VR Experiences

Bespoke VR environments delivered by Render and Scan

Virtual Reality (VR) has become an intrinsic part of professional graphics whether designing new components, understanding complex interactions in 3D or for visualising room interiors, outdoor spaces or entire building plans. Scan Pro Graphics has long developed prebuilt and custom designed workstations for creating VR content using a wide range of applications.






For Media & Entertainment

Now, through collaboration with specialist VR partner Render, Scan can also deliver the most immersive VR experiences, designed from the ground up for your specific requirements - whether this be realistic safety training scenarios to understand the impact of failure, through to simulations of high-cost and high-risk physical environments such as military or aerospace.

Who are Render?

Render is an immersive innovation agency. As experts in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and immersive apps, the Render team enterprises embrace digital transformation by turning data into scalable, interactive solutions. Blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds, immersive technology offers the ultimate engagement platform to solve real business challenges. Render is all about delivering creative solutions to complex problems and when you work with its team and Scan, you will benefit from its partnerships with some of the biggest tech companies in the world, as well as their close links with leaders in academia, to realise the following benefits for your organisation.

Strengthen customer engagement

Accelerate your sales cycle

Deliver experimental training at scale

Transform product development

How can a VR experience help my organisation?

Immersive solutions, delivered by Render and Scan, solve business problems by offering powerful new ways for customers to engage with your brand and transform how your people operate, communicate and collaborate. Data assets within any organisation are key to offering greater internal crossover or a better customer experience, but they are often in silos limited to the department that needs them. Assets such as product CAD data can be taken as the starting point of an immersive experience so that everyone can benefit from an immersive content solution – from product development, sales, marketing, training and education, right through to logistics and operations.

Render maximises the usefulness of your CAD data by creating innovative virtual and augmented reality solutions that allow you to effortlessly communicate your products and solutions in an immersive, real-time context – all within a single, scalable application in the cloud. This means it can be shared, updated, repurposed, and rolled out time and again.

The Scan and Render partnership has all the expertise required to take a concept from first principles, through design and testing, to deployment and aftercare services - ensuring at every stage that all the software and hardware requirements are met and optimised.

VR Case Studies

Airbus challenged Render to create a series of VR experiences demonstrating how it is changing the future of aerospace. In response, a suite of multi-user VR experiences was designed and delivered that enabled customers to actively participate in a variety of different journeys, from combat missions in Russia through to out of this world space exploration.

'VR is changing how Airbus can engage with its customers, enabling them to experience Airbus like never before’

Paul Hannah - Creative Director of Future Concepts Airbus

MSA approached Render to help excite customers and enhance brand awareness in making the MSA brand synonymous with safety. In the VR experience Render developed, customers don a headset and enter a virtual world where they can experience MSA’s safety products in representative context and in the very location where they will be used.

'Render's VR solution is an ultra-engaging communications tool that conveys products in a representative environment while empowering us with incredibly efficient real time content’

Evelin Webb - Global Customer Marketing Communications Manager