Our society is characterised by an ever-increasing need for communication and information. In order to fulfil the complex demands for communication without cultural or geographical boundaries, it is necessary continually to develop new, high-performance methods of communication and expression. Wacom has dedicated itself to this task. For more than twenty years, Wacom has been producing and promoting innovative, PC related tools designed to help people to illustrate their thoughts and ideas more clearly, easily and creatively. The company name is derived from wa = harmony (from Japanese);com = computer. It is Wacom's philosophy that technology can contribute to achieving a greater understanding and harmony between people. By allowing users to exploit their most intuitive of abilities when interfacing with computers, e.g writing and drawing, or by enabling technology to be used very intuitively, the harmony between users and digital world will develop, and consequently, communicate

Graphics Tablets

A computer input device which allows you to freehand . A graphics tablet allows you to hand-draw images and graphics onto the digital pad using the electronic pen. They allow you to capture hand written signatures digitally. Connection is via your USB port and you do not need to unplug your USB mouse. Giving you instant access to both input devices simultaneously.

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Professional Graphics Tablets

An input device that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. A graphics tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or pen.