Instrument Accessories

A place for any accessories you may need for your instrument ranging from footswitches, tuners and wireless instrument systems to stands that can accommodate your keyboard or amplifier.

Control Pedals & Footswitches

Control pedals and footswitches allow another method of controlling your instruments in realtime, allowing a more expressive performance.


DI Boxes

DI boxes convert both line and instrument inputs into balanced outputs that can be used in any mixer or or device with balanced inputs.


Drum Accessories

Everything you need to carry, hit, fix or clean your drums....


Guitar & Bass Pedal Accessories

If you're thinking of featuring a pedal in your set-up, or maybe even two or more, the chances are you're going to need some bits and pieces to help you get it all together…. We have connectors, extenders, fasteners, in fact pretty much everything you should need to get your sounds in order….

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Guitar Amplifier Stands & Accessories

Sometimes justlifting your amp higher, or tilting your amp or combo backwards and projecting the sound upwards instead of straight out into the audience, can make all the difference to your sound. For this you need an amp stand...


Instrument Cables

No matter what length, what kind of connector, whether it's balanced or unbalanced or even what colour, we aim to have the right cable for you...


Keyboard Stands

Stands for musical keyboards.



Tuners are designed to help you keep your instrument in tune. That way, you can play with other people...


Wireless Instrument Systems

Wireless instrument systems can be used to free your instrument from its wires onstage. Suitable for guitarists or any other performer with an audio line out, you can use these to move freely for a more expressive performance.