bought.

Gary - 4th December 2017

These guys go the extra mile. My 3XS Music Power Workstation had a problem that they are resolving rapidly. I happened to be in the area whilst working so I was able to drop it off and they checked the fault there and then. Having agreed with me that it needed their input it is being repaired.

No quibble with the warranty just got on with it.

Stewart Edgell - 14th November 2017

I have a very nice custom Scan 3XS build that unfortunately was having a few issues lately. Fortunately, thanks to the 3XS support team, I was able to get it picked up by courier and fixed by Scan for free. It was a bit of a nightmare fix with several components needing replacing, but Scan have done a great job at getting me back up and running, with regular updates at each stage of the process.

I was already a convert to the 3XS cause, but it is great to know that if something *does* go wrong, I can rely on Scan to sort it out. Big thanks guys...

Chris Clayton - 29th October 2017

I ordered a high end gaming PC off Scan's 3XS Systems and was not disappointed. The PC and monitor arrived in perfect condition, I went through everything before turning the PC on and it was all perfect. The cable management was fantastic. Didn't have to do a single thing but turn it on. I have and would highly recommend Scan and 3XS Systems to friends and family and anyone looking to get PC built for them, Perfection.

Oisín - 9th October 2017

Ordered a new 3XS custom build PC which arrived, on schedule, over the weekend. The build quality appears excellent with the cabling well arranged. The process of tracking the build was excellent, enabling me to arrange to be around for the PCs delivery. The configuration process was excellent - picking up incompatibilities between my choices and giving me sensible alternatives. The PC is not loaded with bloatware (as some other manufacturers do) and came with the latest Windows updates already installed.

I had done a couple of quotes for a custom build and Scan was comparable with other sites with the Buy Now Pay Later finance option swinging it in their favour.

When I had to deal with Customer Services, the team were responsive and were able to deal with my queries promptly.

Chris - 18th September 2017

Customer service was excellent, very prompt in answering my questions. System arrived in great packaging. Very happy with the specs and build quality, will get my next PC from Scan!

Thanh Doan - 13th August 2017

I have just completed my third Purchase/Contract with Scan International 3XS Computers. I have received the most excellent Customer Service and Technical Support. Seem less attention to detail and Professional Expertise from Stage 1 to Delivery of my Item. Not only are the Staff experts with respect to their Knowledge base, but Polite,Helpful and went beyond the necessary effort. I am delighted with the service I received. Their website is Stylish and easy to navigate, there is really nothing to improve. The speed of Customer Service is excellent and you are kept informed at every stage of the Build or Upgrade process of your Order. You would think that this Quality of Service would come at a Premium, but System and Conponent Items are competitively priced. Each experience seems better than the last and it’s really no Suprise they have earned “By Royal Appointment”.

Michael Diver - 30th August 2017

Super fast delivery as usual and was kept informed of delivery status every step of the way. also Scan have also recently built me a 3XS system to my own specifications witch i would also highly recommend

Ian Burgess - 31st July 2017

I recently purchased a 3XS system and have to say I am more than happy with it. I had read some negative reviews on Scans customer service before I went ahead with the purchase so had some reservations, but I had also read many positive reviews and also heard posistive feedback from friends and colleagues who had used Scan in the past.

My experience was that from initially placing the order to the day of unboxing my system I found their customer service to be excellent!! There was an issue at the start with my motherboard not being in stock which I was informed of straight away & also offered an alternative product if I wanted the build to go ahead which I refused. Once the item was back in stock (which was in the week) I was informed my build was back on track. I was able to track my buld progress online (which moved impresively along).

Pete - 3rd July 2017

Bought a 'next day delivery' PC. No problems at all. PC arrived next day at 10.30am, works perfectly. Live chat was responsive when I wanted to ask if the payment went through successfully.

Oliver Rimington - 29th June 2017

Five star without thinking! Never disappointed! I like the scan homepage easy to find what I am looking for, they have stock very much all the time. They treat me always with respect and professionalism really satisfying experience shopping from scan! My 3XS bundle has got problems recently, I had to send back! they proved me I do not need to worry! The process was little longer as I wanted ( over a weak) but they kept me updated all the time. I received my bundle fully functional problem free! Special thanks to 3XS support great help all the time!

Arpad Varga - 15th June 2017

I have normally built my own PC but buy my parts from Scan always over many years, always great service. This time around I thought I would spec hardware and have Scan's 3XS team build me one and all I can say is GLAD I did as it is perfect.

Build quality is vastly better than pre-built highstreet OEM bought PCs, the attention to detail is superb, cable management is much better than I would have done myself, the packaging for shipping with bubble wrap placed inside the case to protect the parts just shows how much Scan's team like building PCs. Windows OS and software all installed and tested, so all I had to do was switch on and install my favoured software.

Would recommend the 3XS builds.

David Perry - 17th May 2017

My order was the LG15 vengeance laptop with a Gforce1060 GC with G Sync. Extremely happy with my order. Everything works perfectly, everything feels very professionally built (just because I'm new, doesn't mean I don't know quality). Service was excellent. The machine was actually built slightly sooner than I expected which was a nice surprise but that may be because I had assumed it wouldn't be put together for another day. I don't know if this is standard amongst custom built machines but I was very impressed to see a folder on the desktop with screen shots of the QC and performance tests they did. Everything was quick and efficient.

Aiden Jay Robinson - 9th May 2017

I ordered a system through Scan and they excelled from the beginning of the process to the end. The build team kept me informed of progress throughout and the real quality showed through when there was a problem with the overclocking on my system. They kept me informed of what was happening and how the testing was progressing and, when complete, the finished system was delivered on time and to the correct specification. The quality of the build was first class and the performance is as good as I had hoped - stunning. No hesitation in recommending Scan and will definitely be using them in the future.

Gavin Smith - 13th April 2017

I ordered a reasonably high-end custom-build 3XS system, but unfortunately it died after four months. This was disappointing, but failures do happen and Scan's customer service was superb.

The initial call to their support line provided practical troubleshooting advice, (unlike many other companies) without treating me like an idiot. When it became apparent that there was a component failure they quickly organised a courier collection (an on-site repair was also offered). Daily emails provided detailed updates on progress with the repair and the subsequent testing/QA phases prior to the computer being returned. The repair and courier collection/return were all covered by the warranty.

Outstanding customer service.

Alexander Thoukydides - 24th March 2017

One of the best customer service experiences ever, from initial purchase through to after sales support. I was kept updated whilst the system was being built, and when I had an issue with my PSU the replacement had arrived next day - I can't fault any stage of the process nor the professional and helpful staff.

Josh - 4th March 2017

I received my computer in perfect condition, thank you for your concern! Overall I'm extremely happy with the service you guys provide, as well as with the way my computer has been put together. Everything runs supersmooth, theres not a single complaint I can think of.

When I should want to upgrade or buy a new one alltogether in a few years, you guys will be my first choice for sure!

Robin - 24th February 2017

Everything arrived in great condition and is running very well.

It is extremely well built and the cabling is very tidy inside.

Incredibly impressed with your service. Whereas before I would have built our own PC's, the level of detail that you have put into the build has now made me rethink building any new PC, instead, I will be using your services for all of our PC needs

Philip Wilson - 9th February 2017

While delivery took a little longer than we expected the machine is excellent and is performing very well! My son was very happy with this system for gaming, and I am too as I have to sort out any operating system problems and the SSD means this doesn't take much of my time either!

Ian Littlewood - 14th January 2017

The PC was a Xmas present for my son, we have installed it and it is running very well. A special thanks to David Fiwka for his advice and assistance in building this PC, You have made a young mans xmas special.

Michael Hall - 29th December 2016

First of all I couldn't be happier with the build. It's so professionally put together and the performance is just so mind blowing that it's managed to convince friends and family it's well worth the price I paid for it!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the boxes was the packaging, which I was highly impressed by. The thing was bulletproof. So as I imagined there wasn't a single fault to any part of the build and for this I am very thankful.

The only bit of criticism I have for my overall experience with ordering from SCAN is that I think when choosing 'garaunteed 3day build', it should be made clear when choosing this option that this doesn't mean your system will get started straight away and take 3 days from when you click order to be built, but rather be in a queue for a few days before it gets started and THEN take 3 days + 1 to be delivered.

Finally, thanks for ticking a box on my bucket list. I've always wanted an absolutely ridiculous set up, and you guys delivered on that with perfection

Christopher McCauley - 15th December 2016

I have received the system and it appears to be in good condition and as ordered.

I was very pleased with the quality of service that I received from the ordering system and throughout the build process. I especially appreciated of being kept informed at each stage of the build process.

Rory Christie - 24th November 2016

Just wanted to say that I received the PC (earlier than expected!), all in one piece, and everything is working perfectly. I was really impressed with the quality of the build, the customer support and the value for money I got with you guys. I am definitely enjoying having everything put together properly (after bad experiences building my own pc's), and will be recommending you guys to my friends who are looking for professionally built PC solutions. I have used you guys for purchasing single bits of hardware in the past and glad I decided to chose you to build my new PC.

Sam Hiscox - 10th November 2016

Excellent product, well packaged, fast delivery and great service from your staff who answered my query instantly via your online chat service. Shopped around online for ages and stood out a mile from the rest. Love the p.c.. Incredible spec, excellent price (I've gone from 17 fps on my game to 200+) and It lights up in the dark!!!

Graham Thurling - 17th September 2016

My overall experience with ordering a computer from Scan was excellent. The website was easy to use and I appreciated the email updates regarding the progress of my order. The courier service was also excellent - text and email updates and they arrived within the time allotted. This meant I was able to plan my day, rather than being stuck in doors waiting all the time.

Thanks again for a great product and top service, I will definitely recommend your company to friends and family.

Fay Chinnery - 2nd September 2016

I'm delighted. It took longer than I'd hoped to be delivered but now that it's up and running it's brilliant. The case is great, the routing of all the internal connectors is beautiful and the little memory stick tacked onto the inside is a great touch.

It's the first PC I've bought in 10 years and I couldn't be happier. I will recommend Scan to all my friends.

Oli - 4th August 2016

Thank you very much for your interest and your professional service.

The system was delivered in a perfect packaging, absolutely protected. It was 100% functional without problems, and working flawlessly. For sure I will add upgrades in the future and also recommend Scan to others.

Botonis Botonakis - 16th July 2016

I have been using the computer for the past two weeks now and I have no complaints whatsoever. After dealing with the repair issues and actually receiving the product the computer has fulfilled exactly what I wanted it to do and I am very pleased with the purchase. Thank you for having such great customer support and for the whole experience in general. I would rate 10/10 because even though I did have problems early on, they were soon worked on and I had a working product within around a week.

Yoni - 19th June 2016

I hadn't heard of Scan Computers before so felt my purchase was a slight gamble given that I was buying an expensive top end computer. My expectations were exceeded and I am delighted with it. You get a 99% satisfaction score from me. Why not 100%? Because the setting of the system clock had been overlooked in your configuration process. Would I buy from you again? Absolutely.

John - 28th May 2016

This is the first time I've used Scan. I bought a standard system but made some modifications. I appreciated that every component was specified so I could research it and decide if it was what I wanted and change it if not. I very much appreciated the e-mails keeping me informed of the build process and, once complete, I was pleased I could change the delivery date to one that suited me. The system worked without problem and the build quality is excellent. I contacted the help desk with a query, not a problem. The phone was answered promptly and my query answered within seconds. My only, very minor, quibble is that the estimated delivery date never changed even though, given the build progress, it would never be attained. Overall I'm very happy with the quality and service from Scan and would use them again.

Peter Muego - 13th May 2016

I've bought from Scan for more than 15 years; they're always the first place I will check when upgrading or buying a new system outright. Of the last four gaming PCs I've bought, three of them have been from Scan (Chillblast just had too good a deal that one time) and all of my peripherals have come from them. They combine great products, brilliant customer service (yes, sometimes things go unavoidably wrong), follow-up and just leave you feeling like they're making every effort to get things perfect. Cannot recommend them enough.

Dee - 11th April 2016

What a monster! However, it is what I ordered and my word, but what a high quality build it is. The side panel is transparent so you can see how tidy things are in there and the case, being what it is, will make for easy cleaning when the time comes. Did I say the build was high quality? Ah, I did, but it is such an important fact I thought it worth mentioning again. Now, customer service. I can honestly say, hand on heart, Scan's customer service is second to none - by far the best I've ever had from any company, not just IT kit. From the time the order was placed until delivery, I was kept informed and all questions were answered promptly. I know this sounds like I'm gushing a bit, but I am seriously pleased with Scan.

Rob Ert - 25th March 2016

I received the 3XS system in perfect condition due to the care in packaging the system. Build quality is perfect and I really liked that you took photos throughout your build so I could see the system in progress - a level of detail in customer service I've never encountered anywhere else. Makes you feel like you are dealing with a company that is passionate about it's service, the products it sells and more importantly the customers it serves. Scan are now my go to source for PC components, thank you again for a great build and service.

Oliver - 11th March 2016

I am very impressed with the performance of the system regarding both the speed and silence. I purchased this for home/office/Photoshop use and it fits the bill perfectly. It could also be a good building block for upgrades if required. Although with an i7 6700 Skylake processor & DDR4 ram its more than good enough for gaming. Coupled with the excellent service I received from Scan, both during this purchase and since, I am very happy.

Clive Lawrence - 7th March 2016

I am happy to say that my new PC works beautifully and exceeds my expectations with regard to speed, capability and quiet running. I would like to thank all at SCAN for a stress free transaction and would be happy to recommend your superb service and 3XS build quality to anyone.

Vic Ellis - 15th January 2016

My experience with scan was brilliant, communication with scan went seamlessly and the PC I ordered was delivered on time and exceptionally well packaged.

The system has been running close to a month now without any problems and runs everything I need it to without issue. The advantage I found over other companies offering similar services was the competitive pricing, the branded parts you could select and the knowledge my PC would be built and overclocked by professionals and based on my experience I will be using scan again in the future. A*+ Service

Michael Diver - 6th January 2016

I've recently recieved my new gaming pc. The service I received was second to none. The pc is amazing and built to a perfect standard. Customer service is cracking. I cannot rate this company high enough, wouldn't think twice to buy form them again or recommend them.

Pete Angus - 22nd December 2015

Recently bought a new custom system from Scan, it arrived with in the expected time frame. The ordering and purchase was a simple process. The system has been put together and overclocked to perfection, I have to say I am suitably impressed with the build quality and cable management. The system has surpassed my expectations, I have enjoyed several hours of entertainment with my new system. I shall certainly recommend and use scan for future purchases, they have proven their worth many times over. I am very satisfied with their service.

Tony Oshea - 30th November 2015

I've just purchased my third 3XS computer system from Scan (over 6 years) and, as before, I have been very satisfied with the level of service and communication. Once the system entered the build queue I was kept informed of progress at every stage and even discovered a couple of photos online of the PC's innards as it was being built, which was fun to see.

The system itself was extremely well packed and protected and arrived in excellent condition. The final recipient of the system reported no problems starting up the PC and described it as "fast and quiet". A happy end user! All in all a positive experience. Knowing your system has been built by professionals, thoroughly tested and offered with a decent guarantee is worth paying a little extra for and reassuring.

Christine Martin - 12th November 2015

I purchased a 3XS system from you company recently and had an issue where the monitor intermittently would not always post. I spoke to your staff on many occasions and tried numerous bios mods and tests to resolve the issue, I eventually had to return the PC for your engineers to resolve the issue. I have now received it back and all appears to be functioning correctly. I would like to thank all of the 3XS team which dealt with the issue they were all most helpful, they are a credit to your company.

Clive Maxham - 17th October 2015

Undoubtably the best customer service I have ever recieved. I asked alot of questions and I was given expert advice for every one. The result is a computer much better suited to my needs, upgradeable and powerful. I couldn't be happier. Not only that, the computer arrived the next day (North East Scotland) after confirming my spec. Absolutely first class product aswell. 3XS have exceeded my expectations by far. Genuinely the best money I have ever spent.

Darren Gould - 5th October 2015

Scan pulled out the stops on delivery for which I'm thankful. I'm still in the process of testing its capabilities, but I tried inserting 10 soft synth tracks and 30 audio tracks in my newly installed sequencer and it handled it easily. It's so quiet that I wasn't even sure it was running, which is very useful in my small and cramped home work space! The Zoom gives me excellent sound, microscopic latency and a software mixer interface which will also come in handy. So far, I'm very impressed and I don't expect any dramas – with Scan's warranty I can pretty much relax and get back to making music.

Graham Hunt - 24th September 2015

As a first time system builder I didn't have the bottle to build everything myself, so I got Scan to put together the cpu, cooler, mother board and RAM,and then overclock it. Have to say, very impressed with everything, it all came well packaged, and they even sent the original boxes and packaging. It worked as per the spec right out of the box, and made building my first computer a lot less fraught than might otherwise have been the case. Oh, and they beat their estimated delivery date by a day, and the communication was excellent, they even included a crib sheet for the system build as a whole. I was even impressed with the sales guy, as he checked that the system bundle would fit into the case that I ordered - always worth a check! The next time I have to build a machine, I probably won't as its so easy to let Scan do the hard bit for you.

Andy Benham - 8th September 2015

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for my 3XS system. To me this is my dream PC. I have always built my own before but haven't got the patients now if something don't go right. So this time I left you guys to it. And WOW what an amazing Job you have done. Been using it everyday for last week or so and im really impressed with everything.

Chris Hayes - 3rd June 2015

Very helpful from the start. I was looking to buy a high end gaming PC but had quite a few questions regarding best component options, hardware compatibility issues etc. He answered all of my questions and helped me find the right build within my budget. I had bad experiences with other custom PC companies in the past but his helpfulness made me decide to go with you guys. 5 stars

John Hamilton - 26th May 2015

I ordered a custom 3xs system and have been using it a couple of weeks now and am seriously delighted with the results. It works perfectly and was delivered promptly and in immaculate condition. I had a couple of queries during the order and the customer service department could not have been more helpful.

Michael Johnson - 19th May 2015

I was blown away, the quality they put in my 3xs is awesome and I would buy from them again without hesitation. The packaging is at very high standards, and the bubble rap they put in side the system keeps every thing tightly, so it does not move when they ship it out. When I started my 3xs system up. I almost melted the fans the red LED came on Im blown away with how professional my system is, I spent around £2200 and the system monitor and keyboard I got was worth every penny. Both of my graphics cards work perfectly with each other, and the two SSD cards I have surely speeds downloads up. Plus also the i7 processor overclocked I got just speeds all loading up, all round thumbs up Scan.

Darren Hartshorn - 13th April 2015

The whole experience from start to finish has been excellent, choosing the components, the quick build time while keeping me fully informed, tracked shipping with a 1 hour arrival window, e-mails before and after arrival to inform and check everything arrived in perfect condition. Service A+ On to the machine itself, I went with a high performance and quiet PC and boy is it quiet, you can hardly even tell that it's on, it's lightning fast to boot up and shut down, loads programmes in fractions of a second and handles games flawlessly on the highest of settings, Product A+ Overall I'm delighted, I'm not expecting to need another PC in the next 5 years or so now but when I do I'll be going back to scan.

Tim Wilson - 27th March 2015

I’m certainly very happy with the new computer so far. No complaints about service either; very impressed with the quality of the build and the care taken to ensure it arrived safely. I’d never heard of bubble wrap being used inside a pre-built computer system before but I’m definitely pleased to see the level of protection the system was given for transit. It really makes my custom feel valued, which means a lot as this was a large purchase for me.

I’ve felt like the service so far has been absolutely top notch and I would highly recommend you to others looking to purchase a pre-built system. Scan will definitely be one of my first ports of call when I next look to upgrade in the future.

Willi McNab - 20th February 2015

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for not only supply a quality built, packaged and promptly delivered system. But I would also like to thank you for the fantastic customer service and the swift resolution to the inquiry I raised with yourselves. It is not often that I am left truly speechless by the quality of both product and service but in this instance I find myself with both. To that end I have taken the liberty of unpacking my new laptop and reviewing both it and the cooling stand I purchased with it.

Martin McGrath - 2nd Februaury 2015

I can confirm that the system arrived in excellent condition (thanks to the robust packaging) and is working perfectly. The build quality and attention to detail are first class and performance is great, especially in Arma 3 where I now have excellent frame rates on ultra settings.

Having self-built my last couple of rigs, I am particularly impressed by the tidiness of the build and, although not advertised as a quiet pc, how quiet it is compared to my old pc which sounded like a taxiing jet even when idling.

All in all a very satisfied customer.

John Kerce - 9th January 2015

My PC was received in good condition after you managed to get it turned around and delivered to me on Christmas Eve! The PC was excellently protected and in full working order.

Very very very happy with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate using Scan again for any high-end PC build. The little touches make all the difference; never have i seen such tidy cable management! Money well spent!

Adam Perkins - 30th December 2014

Just want to say thanks for an excellent and enjoyable service Scan and 3XS have provided from start to finish. I purchased my old PC 7 years ago from Scan and felt that it was time for an upgrade. This PC is more suited to my vmware training (and gaming). I’m very happy with the system and looking forward to many enjoyable years using it.

Ian Givens - 1st December 2014

I recently purchased a 3XS music system from Scan. Right from the very first enquiry, I was treated like a valued customer. The team at Scan 'held my hand' through the entire process offering unbiased advice based around what I wanted and not what they wanted to sell me. Scan keep you informed every step of the way. They even use couriers that allow you to track your delivery on a map. If anyone is thinking about approaching Scan for anything, just do it, you wont regret it. I could not recommend them enough.

Phil - 4th November 2014

This was my first experience with Scan and im extremely happy with how it went. I ordered one of their '3XS systems' to replace my old one (from one of the other 'big' online retailers in the UK, which constantly had issues) and couldnt believe how simple and fast the process was. Configuring the system was fun and extremely easy to do through the website, I was kept up-to-date with every stage of the build via email and when the system arrived it was extremely well packaged.

Anything I need in the future will certainly come from Scan. They have an unbelievable variety of quality products at incredible prices and the service you receive is top notch.

Steven - 30th October 2014

The laptop arrived and has been working in what seems like perfect working order, I am very satisfied with it.

I would like to say thank you for the quick build and delivery of the system, in particular I am very impressed with the level of communication from the team. At each stage I was informed of the status of my order and when there was a delay due to lack of parts I was informed quickly and told when new parts would be available. I feel assured that if I am in any need of customer service then it would be readily available.

Jason Brown - 21st August 2014

To the 3xs team, many thanks for the receipt of my laptop which arrived in pristine condition and very well packed. It was exactly what i required should i need any upgrades in the future i will not hesitate to contact you. Your service is second to none and by the way could you guys recommend a decent size laptop case for it to fit into . I have looked around and i can’t find anything big enough for it to fit into. Greatly appreciated

Jason Brown - 14th July 2014

I have been using my PC now for a day and a half and the build quality and support from Scan have both been fantastic. I was unaware that my motherboard had been pre-set up for me by your techs but I did figure out it had and the system is first

Luke Elwick - 3rd June 2014

Just to say I am very pleased with the Laptop. It was delivered safely and it does everything I want it to do. My nephew is very impressed so I maybe ordering another one soon !.

Paul Hutton - 16th May 2014

Really impressed with the level of information given on the run-up to delivery. Actual goods were extremely well-packed and lots of guidance given as to setting up. Very good phone support and a thoroughly positive experience.

Norman Hesford - 7th May 2014

It is an amazing build and I have no problems at all with the system. I have been playing games on ultra-settings for long periods and am glad that the system is taking it very well. Am very happy. Thank you scan.

Farooq Saleem - 14th March 2014

Your quality of the build is superb and customer service has been excellent throughout. Very impressed and great for a British firm. Nice one.

Would definitely use you in the future.

Gary - 24th February 2014

Our 3XS system arrived in good condition, and as specified. The whole process was on time, regularly communicated and very smooth, basically "as advertised". The build quality is great, very neat. We will definitely use 3XS for the next new system that we buy. The service was great and the choice of components is perfect for our business.

Paul Brain - 19th February 2014

I ordered a 3XS system in November 2013 and it has been amazing. The build is clean, tidy (all wires neatly tucked away) and works extremely well.

I did have a problem with a noisy fan but it was fixed and PC returned within 5 days, which is exceptional giving 2 days for delivery and turn around. Would definately recommend to a friend and in my experience the post sales support on the 3XS systems is second to none.

Jonathan Mason - 28th January 2014

I've spent most of the Christmas break using it and I'm so pleased with its performance, in fact......I love this thing!. Top job!!

Matthew Miles - 31st December 2013

Best PC I ever bought! Excellent quality build, components are A class. Delivered in 48 hours. It's silent and deadly! My son is happy! Scan is the best!

Matthew Ford - 29th August 2013

The system was received in excellent condition and I am very pleased with it so far. I cannot fault the quality of service I have experienced up to this point and will contect you should the need arise.

Anthony Greaves - 29th August 2013

Thank you very much for the system! I could not have been more pleased with everything. Back in the mists of time (the 90s!) I used to self-build PCs myself but these days with a young family I don't have the time to spare any more in doing things properly. So I was absolutely delighted to see the same detailed care and attention given to the build of my new PC that I would have given myself to the job back in the day. Could not be happier!

Everything works fine, there have been no problems at all. Will be recommending you to anyone who is after a new PC :-)

Rosanna - 8th July 2013

The service was superb and the machine arrived on time and worked perfectly. I was particularly impressed by the automatic update system which kept me up to date on the progress of my machine.

Also, looking inside the computer, the standard of the build and the tidiness of the cabling etc indicates that the person or people who built the computer were really careful about what they did.

Ewan Kirk - 12th March 2013

I have been dealing with Scan for a few years now and have always been more than happy with the service, prices and products offered. This is the first time that I have not built the system myself and I am delighted with this laptop. I got it within the 5 working days and am now getting used to Windows 8 and beginning to quite like it after a slow and worried start. The laptop does everything I could hope for except perhaps for touch screen. It boots from shut down in a few seconds and does everything pretty well instantly. I bought it mainly for video editing and rendering but I have not started that yet.

Douglas Naismith - 18th Jan 2013

The laptop arrived and works fine. I am very happy with the performance. I look forward to one day ordering a 3XS desktop from Scan.

Philly - 5th Jan 2013

An excellent experience. From putting together my 3XS computer, to talking to the team about delivery times, everything was done to help get my dream PC to me by Sunday 2nd Feb. I got a phonecall during the previous week, to say they were shipping for a Saturday 1st delivery, so Scan improved on what was already a fantastic turn around time. Like I say, I ordered a 3XS system (i9-9900k, RTX 2080 super, 32gb Ram, as well as a new Asus Rog 1440 165 hz monitor). All of this came fantastically packaged. I was amazed with the amount of support and security they had gone to, to make sure that no parts inside the tower were damaged. The actual build is a thing of beauty. My missus actually asked "what have you paid for, there's nothing inside the box" but she was used to my old PC that had wires and bits everywhere. Everything is so neat. Clear instructions, everything pre-installed system wise, I just had to re-download my Steam games etc. Runs like an absolute dream. Temperatures are superbly controlled via the NZXT software. If you're reading this review, still on the fence about moving ahead with a purchase, I'd highly recommend SCAN. I don't often leave reviews for websites, but I've been blown away by the service, that I wanted to share my experience. Thanks again to the whole team, and to Joshua who was in constant e-mail/phone conversation with myself.

Rich J - 4rd February 2020

3XS overclocked system, Excellent build quality, with neat cable management. overclocked as described. Great performance. Build process was tracked with helpful feedback when I had questions. Good value and customer service.

Brian - 3rd February 2020

Ordering a custom system from the 3XS… Ordering a custom system from the 3XS website was straight forward and clear. Have used Scan for many years for PC components but first time with their complete customisable system builder. It worked great and was easy to complete the order. Now just to work a lot more to pay back my savings I just used!

Matt Cave - 25th January 2020

I am buying my next PC from Scan. I bought my last PC from Scan, and just got my new one from them. What separates them from the competition in my opinion is that whilst it is easy to look at the big stars in your configuration such as GFX, RAM or the SSD drive, (if it was legal I would marry my SSD drive, the difference between an old skool drive and my new one... I'm in love, I digress) I know I can trust them to not cut corners on the other players and all the components will be good quality and balanced for my system.

Also not quite as exciting as is how quick my computer turns on and loads games, they also have impeccable delivery, amazing customer service, and check out that warranty.

Keep it up please Scan, I need you around when it's time to buy my next PC.

David Brett - 24th January 2020

Fantastic service getting an OC'd motherboard/CPU bundle built. This will be replacing the mobo/cpu in a PC the 3XS folks built ten years ago when the first i7 930 came out! 10 years on, that built hadn't failed yet so can vouch for their build quality.

Hurdy - 12th November 2019

When i had a problem with one of my orders ( due to a fault of mine) the staff were happy to help and guided me through it promptly, they replied the same day and sorted out my issues. When i ordered my new 3XS Bundle i didnt receive my game code, i enquired about it and the staff were instantaneous in reply. Honestly, the service here is undeniably amazing!

10/10, the only reliable pc part trader that provides swift and reliable service. Highly recommend to buy any of your parts and pieces here, they have everything you need to suffice your gaming and work needs. From music to film, from gaming to design, its catalog of items is vast, meaning you wont be let down. Every order is done with care and reassurance as they show and guide you by providing you with information and updates on your order, from ordering your product to it reaching your front door! Highly recommend, not once have i been disappointed.

Jan Zblewski - 7th November 2019

I've bought a fair bit from over the years, graphics cards, hard drives, monitors and recently one of their 3XS systems. Always great service, fast delivery, keen prices, I thoroughly recommend!

Jonathan Moore - 5th November 2019

I found my experience with Scan to be very positive. I'm a one-time customer who has bought one of their laptops from the 3XS lineup, and after a few weeks of use, I can say that I'm really pleased by the performance 3XS laptops can provide at their price-points. Only one minor issue came up, which was that some drivers were outdated, which was solved very quickly. Customer service was helpful and replied promptly, and order tracking is a nice feature.

Gaf - 16th October 2019

Having dealt with Scan for more years than I can remember, I have never had a problem. Recently specified a custom 3XS computer. Unfortunately I seemed to hit a period when Scan were very busy, and delivery took a little longer than normal, but when delivered was very well put together. Just ordered a new keyboard which was delivered lightening fast.

Mr Gibbons - 10th October 2019

Had a 3xs custom build done by the lovely chaps at scan, all the parts done and changed to my specification on more than one occasion! Scan allowed the changes of my original order can't fault that serivice! Also had a gpu (DOA) on arrival customer service sorted it out ASAP with a engineer to my home. Thanks again "Chris" & "Josh" love the system hope to use scan again in the future.

Shahin Miah - 12th September 2019

I wanted a new gaming laptop, and having used Scans 3xs services before, I thought I'd see what they had to offer. The communication during the process was excellent as they informed me that due to demand my laptop build was delayed, and refunded my shipping costs (don't think they ever actually told me they were going to do that). And then post delivery they checked in to ensure I had received the item and it was working as expected, and met my expectations.

Alistair Mckellar - 22th August 2019

Second day of using my new 3XS desktop, So far very impressed with its build quality and speed.Only criticism I can make is the front fans make a whining noise when it revs up during heavy game play. However, I will repeat great build quality and would recommend them if you looking for a new desktop.

Albert Harris - 13th June 2019

i have used scan on 3 occasions now, i keep coming back because they are incredible at building computers but they also have great customer service. they let me know as soon as they knew my build was going to be delayed and instantly refunded me the delivery cost by way of apologies. SCAN then went on to give me a sunday delivery to make sure i got my system as soon as i could. i cant recommend this company enough. 3XS is the best around.

Chris O'Neill - 29th May 2019

I brought a top of the line 3XS gaming PC in 2016 (£3200 worth). After being a little disapointed with the build quality of OcUK on a previous machine (cable management...etc) I decided to give scan a go on a 3XS system. I was not disapointed.

Ian - 12th May 2019

Bought two 3XS workstations for our graphic design agency and one failed almost immediately. Scan's response was fantastic. Despite it being the week before Xmas, they arranged delivery of new packaging within 24 hours and had the machine back in their workshops the day after that. Technicians went through extensive testing and identified a motherboard failure as the cause and had the machine back to us in full working order the first day back in the office in the New Year. Great service, excellent communication of problems and issues, and a faultless response.

Equilibrium Creative - 20th February 2019

I was rather trepidatious about buying a computer that would be built by someone other than myself; however, my worries were certainly unfounded. Callum, whom my build form informs me built my PC, did an excellent job - especially with cable management (my largest worry). Throughout my order, I received frequent updates as to the build status along with regularly updated photographs of my PC. I also received some free stuff such as a SCAN mug which I'm currently using for my coffee while I type out this review ;)

Jake Russ - 8th February 2019

Made an order with Scan Computers for a 3XS custom built computer. An i7-9700K. I would highly recommend Scan to any-one thinking of purchasing a computer as their customer service is extremely good and the build quality exceptional.

Howard Jones - 7th February 2019

Quick delivery, very well packaged, great communication and the 3XS system build is incredible. You have to see it to believe it. I am very happy indeed. I thoroughly recommend Scan for all your PC needs.

Mark Skinner - 11th January 2019

Great service from the 3XS team always very friendly and helpful, recently upgraded my watercooled system and I am very happy with it I have recommended friends in the past to use scan for any of their pc needs and I would definitely recommend them again awesome job very happy

Governor - 21st December 2018

Ordered my first gaming PC from scan recently and couldn't be happier with it. The quality and performance is great, runs all the games I've got with no issues. The delivery was also very fast and simple, arrived exactly when they said it would and was well packaged. I found the customer service very helpful and kept me up to date with my order. Very happy all round and will do business with them again

Dan Wilko - 7th September 2018

Recently bought a gaming PC from Scan, ran into some difficulties setting up the PC and some further issues playing specific games. Spoke to Josh upon both calls to the Tech support who provided invaluable advice and information, even solving problems not included in the initial remit which he went out of his way to do. Absolutely a valuable member to the Scan tech team, provided a great service.

Adam Miriam - 13th September 2018

I had an overclocked PC built from their value range and asked for the case to be swapped to an all white case. This isnt something that is offered in the usual value range as it changes the build.....I added the case I wanted to my order and left a question in the build requests about whether they could build in my selected case. If they couldn't my intention was to buy the case anyway and move all the components over when everything arrived at my home then sell the original case. I got a very polite email saying they had had a look at my selected case and they were happy to build my PC into that. They also refunded me the price of the case they had planned to use which I hadn't expected. The PC arrived in perfect working order and I added my own disks, GPU etc and it now sits in the lounge running VR games very very quietly and looking very unobtrusive. Awesome service, great price, they went above and beyond.

Andy Copland - 25th August 2018

I've been buying PCs and parts from Scan for most of the last 20 years, I will probably continue to do so for the next 20. Great company, prices, service, build quality. Thanks for making it easy for me to keep coming back.

Dave Gomm - 6th August 2018

Scan 3XS computer technicians and customer services are first class people, they know how to respond and resolve your PC / laptop problems. The tracking progress of your computer is fantastic and very transparent process while on site for repair or order. I was introduced to Scan 3XS and I will definitely refer Scan computer to others. The laptop design and looking feel is just excellent and 100% value for money!

Francis Bolaji - 6th July 2018

I have used Scan for many years, purchasing most of my computer components and accessories. Recently I ordered an entry level system as a second PC and several hard disk drives. These arrived promptly and were very well packaged. The PC worked straight out of the box and the disk drives are now sitting in caddies to be used on my systems. In the past I had to return some memory that did not work and this was immediately replaced, a no quibble service. Quality components with excellent aftersales and service are the reasons I return time and time again. Thankyou 3XS.

Peter Freeman - 15th June 2018

I have used Scan for many years, purchasing most of my computer components and accessories. Recently I ordered an entry level system as a second PC and several hard disk drives. These arrived promptly and were very well packaged. The PC worked straight out of the box and the disk drives are now sitting in caddies to be used on my systems. In the past I had to return some memory that did not work and this was immediately replaced, a no quibble service. Quality components with excellent aftersales and service are the reasons I return time and time again. Thankyou 3XS.

Peter Freeman - 15th June 2018

I recently bought a Scan 3XS custom system. I was very happy with the ordering process, the delivery (via DPD) and of course the system! The construction and delivery took a little longer than expected, but I received regular updates about progress and was able to choose a convenient day for delivery by DPD. A couple of the components that I selected were unavailable, but Scan contacted me promptly with this information and recommended some good alternatives. It was good to see that the system had been carefully packed to avoid any damage during transit, and I was impressed with the the attention to detail that was evident in the construction, such as tidy routing of internal cables. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Scan, especially if you're looking to build a custom PC where you can select all of the components.

Paul Albertella - 6th June 2018

I have bought about 12 systems over 7 years with SCAN, with each one built to perfection - my most recent order being a £2,000 system delivered next day configured perfectly with no issues at all, quality affordable parts. No competition, SCAN is without doubt the best PC company going, and I am very, very picky with this kind of thing. Utterly faultless company and a hell of a lot of British Business across all sectors could learn a thing or two about how to do business from these guys.

JP - 22nd May 2018

I have shopped at scan for several years now. This is the 4th system I have had built although i have also bought a few pre built over the years. I was kept informed the whole time via email and also a couple of phone calls.The build time was longer than my others due to bank holiday not anything scan did. My son was very happy with his system. As always the staff are pleasant polite and efficient while remaining friendly and approachable.

Sharon Farrimond - 12th May 2018

Having used this company quite a few times in the past I decided to trust them once again with the purchase of a £1400 custom gaming laptop. As usual it was a great experience. They quickly assembled it along with taking pictures of the system every step of the way and got it out the door to me within two days. I had some questions about my order that was sent over email and they were quickly answered within hours.

Reece Jackson - 29th April 2018

Top quality service from top quality staff helpful informative always a pleasure to shop here. Even newbies to computing they explain everything you need to now to get you on your way. Thanks you Guys AAA+++

David Nichols - 10th April 2018

After careful research I ordered a W14000 workstation. Outstanding build quality and performance. I have busy schedule and I am not interested in geeky fiddling around for hours. Unpacked, plugged in and ready to go in less than an hour which is exactly what I need. Excellent.

Michael Butler - 24th March 2018

My 3xs system developed a small problem but I was very impressed with the people at the other end of their Chat system who spent a lot of time diagnosing the problem then arranged for next day collection, a fast repair and fast return. And they give regular progress updates. Very good service

Andy Wilson - 18th March 2018

Purchased a 3XS system recently for the in-laws. System came well packaged and with clear instructions. Shipping was exceptionally fast and the product quality as usual was outstanding. Been a scan customer for over a decade now and I can say the standards and quality of products and customer services is second to none. Looking forward to my next purchase.

Cormac Cummins - 16th February 2018

Very impressed with Scan UK. I bought a high end SLI system and it was delivered on time and in one piece to France. I was informed off the delivery date all the way to within 1 hour. The machine is of excellent build quality. The benchmarks are superb and gaming in 4K ultra absolutely no problem to it. Highly recommended!

David Lawrence - 6th February 2018

Item arrived as described, on time and with plenty of packaging for a safe transit. Very happy with the 3XS system. Great experience overall with Scan

Lewis Jones - 30th January 2018

Last Year (2017) I purchased a high end 3XS Carbon Extreme SLI laptop and a rebuild of my water cooling desktop system focussing on RGB and creature comforts. Both rigs were built to a very high standard and I was thrilled with the results. I usually spend around £4000-£5000 per year on my rigs ensuring both are constantly top of the line.

I have always had great service and products from Scan and would not buy elsewhere. I would like to thank you for the time and care you obviously spend training your staff and building your products. Looking forward to my next batch of upgrades at the end of the year!

Martin Hearne - 21st January 2018

Fully constructed my new gaming PC from the ground up, selecting each part in turn from their website. Delivery was delayed by the Christmas season, but it was well worth the wait. On spec, securely packaged, comprehensive coverage and the system itself looks gorgeous, glowing red beneath the desk. After 2 years on an onboard graphics card, I can finally play games again, and VR isn't far off! Would definitely recommend.

Torben Hutchings - 14th December 2017

One of the best companies around to buy your stuff, always quality goods at fair prices and the delivery and professionalism is second to none. Highly recommended.

Timothy Kalule - 28th November 2017

From purchasing to delivery I was always kept in the loop and every aspect of my purchase was a great experience. My 3XS system was extremely well packed and the documentation & miscellaneous fitting parts were all present. I have no hesitation in recommending their services or their products.

Andrew - 9th November 2017

Staff really helpfull and knowledgeable which for someone like me who wants the best kit for the job, in my case Audio DAW.. and is not that technically pc aware made this possible. Real time tracking was great and elivered bang on schedual. The workmanship is excellent I would highly recommend.

Phillip Dixon - 30th October 2017

I ordered a new custom built computer for my son's birthday but didn't want windows installed. I asked if they could install a Linux distribution and not only did they do it, they also installed the relevant graphics drivers so my son was able to use it right from the get go. He's upstairs now downloading everything off steam.

I will definitely be buying my next PC upgrade from here

Aidan Alan Henderson Gustard - 25th October 2017

Ordered a 3XS Value system with customised configuration late on a Monday afternoon and received the order on Wednesday morning. The PC was exceptionally packaged (inside and out) with inflatable packing inserts and bubble wrap. Interior of the PC was neat and tidy with all cables neatly hidden.

Darren - 3rd October 2017

Have just received my Custom 3XS PC and couldn't be happier. Actually called into the shop as I wanted to discuss my specific needs and was given excellent advise from sales rep Craig. Received email updates from day 1 of the build process all the way up to completion. Collection was a breeze, and all relevant paperwork and helpful hints is supplied in a wallet with the Pc. The packaging was fantastic, they actually pack the inside of the pc to prevent movement or damage to any components! Its great to know I now have my 'Go To' Pc specialists for any further needs or advise. Would recommend them to family and friends so that says it all really. Thanks Scan.

Sergej Using - 24th September 2017

Scan did a custom OC build for me via their 3XS lab. Not only did they do a great job they accommodated all my special requests and couldn’t be happier. This is my 2nd build with Scan/3XS – First one was also an OCed Custom System, and barring GFX card change, was unchanged and stable for 6 years! Fully recommended!

D Briggs - 8th September 2017

Excellent service. We have been their clients for over 3 years now and they are our first stop when it comes to buying powerful workstations for our 3D Graphic Design Studio. Customer service is great as well, and they always go for the extras mile every time we ask for something. Also very responsive. We bought a few high-end custom and powerful workstations(4 Titans X per workstation, etc.) and we'd be looking to come back shortly and get another one.

Peter Istrate - 16th August 2017

Recently bought a 3XS workstation laptop from Scan. System was built and arrived quickly with good progress updates along the way. No problems and computer is running fast. But then they do seem strict about testing it thoroughly before shipping. Definitely recommend this company.

Grant Fergus - 3rd August 2017

From start to finish the whole purchasing experience was perfect. The layout, ease of use and information contained on the website was impressive. The payment via PayPal was well integrated and the numerous staged email notifications after purchase was very welcome. I ordered a new 3XS system on Thursday afternoon and it was picked, built, tested, dispatched and delivered to my door via DPD by 10am the following morning. One very satisfied customer!

Mark Holden - 29th July 2017

Ordered an overclocked 3XS motherboard bundle. Although not quite the cheapest I could get this bundle, the 3 year warranty that's included with Scan more than compensates for the few quid I could have saved with another company. Communication was excellent, advising as each step of the order was completed, right through to the dispatch and an hour delivery window with DPD. The bundle was ordered on a Thursday and was delivered on the Saturday at my request, so could have been a next day delivery as this was a pre-built and tested bundle. The bundle was extremely well packaged; loads of bubble wrap in a very large box. Installed and ran nicely, although the BIOS had reverted to the non-overclocked profile. Contacted support via the online chat (available 7 days and very reasonable hours) who advised how to load the correct overclock profile and Bob's your uncle...up and running with a blisteringly fast PC!

Phil Grantham - 2nd July 2017

I've used Scan for whole PC builds, along with individual components and have always had a good experience.

As with everything (especially full PC builds) there are hiccups, but they've always been quick to rectify and fix anything, and when I've had hardware failure the replacement was quick and easy. I also love the fact you use DPD as the delivery window is very useful.

I'll definitely be using them again.

Joshua - 21st June 2017

Bought a 3XS laptop, staff were very helpful in deciding on the spec and options, it was delivered on time, great system, had a couple of issues, went in to fix, these were sorted promptly and professionally, I was kept up to date at each stage of the repairs, the support staff were friendly and informative on the phone. Overall I have no complaints about how they do business. I just wish that other companies would do the same as Scan

Tony B - 13th June 2017

I used Scan for the first time last year for a new PC. Good communication and very pleased with the product, but it's not till something goes wrong that you really get to see what a company is like. Phone support was good and engineers knowledgeable. Ended up being a hardware fault under guarantee. Scan sorted out the collection, diagnosed an underlying power supply issue which fried two CPU's. Replaced everything and kept me informed throughout. Would use them again without hesitation.

Liam - 12th May 2017

Second time buying a PC from Scan, easy to get PC advice from the online chat option then have, decided on my PC Tuesday at around 5pm and it was delivered the next day with (DPD) which is a bonus as you get an hour window. Would 100% recommend them to anyone whether you know everything about PCs or just a little like me.

Tom - 28th April 2017

My third computer from Scan Computers, my first was over 11 years ago !!. Sadly it passed away a few weeks ago, hence the need for a new one!!. Excellent Service and I find staff very friendly and helpful.

Tony Oshea - 11th April 2017

Recently bought a new custom built laptop from Scan, it arrived with in the expected time frame. The ordering and purchase was a simple process. The Vengeance has been put together to perfection, I have to say I am suitably impressed with the build quality, size and weight of the lg17 Vengeance g-sync laptop. I certainly recommend and would use scan for future purchases, they have proven their worth many times over. I am very satisfied with their service.

Tony Oshea - 25th March 2017

Finally decided to take the plunge and build a quiet gaming PC. The first time I have built a PC in about 15 years. This is the curse of working in the IT sector, so the last thing I fancy doing at home is dossing about with potentially problematic hardware. Ordered the full kit on the Sunday and it all arrived on Tuesday lunchtime in perfect condition. I also messed up my initial order and this was dealt with promptly by the Customer Service team ans presented no delay whatsoever. Very easy shopping experience with the Scan folks and the machine is very quick! Will be using these folks again, very soon.

James Hamilton - 8th March 2017

I wish to thank you for the help Scan gave me with repair on my System from support to repair it self. I was extremely impressed with the repair and the high level of customer service that was given. Especially with the idiotic questions and queries that I had.

I've recommend Scan to friends and family and I know you'll be the company that I buy my next System from.

Paul Jackson - 16th February 2017

I had a minor issue with one of the two 3XS battle boxes we ordered, consistently entering the Bios when booting, however, after a short chat with one of your support agents it was fixed by disabling the 'Fast Boot' option in the Bios.

Other than that brief hiccup at the start, both boxes are running great; silent, cool, and the graphics in game from the 1080's on 4K monitors look superb with framerates of 100+ with everything ramped to the max.

Iestyn Austin - 28 January 2017

The system is working perfectly, easy to set up and packaging was superb. I'm using the system for 3D graphics for personal use and results have been quick and great. Many thanks again and I did love the updates and photos when the system was being put together.

Paul Rose - 22 January 2017

I had a minor issue with one of the two 3XS battle boxes we ordered, consistently entering the Bios when booting, however, after a short chat with one of your support agents it was fixed by disabling the 'Fast Boot' option in the Bios.

Other than that brief hiccup at the start, both boxes are running great; silent, cool, and the graphics in game from the 1080's on 4K monitors look superb with framerates of 100+ with everything ramped to the max.

Terence McArt - 06 January 2017

The system I purchased from you runs great, the only thing I wish I had done differently was to purchase 16 gigs of ram instead of 8 and a larger main drive, but that would have been pushing the budget. Maybe next year I will upgrade those items, I'm not sure yet, but I don't want to be without a system again so soon as I need it for my work.

I'm completely happy with the service provided by Scan and will have no problem recommending you to others.

Jay - 10 December 2016

My custom laptop arrived in very quick time, was excellently packaged, and was complete and working. Very pleased with its performance and with how it was built and set up.

This is the second time I've ordered a custom built 3XS system (one desktop, one laptop), and I've also used Scan for other purchases over the years. I've never been unsatisfied with either the products or the service, and can't recommend them enough.

Ian Brown - 14 November 2016

Sorry for the delayed response, been very busy at work recently and in the evenings have been using my new scan PC non stop. I bought this PC for the sole purpose of playing World of Warcraft, as my old Mac I was using couldn't handle the graphics. I am absolutely in love with this new machine, as well as performing brilliantly it looks stylish too. The service I have received as been brilliant and was kept up to date on the whole process. Would 110% recommend scan to anyone looking for a custom PC

Kerri Fullman - 23rd September 2016

My laptop has been successfully repaired and safely returned to me. Thank you to the team at for your friendly and professional service in support of your 3XS products. I've been a customer for some years now and wouldn't dream of buying a desktop or laptop from anybody else.

Derek - 16th August 2016

The system arrived here 2 weeks ago and I have successfully transfered my DAW software. So far the audio performance has been quite good, although I didn't push the system to its limits just yet.

So overall, very happy with the service and support you guys have provided, it was definitely professional and worth the extra money (as opposed to build something myself with a completely new platform - I have been building AMD system for years). I would heartily recommend you for further DAW builds.

Axel Grude - 25th July 2016

I am pleased to inform you that the laptop arrived in perfect condition. I have set up a stable dual-boot of Windows 7 and Linux, with all hardware working. The CPU and GPU performance is impressive. The machine is also very comfortable to use and very light, especially for its power.

I can see myself being very happy with the 14-inch model and using it full-time for many years.

Rob Johnson - 8th July 2016

I can confirm that the Scan 3XS system arrived promptly and safely. It was extremely well packaged and I have retained and stored all the packaging, as requested.

I am delighted with the level of service that Scan have provided. You kept me informed at all stages of its construction, testing and delivery. The build quality and performance of the system is excellent too.

Though the PC was overclocked by Scan at my request, I have reverted to the default settings as I am more than satisfied with its performance at default. I wanted a PC that could fulfil my leisure requirements of playing modern games effortlessly and could also tackle more serious applications, such as Photoshop CC smoothly and speedily.

This PC at default performs exceptionally well in both activities and if I wish, I can easily return to the overclocked setting.

Alan West - 29th June 2016

The system was received in perfect working order - had an issue with Windows 10 set up but one of your 3XS team remoted in and sorted it for me, no hassle! Very good manner over the phone as well and we had a very good exchange.

Overall, I've had a great experience so far and the computer is doing everything I need it to. I'd definitely recommend you to other people who are looking to get a professionally-built, quality computer.

Gregor - 8th June 2016

Despite having a problem with my PC 6 weeks after purchasing with a hard drive failure, the way it was handled and rectified should be an example to every company. I contacted support on a Tuesday night at 21.30 and the engineer concluded it definitely was a hardware failure. Straight away he arranged for a replacement motherboard, cpu and graphics card to be sent out so they would be ready for an a engineer to come out and fit. The next day I got despatch confirmation and on Thursday the parts arrived together with a call from the engineer to arrange a suitable time to come and fit them. The engineer spent a couple of hours fitting the new parts and testing and all was back to normal.

The level of service I received and the quality of the support has been exceptional. Every call was answered with patience and professionalism. So, despite experiencing a problem, inconvenient though it may have been for a couple of days, this has made me even more convinced that buying a 3XS system from Scan was the best possible decision I could have made because I now know the quality of the support available.

Paul - 19th May 2016

I've just bought my second PC from Scan 6 years after my last one from them. Although the old one is still working it is showing its age and I felt the itch to upgrade. Once again very prompt and helpful advice while I made my choices to change the original base specifications. The computer arrived as expected and in less time then the original estimate. Tidily assembled and working perfectly (touch wood).

Computer and monitor were promptly delivered by my favourite delivery company DPD. If only all deliveries could give you a 1 hour delivery window (changeable almost to the last minute) and stick to it. 10/10 to both Scan and DPD.

Strongly recommended.

Mike Wort - 27th April 2016

Recently ordered a top end PC off this company. Had a slight problem in that the case I wanted was out of stock, they called me to inform me straight away. Firstly i decided to wait for the case to come into stock, then i changed my mind and decided to go with a fractal case instead. I also changed my choice of hard drive. They changed the build without quibble and the build went ahead to schedule. The delivery was well packaged and the case was stuffed with bubble wrap to stop components moving. After removing the packing the pc fired up first time and it's been just amazing. A major upgrade on my last system.

All this at a reasonable price using top notch component. It'll be a few years yet but i'll use Scan again when i'm looking for my next megaPC.

Steven Wallace - 5th April 2016

I am really impressed with the build quality and care taken to install the components, I have to say that my whole experience of buying my new gaming rig has been an absolute pleasure to deal with such professionals in both technical and customer service with clear responsive communications. I can see why so many people love Scan and its down to their desire to deliver what the customer wants and not try and sell something they don't need instead tailoring it to my needs and what I wanted to use new PC for, which will mean they have my business for my next build/upgrade and I will be happy to recommend to my friends and family as I know they will be looked after. Thanks again Scan for delivering the gaming rig I dreamed for and making me so happy.

Stuart - 20th March 2016

I ordered a new gaming PC recently and requested it to be delivered before the forecasted delivery date, responsiveness to my questions were good, and I received automated updates as my order / delivery progressed, as well as a delivery window (hour) on the day of delivery. The machine is very neatly built, configured well enough for me not to have had problems thus far. I will recommend to friends, and consider buying from them again.

Riaan Swart - 10th March 2016

I was very happy with the service from start to finish, being kept appraised of the built progress was a good part of the purchase, and the delivery was on time and swift. I am very happy with the performance of the system.

Piers Lawson-Brown - 20th January 2016

My experience with scan was brilliant, communication with scan went seamlessly and the PC I ordered was delivered on time and exceptionally well packaged.

The system has been running close to a month now without any problems and runs everything I need it to without issue. The advantage I found over other companies offering similar services was the competitive pricing, the branded parts you could select and the knowledge my PC would be built and overclocked by professionals and based on my experience I will be using scan again in the future. A*+ Service

Carl Maddison - 30th December 2015

I ordered a 3XS laptop from, having been very impressed with the service that they have given me in the past. The online chat system was very useful before placing the order, and communication with Scan has been brilliant, with frequent email updates on how the build/testing is going and very quick replies to my queries - even though it's the Christmas period! I am impressed with their quality control procedures, and from looking at the testing checklist that they sent along with the laptop documentation, it appears that they have left no stone unturned. I also feel very secure in that if something were to go wrong there would be no hassle in getting things sorted. All in all; a great experience!

James Wakefield - 10th December 2015

This was the first time had decided to get someone build me a custom spec £2k plus and i cannot fault the service it arrived when they said. Communication was excellent, since this was a custom build there was going to be compatibility problems but before they had contacted me they already had the alternatives all lined up and were quite happy to discuss the various pros and cons of the replacement parts.

As for the packing it arrived very securely wrapped and the true test of the packing is being able to plug it straight in and everything works and it did, I would seriously recommend this company if you want a decent system and if you don't like my recommendation ask the queen.

Paul Newman - 20th November 2015

I received the system back in good condition & it was packaged very well. The system is working again and is performing well. As well as the repairs it seems like the fan curve on the CPU fans has been bumped up. Meaning my average idle and load temps on the CPU Package have dropped by almost 10°C. Which is awesome! As well as that all the case fans have been cleaned, which great to see as well. It's always nice when little extra things like that are done, as it really shows a good quality of care & professionalism on scans part. Big thanks to the scan engineers.

Dean Jones - 2nd November 2015

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the best customer service I have ever experienced. I have been saving for 2 years to get a laptop with this specification for my video and photographic editing and undertook a great deal of research before I decided who I should trust to build it for me. You came highly recommended from a friend of mine who is a commercial customer of yours, he wasn't wrong! Although I haven't downloaded any of my software yet from Adobe CC and tested out my new dream machine's full potential, I am very impressed with the styling and build quality of this laptop, it's a pleasure to use and I'm sure once I've got my head around Windows 10, it will live up to all my expectations.

David Cubbage - 9th October 2015

PC received and working perfectly. This is the second PC I've ordered from you guys and have been impressed both times. While there was a delay building it, you kept us informed - which was great. I intend to buy from you again in future, and I've recommended you to others for PC & laptop purchases.

Dave Margison - 2nd September 2015

I have recently bought another 3XS system from Scan. The system has exceeded my expectations. The start of the process was playing around with the 3XS system build tool which is a good place to start. I then spoke to a Scan employee called Lee whose knowledge and expertise really helped refine the build. The changes Lee, over a series of calls and emails, suggested turned a good system into a great system. The final cost was well over £3000 for the tower and monitor but the end result was unbelievable.

Scan delivers a level of customer service and build quality that I have not experienced anywhere else. The main reason for this is the staff who are: professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. purchases.

Dan Wookey - 27th August 2015

Thank you for this amazing system you have built for me, the performance and quality is more than I could have hoped for.

Customer service was downright awesome. The contact throughout the build with updates and, in this case, conference on any issues that arose (The motherboard) is an excellent part of it all. And thank you for all the screen caps of the tests. it was great to see.

Dan Baverstock - 24th June 2015

Very glad to say that I've been extremely impressed with the level of service you have provided. Two years ago I had an utterly abysmal experience with another company (PC Specialist) in which they couldn't provide me a working PC after numerous "repairs" and it took me months to get a refund. Since then I've been incredibly apprehensive about buying another gaming PC. Much to my relief my experience with Scanhas been night and day compared to that one.

The system itself was immaculate and the build was exceptional, exactly what I wanted, very clean with great cable management. It's a joy to look at and the performance of the machine is fantastic.

Steven Anderson - 9th May 2015

It's a beautifully put together system. I can't thank you enough for the care taken with building it and sending it. Please pass on my thanks to the technical team. I won't hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. The whole experience and customer service has been fantastic, I really appreciated you keeping me informed on the progress. It was a big purchase for me and you made it easy and not stressful in the slightest.

Jonathan Boddey - 28th April 2015

A well put together system, thoughtfully cabled and designed. The attention to detail is fantastic; cables are routed largely out of sight and where they visible, they are well routed and fixed to the case with clips. The airflow design is excellent with four large, but quiet, 120mm fans. The system is very quiet at idle. I get the feeling that the technician that built this machine liked his job and was not in the factory to fill a shift. The USB stick with recovery software that was affixed to the power-supply was a thoughtful touch. The system had Windows 8.1 installed and was fully updated, and all the latest drivers for the components also installed. There was no crap-ware installed. From a hardware perspective, the machine is excellent, and well worth the money.

Philip Muldoon - 20th April 2015

Thank you for your great service and for building an excellent system. I haven't begun using it with my DAW yet, but everything is running very well and the machine itself is a work of art. It arrived very quickly and in perfect condition.

Neil Samuel - 23rd March 2015

The PC is rock-solid, very neatly put together (the last PC I built looked like it was stuffed with funny-coloured spaghetti), and bloody fast. I’ve bought pre-built systems before and they were pre-loaded with horrible trial crapware - I really appreciate that you guys don’t do that.

Si Levitas - 3rd March 2015

Build quality was exceptional, extremely neat and tidy inside the case (puts my past building efforts to shame). All documentation, driver cd's and spare cables/screws etc included as if I'd bought all parts myself. Nice little USB stick included with utilities and diagnostic software on it in case of issues. Once I'd removed packaging and internal component cushioning PC was up and running immediately. Was happy in the past with Scan for hardware purchases, they delivered their usual high standards with this fully built system (for not that much more than I would have paid building it myself, only they built it far better than I would have). Thanks very much Scan - can't chat, games are calling me!

Alec Unsworth - 26th Februaury 2015

I bought a Scan 3XS built laptop I have to say I am very impressed. I expected due to the price being so much cheaper than a MSI, Alienware, Asus etc that things would have a much cheaper feel. Well the case is perfect for me, its a small bit of bling and lovely matte finish, but nothing to over the top I don't want a case that looks like a UFO taking off.

Very impressed with THE machine, and scan, highly recommend definitely be buying again.

Carl Robinson - 16th February 2015

I received my system yesterday morning and after unwrapping, I did a brief test and found everything to be in fully working order - I'm really happy with everything. I also have to say that I'm very impressed with your customer services. I ordered a 3XS DAW from you nearly 8 years ago so came back hoping to get the same service and wasn't disappointed. I think the emails that have kept me up to date on the status of my system build are an excellent idea.

Chris Handshaw - 23rd January 2015

Thank you very much for the excellent service and product (3XS) you have provided to me. Right from the very start I was kept fully informed on the status of my order and what stage of production it was on. The fact that you put each system through rigorous tests shows that you genuinely care about what each and every customer is receiving. I could not have been more pleased when my screen, system, keyboard an mouse all arrived in perfect condition.

I will certainly be using your excellent service again in the future, and will recommend Scan to anyone I come across looking to buy computer hardware or a good quality PC. Every aspect of your company is amazing!

Andrew Savvas - 14th January 2015

A pity that all companies are not customer focused like Scan. Great build quality for my 3XS system. Kept up to date at all times through the build process. Can't fault anything.

Jim Purse - 15th December 2014

Great delivery, great piece of kit, after adding an extra 4gb of ram it runs a dream, normally buiid my own systems but this time thought I would buy pre - built for convenience, and so glad I did, ideal piece of kit for my needs. Well done Scan!

Ian Rasbuary - 10th December 2014

After building my own systems for myself, friends and family with bought items for the last 8 or so years I took the plunge with a 3XS system as being a school teacher I have a lot less time than I once did. The bar was set incredibly high as I have a lot of previous experience with the company so I was expecting something special. What I received exceeded my expectations by quite a margin! The quality throughout the machine is fantastic and the machine itself is an absolute powerhouse. I could not be happier and, once again, have proven themselves to be the best in the business!

Ian Cutler - 18th November 2014

System delivered when promised in perfect condition. Works like a dream, very happy with it. Also DPD were an excellent courier service, kept me informed all the way and delivered when they said they would. Lots to be learned from them by FedEX and Yelo, keep using them, they'll grant you lots of satisfied customers.

Brendan Jennings - 11th September 2014

I was staggered by the speed of response to my order. I ordered at 10:30 on Monday evening and the completed PC was in my hands just over 36 hours later. The order was carefully packaged and the system worked right out of the box (I have taken the bubble wrap out).The product was delivered within the time window that I was advised of. So far I am very impressed with Scan and I would certainly recommend you to others.

Ian Cutler - 15th August 2014

The build quality is excellent, the chassis looks and feels reassuringly solid, and it really looks simply awesome. The software installation is clean, with all updates and drivers pre-installed. The level of care shown by Scan when building the laptop is simply astounding. No detail has been overlooked, from making sure the laptop arrived fully charged, to providing a copy of the testing results. An astonishing level of care and attention that has went into building my laptop, thank you!

John Ross - 8th July 2014

Thank you for taking the time to complete my order. I have just finished setting up my new machine and am very happy with how it has all turned out, it is very good and it is obvious of all the work that you have put into building the computer for me. Once again, thank you for doing this for me and if I need anything computer wise again I will be sure to use you again

Andrew Davis - 13th May 2014

PC was delivered in perfect condition , I am very happy with the quality and performance and build of this pc it looks AWESOME. would recommend you to all of my friends if they ever decide to buy a computer in the future plus customer service was good also, thank you for everything.

Andrew Larkin - 11th May 2014

Excellent service and communication from the moment I placed my order until the moment of delivery. System was up and running in no time at all and all appears to be working well. Such excellent customer service is all too rare these days!

Robert Brodie - 7th May 2014

I will get the negative out of the way first I was a little disappointed you couldn't get the system to me in the 10 days (but was grateful you kept me informed of the problem) and from now it's only excellent comments.. The 3XS system build quality is the best I have seen The performance is stunning The Scan order process is the best out there and the delivery info 2nd to none.

All in all a very pleasing shopping experience

Paul Beatty - 25th February 2014

The quality of the service I have experienced has been excellent. I was kept informed on the status and progress of the order, I am also extremely impressed with the expediency at which the order was fulfilled by SCAN, from placing my order to delivery in under 2 days.

Another great purchase from Scan and the 3XS team!

Jonathon - 21st February 2014

I am extremely pleased with my purchase, I love they way it looks in my living room and love the performance! All the games I have played so far are all set to maximum graphical settings and the gameplay is super smooth! I would like to thankyou for building it for me and thankyou for the excellent customer service!!

Mark Fitzpatrick - 13th January 2014

This is about the third or fourth computer I have bought from Scan. Each time, everything has been flawless. Superb build quality, wonderful levels of care and attention to detail, and an end product which is great to look at and a delight to use. This is no exception! Thank you very much indeed.

Rob - 9th September 2013

I received my system two weeks ago, and all of my interaction with your company, from the initial viewing of your website through to ordering and delivery of the finished system has been a pleasure! I spent considerable time researching not only what specifications I required, but also the various companies offering to supply and build it. From the many different sources your company stood out and your service towards me has confirmed my research.

I appreciated the various emails keeping me informed of progress and the notifications from your courier advising me of the one hour delivery window. Although the large external box showed signs of distress, the internal case box and the actual system was delivered securely packed and undamaged! Up to now, the system has performed admirably, with components and wiring neatly assembled, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Andrew Young - 21st August 2013

First time I have purchased a customise built pc. I have to say the scan website is excellent. Really easy to pick what you want, and then build on it. The forums are great for checking out other people's opinions and what the latest specs are. Really easy to assemble it and then it's next day delivery was great and everything was packaged well and set up. All I had to do was install wireless network adaptor and I was good to go. I contacted customer service regarding this and they responded both promptly and articulately, in answering my questions. Really great happy with it.

Miss Rosanna Ashworth-Jones - 13th June 2013

I'd like to say thank you very much for my 3XS system, it has exceeded my expectations by far. The wiring is fantastic, as was the packaging and the engineer who delivered and set up my system. I have absolutely no complaints and you now have a customer for life.

Tyrone Clements - 15th April 2013

Extremely happy with the system and it performs better than I expected it to. I would recommend a 3XS system to any one looking at getting a new PC. As always excellent service and big thank you to the courier that managed to squeeze me in for an early delivery.

Charles Thomson - 20th Feb 2013

Yes, I received the system which was in perfect condition and am so far very happy with the purchase. The quality of the build (internal wiring etc) and components (very solid case) are very much satisfactory.

Phil - 10th Jan 2013