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inooLabs is a multidisciplinary AI-first company focused on building entire AI-systems. The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2020, spun out of a think-tank treating topics about technology and the future of humanity. The team at inooLabs believe that artificial intelligence has the ability to elevate the human species to the next level and wants to do its part, so they are focused on the full chain of development, training and deployment of machine learning models and surrounding architecture.

The main focus areas at the moment are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Recognition, with plans to expand into more fields and ultimately use the proceeds of the systems to work on advancing towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Natural Language Processing with inSummary

Using Natural Language Processing inooLabs has built a product which delivers information to students on any given topic from multiple sources in a simple manner. The AI system is agnostic to the type of information it summarises, so any number of sources can be used. It also adjusts the text to different lengths to suit different students' needs. The system leverages the latest cutting edge language model techniques in combination with custom data-scraping and model training routines. inooLabs production software runs on a combination of custom-built hardware, as provided by Scan, for lightning-fast inference and a back-up cloud solution for securing top of the line uptime for the system.

Svensk Talteknologi is deploying inSummary in order to summarise information in a product called Skolup. Skolup allows K-12 students to gather information from several sources and places a focus around source criticism, which is becoming increasingly important as searching for information online has now become the norm. Imagine an easy-to-use Google with information about what to think about for each respective source, and you have Skolup.

Next Steps: The Future of inooLabs

inooLabs is in the short term focused on refining its AI systems as part of the current product offerings and scaling up its implementations in the industry, but always welcome the interest from potential collaborators to expand the company’s reach in areas requiring AI know-how, or just discuss new ideas around new data-driven systems to build.

The Scan Partnership

Developing AI-models and serving them in production puts a lot of requirements on the systems and infrastructure used. After a careful review of hardware suppliers inooLabs opted to work with the Scan AI team as its supplier of choice thanks to Scan’s overall experience across the entire field of designing and building bespoke systems dedicated for AI workflows.

"Not only do Scan have excellent experience in configuring and building hardware according to our needs, but they add value with a surrounding ecosystem of domain experts and partners upstream of the supply chain as well. "

– David Wallén, CEO - inooLabs

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