Founded in 2011, Atomos entered the market with the revolutionary Ninja, a portable touchscreen professional 10-bit HD Recorder, Monitor, & Playback device that allowed DSLR filmmakers to capture pristine video & audio direct from HDMI output. Atomos continue to innovate and deliver affordable On-camera/On-Set HDR monitoring and recording of 4K Raw (CDNG), along with production-friendly Apple ProRes and Avid's DNxHR.

A champion of Open Standard creation, Atomos engineers work closely with industry partners to deliver affordable workflow solutions. Jeremy Young (CEO and co-founder) has a mission "to make great products that people don't just want to own, but that they can afford to own.''

Battery Chargers

A range of battery chargers for the professional broadcast industry, allowing users to transfer power to your equipment and re-charge your batteries quickly and safely.


Field Monitoring Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for popular Field Recorder-Monitors from Atomos, Blackmagic, AJA, SmallHD and Teradek.


Field Recorders-Monitors

When out on a shoot, it's not always easy to view the camera's built in LCD monitor on the back. It's either not bright enough or too small for a group of people to see, plus, usuallly has very basic features to help you actually monitor your current situation for lighting etc.

Atomos' range of field monitors can also double as recorders in some models, like the Ninja V, which allows you to bypass recording limits on DSLR and DSLM cameras for indefinite recording length and sometimes, a bump up in colour.

SmallHD is now part of the Teradek family, as such, a few of the models of monitors now come with Teradek Bolt functionality for wireless transmission, so you don't have to remain static when monitoring or even operating the camera itself.



Universal Serial Bus often abbreviated to USB, is an industry standard connection for cables, connectors, hardware and protocols for connection and communication.


Video Recorders and Players

Hardware recorders and storage solutions for all levels of video production, including AJA and Blackmagic. These pieces of hardware provide a simple and elegant solution to capturing all types of inputs for everything from backing up legacy sources or modern live productions. Utilise the player functionality for digital signage, video effects in your vision mixers and previewing what you've just captured. Record straight to a USB Stick, CFast or SD card or utilise Blackmagic's MultiDocks to get super fast SSDs into the mix.