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Scan AI

H2Oai and DGX

Automating AI & Deep Learning

GPU-accelerated analytics applications are now available in the NVIDIA DGX container registry and NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). These applications, including H2Oai, provide customers the ability to abstract insights in milliseconds, build models with transparency and accuracy, and eliminate any integration complexity. They are tested and deployed on DGX systems and supported NGC platforms and are available to use immediately as part of your Scan proof-of-concept trial.

Driverless AI – AI to do AI

Driverless AI by is a machine learning platform that automates many of the most difficult data science and machine learning workflows, such as feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and model deployment.

It aims to achieve the highest predictive accuracy, comparable to expert data scientists, but in much shorter time thanks to end-to-end automation. Driverless AI also offers automatic visualisations and machine learning interpretability. Especially in regulated industries, model transparency and explanation are just as important as predictive performance.

The community version of Driverless AI is a fully functional version with a 30-day trial on DGX systems and supported NGC platforms. During your proof-of-concept trial you can achieve up to 40x speedups on GPU-accelerated algorithms vs. on CPUs. Driverless AI provides speed, accuracy and interpretability. Driverless AI empowers you to do automatic feature engineering and interpret debugging with reason codes in plain English.

H2Oai - The AI Platform for Enterprise

Combine the power of highly advanced algorithms, the freedom of open source, and truly scalable in-memory processing for big data on one or many nodes.

Fast & Accurate

The responsiveness of in-memory processing and the ability to run fast serialisation between nodes and clusters are combined—so you can support the size requirements of your large data sets.


Fine-Grain distributed processing on big data at speeds up to 100x faster is done with fine-grain parallelism, which enables optimal efficiency, without introducing degradation in computational accuracy.

Easy to Use

Get started quickly using H2O’s intuitive web-based Flow GUI or familiar programming environments. Deploy POJOs and MOJOs, score new data for accurate predictions in any environment.



Deliver results in the shortest amount of time

• GPU acceleration to achieve up to 40x speedups

• Multi GPU - XGBoost, GLM, K-Means and more

• Run thousands of iterations that drive utilisation to achieve best performance


Transparent results in plain english

• Interpretability for debugging

• Get reason codes and model interpretability in plain english

• LIME, LOCO, Shapley Explanations, partial dependence and more


Easily build accurate models

• Automatic feature engineering to increase accuracy

• Recipes for a wide variety of use-cases

• Automatic machine learning to find and tune the right ensemble of models

Scan, NVIDIA and H2Oai – Your Complete AI Solution

Following your trial on the NVIDIA DGX platform, our deep learning team can then advise the best solution for you to purchase – both hardware and the most suitable software package from H2Oai.

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