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Introducing the NetApp EF570 All-Flash Array

Capable of 100Gb InfiniBand, or 100Gb NVMe over InfiniBand, the NetApp EF570 makes an ideal partner for the HPC and deep learning appliances, such as the NVIDIA DGX-1 where speed of the storage platform is key. The NetApp all-flash EF570 provides an industry-leading price / performance in an enterprise-grade 2U system. With support for up to 367TB of flash capacity in a single modular 2U building block, the ultra-dense EF570 enables you to easily address ever-evolving AI & deep learning world. Additionally, the EF570 provides investment protection to meet future demands without forklift upgrades through the ability to independently scale to 1.8PB of raw flash capacity.

Extreme Performance

Up to 1M IOPS and 21GBps of sequential bandwidth to help you scale

Sub-100 microsecond latency to increase application responsiveness

Support for multiple high-speed host interfaces, including 32Gb Fibre Channel, 25Gb iSCSI, 100Gb InfiniBand, 12Gb SAS, and the new 100Gb NVMe over InfiniBand in a compact 2U form factor

Proven Simplicity

A modern, on-box, browser-based GUI enables you to get access to your data in under 10 minutes

Full suite of APIs and application plugins for easy integration

Fourth-generation all-flash system

Unmatched Value

Leading price/performance for both IOPS and MBps in the same system based on industry benchmarks

Integration with the NetApp Data Fabric for seamless backup and recovery to the hybrid cloud

Support for over 367TB of raw flash capacity in a modular 2U building block that scales to 1.8PB


NetApp® EF570 All-Flash Array NetApp® EF560 All-Flash Array
IPOS 1,000,000 IOPS 825,000 IOPS
AVERAGE LATANCY <100µs up to 185,000 4K random write IOPS
<140µs up to 100,000 4K random read IOPS
<200µs up to 800,000 4K random read IOPS
<300µs up to 1,000,000 4K random read IOPS
<300µs up to 500,000 IOPS
<800µs up to 825,000 IOPS
MAXIMUM DRIVES 120 (EF570 with 4 expansion shelves) 120 (EF560 with 4 expansion shelves)

Performance: 17 GB/s bandwidth with 15 Blades - Up to 1M IOPS | Performance: 8x 40Gb/s or 32x 10Gb/s Ethernet ports / chassis | Physical: 4U - 1,800 Watts (nominal at full configuration)

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