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Run:ai Cluster Management

AI Infrastructure Management for Innovators


Run:ai's platform revolutionises AI and machine learning operations by addressing key infrastructure challenges through dynamic resource allocation, comprehensive AI lifecycle support, and strategic resource management. By pooling resources across environments and utilising advanced orchestration and accelerators, Run:ai significantly enhances GPU efficiency and workload capacity.

Its policy engine and open architecture foster strategic alignment with business objectives, enabling seamless integration with external tools and systems. This results in significant increases in GPU availability, workloads, and GPU utilisation, all with zero manual resource intervention, accelerating innovation and providing a scalable, agile, and cost-effective solution for enterprises.

AI Infrastructure Management

AI Infrastructure Management represents a transformative approach to managing and optimising AI resources and operations within your enterprise. It is an ecosystem designed to overcome the inherent challenges in traditional AI infrastructure by being dynamic, strategic, and integrally aligned with business objectives. The Run:ai infrastructure management platform revolutionises the way enterprises manage and optimise their AI and machine learning operations. This platform is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of AI infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

Promote practitioner productivity with the Run:ai GUI. Run:ai makes it simple for a practitioner to access compute and run workloads without being a technical expert. Workspaces and templates were built with end users in mind.

Provide ultimate flexibility to practitioners to integrate experiment tracking tools and development frameworks. With Run:ai's rich integration options you can work with your favourite ML stack right away.

Run:ai's scheduler assures near on-demand access to GPUs from a finite resource pool. Dynamic MIG and GPU Fractioning give you full flexibility when more GPU power is needed.

With features such as GPU Scheduling, Quota Management, GPU Fractioning and Dynamic MIG (Multi Instance GPU) Run:ai's platforms can help you squeeze more from the same infrastructure, on-premise and in the cloud.

Real-time and historical metrics by job, workload, and team in a single dashboard. Assign compute guarantees to critical workloads, promote oversubscription, and react to business needs easily.

The Identity Management system integration, and Policies mechanism allow you to control which team has access to which resources, create node pools and manage risk.

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