Fibre Network Cables


High End Copper / Fibre Optics

High End Copper Cable Ethernet and Optical fibre components and accessories.


Network Tools / Fittings / Accs.

Network wall sockets, tools and accessories for all your cabling network requirements. Build a integrated cable network within the walls of a building to making up loose network patch cables.

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Server Accessories

Various additional items designed for use with specific servers.

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SFP+ Network Cards


Software Licensing - Other

License agreements are used in conjunction with workstation and server platform software to increase the number of users or devices that can use a particular piece of platform software.

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Switches - 24 - 48 Port

These 24 to 48 port switches are the ideal choice for large office, schools, server applications and large corporate organisations. Geared towards high end networks which include devices such as NAS drives, security cameras, work stations and printers into one network.