AJA is an industry leader in the video and broadcast market, providing its unique technology to leading manufacturers and developer partners across the professional video industry for integration into their product lineups. High-profile media companies around the globe rely on the flexible, performance future-proof workflow solutions of AJA Technologies.

Founded by engineer John Abt in 1993, today the company employs over 200 people worldwide, building industry-leading video capture cards, digital recording devices, video routers, frame synchronizers and scalers, digital converters and professional 4K cameras.

Battery Mounts

Convert your equipment’s battery mount to meet any other kind of battery you might have access to.


Camera Accessories

A range of accessories to complement your existing equipment or expand your modular camera system.


Camera Controllers - LANC

LANC devises allow Canon, Sony & Panasonic* users to extend camera control functions (zoom, focus & REC/STOP) to pan bars and grip/support.

*Check camera compatibility info.



A wide variety of video converters for a variety of tasks, such as SDI or HDMI to other format conversion.


Digital/Analogue Converters

Convert from digital to analogue or analogue to digital.


Field Recorders-Monitors

When out on a shoot, it's not always easy to view the camera's built in LCD monitor on the back. It's either not bright enough or too small for a group of people to see, plus, usuallly has very basic features to help you actually monitor your current situation for lighting etc.

Atomos' range of field monitors can also double as recorders in some models, like the Ninja V, which allows you to bypass recording limits on DSLR and DSLM cameras for indefinite recording length and sometimes, a bump up in colour.

SmallHD is now part of the Teradek family, as such, a few of the models of monitors now come with Teradek Bolt functionality for wireless transmission, so you don't have to remain static when monitoring or even operating the camera itself.


IP and NDI Encoding/Decoding & Webstreaming

Bring in video into your workflow via IP video or over NewTek's wired and wireless IP technology, NDI (Network Device Interface). This allows for much more flexibility with your studio or live production set up, swapping out large and expensive SDI cables for cheaper Ethernet.


IP Cameras/Indoor

IP Cameras: integrated HD heads with remote control for use indoors.


Large Sensor Cameras

Ideal for achieving cinema-like results using artistic shallow depth of field and film-style colours.


LUT Control

During camera prep, on your cart, through color timing or on camera, the LUT Box and BMD MiniConverter 6G allow DITs and colourists to give everyone the right look. Apply custom looks, colour and gamma changes in realtime for on set monitoring.


Routing Switchers

Convert and send video across to various different platforms or other pieces of hardware in your setup with ease. Supports video feeds all the way up to 4K and often rackmountable, to make your life and video production needs less of a hassle when dealing with video cables on this scale.


SDI to HDMI Converters

Convert SDI signals to HDMI for easier monitoring, capture cards and other functionality that is found on common consumer or prosumer hardware.


Test Equipment

Video test equipment for getting accurate colours, HDR and more when shooting high end productions. Vector Scopes, Waveform analysis in PCIe or Rackmounted, all-in-one form for ease of use.


Video Cable Transmission

Plays out a single video input to two or more identical outputs for distributed multi-screen viewing.


Video Editing - I/O & Capture Cards

PCIe, Blackmagic DeckLink and external capture cards, for a range of tasks in video production. DeckLink cards cover a broad range of capture utilities, from just simple monitoring to allowing you to capture 4 independent signals at once. You'll also be able to see and edit 10-bit video with the right monitor with these installed in your machine. Capture Cards are vital for video game content production, with high recommendations for the DeckLink Quad HDMI and Elgato 4K60. We also recommend the Magewell line for a reliable, high class product. For more advanced or professional users, AJA and Blackmagic's line of hardware both external and internal will provide multiple inputs and functionality, not found in consumer level hardware.


Video Recorders and Players

Hardware recorders and storage solutions for all levels of video production, including AJA and Blackmagic. These pieces of hardware provide a simple and elegant solution to capturing all types of inputs for everything from backing up legacy sources or modern live productions. Utilise the player functionality for digital signage, video effects in your vision mixers and previewing what you've just captured. Record straight to a USB Stick, CFast or SD card or utilise Blackmagic's MultiDocks to get super fast SSDs into the mix.


Video Scalers

Multi-format Video Scalers provide video signal conversion and glitch-free switching between a variety of computer and video input signal formats.