Audio Mixers

Audio mixers or “mixing desks” are usually at the heart of recording studios, allowing many different channels of audio to be processed at the same time.

Analogue or digital, we have discreet mixers for use in smaller environments through to professional desks featuring all manner of processing capability including effects, eq’s etc.

We stock mixing desks from leading manufacturers such as ALTO, PRESONUS, MACKIE, BEHRINGER, ALESIS, SOUNDCRAFT, ALLEN & HEATH and many more

Analogue Mixing Desks

Mixing desks come in Analogue and Digital varieties. Some have built in audio interfaces. Desks combine and route audio signals and mostly contain built-in microphone preamps.

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Digital Mixing Desks

Most Digital mixers mimic the look of the old analogue desks, but have the advantage of no added noise,easy signal routing and being able to save and load whole templates. There are also usually many on-board effects getting rid of the need for external hardware.