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The Scan AI ecosystem has been created so you have a trusted partner at every stage of the AI journey - whether you’re in early development of a model, in the midst of repeated training cycles or working on a complete inference deployment. Our in-house AI experts, backed by our system design and build teams are able to offer bespoke solutions that solve your AI challenges. Furthermore, we are complimented by a whole host of hardware and software partners enabling us to deliver end-to-end AI optimised architectures configured to get the maximum return from your investment and the deepest insight from your data. Let’s take a look at the components of the Scan AI ecosystem.

Guided proof of concept

Our proof of concept hardware environment ensures you choose the correct solution for your particular AI challenge. Housed within a number of secure data centres we operate a wide variety of GPU-accelerated AI systems. These range from development workstations, multi-GPU servers, NVIDIA DGX appliances, software-defined storage solutions and Advantech modular inferencing solutions. The ability to test a data set, check system compatibility or simply try-before-you-buy across such a varied degree of hardware and software solutions, we believe, is unique in the UK AI industry. Why not enquire today?

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GPU Accelerated Systems

Deep learning and AI relies hugely on parallel computing - only truly delivered by GPUs. Our status as the UK’s leading NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider enables us to offer a vast range of deep learning workstations and NVIDIA certified Data Science Workstations for AI development. We also can provide bespoke multi-GPU servers and NVIDIA DGX solutions too - all available with the latest NVIDIA GPUs. Lastly our range extends into NVIDIA Jetson based modular inferencing solutions - optimised for deployment in wide-reaching scenarios such as factories, transport and smart cities.

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Optimised Storage

Having the latest and greatest GPU accelerated training hardware is all well and good, but how do you ensure those powerful GPUs are being utilised as much as possible and always working at their hardest? AI optimised all-flash storage provides the data throughput required to get the most from your servers - a single storage appliance can deliver data to multiple multi-GPU servers, ensuring faster results and minimal downtime. Scan partners with PNY, NetApp, Dell, DDN, HPE and Pure Storage to ensure we have an AI optimised storage solution that right for you.

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Fast Connectivity

As your training infrastructure grows you need to ensure that bottlenecks aren’t introduced between your GPU-accelerated hardware and optimised storage systems. High bandwidth, low latency networks from Mellanox is the answer. Whether you’re looking to use Ethernet or Infiniband technologies, Mellanox interface cards, switches and cabling provides the best possible interconnects for your AI architecture - and also the fastest at speeds of up to 400Gbps.

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Software Solutions

Many of the data science tasks required for AI model development can be time consuming and impede progress. For example prior to deep learning, any data must be verified, resized and labelled – it may also be required to transfer the data between programs to do this. Recognising this, Scan has teamed up with a number of partners to offer solutions that automate many of these processes, or deliver visual insight into what the data you have means. Adding software like these into your ecosystem not only reduces time to results, but optimises time spent by data scientists.

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Secure Managed Hosting

Although AI projects start small - maybe just a single deep learning workstation - they do scale, and quickly. As a project grows and hardware demand increases it is not always possible to have the space or security required to continue work on expanding datasets, especially if they are of the sensitive kind. With this in mind we’ve teamed up with several secure datacentre partners to offer hosted solutions - so you have the room to grow, but the peace of mind that the integrity of your data is never in doubt.

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Professional Services

As your own AI infrastructure grows we can help ensure you’re always getting the best from it. Whether its enhanced support during a proof of concept trial, system health checks, installation of new hardware, data science assistance or cyber security advice and solutions, the Scan AI team offers a whole host of consultancy services to support you through all your AI challenges.

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Education & Training

We’re never too old to stop learning, and in a technology as fast-paced as AI, continued education is essential to remain at the cutting edge. To address this requirement Scan has become a certified delivery partner for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). This means that our AI experts are fully accredited to teach a host of topics around deep learning and AI. We offer a range of courses scheduled throughout the year so your teams can keep developing their knowledge, and new starters can learn the fundamentals of AI.

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