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Founded in 1969, AMD has grown into the market leader in graphics cards, with its innovative professional CPUs and GPUs being honed for workflows such as advanced visualisation. Scan works closely with AMD to offer the complete range of professional solutions as part of our award-winning 3XS Systems workstations and server models.

Want to learn more about which AMD product is right for you? Take a look at the AMD professional product range to discover everything you need to know to make the perfect purchasing decision to drive digital transformation and innovation within your organisation.

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Unveiling 4th gen AMD EPYC, the word's highest-performing server processor

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What is an AMD Ryzen & Threadripper Processor or CPU?

Serving as the brain of professional workstation or office PC, the Central Processing Unit, or the CPU, is one of the most important components to consider when buying a new system. Proving that Intel isn’t the only option for desktop users, AMD has brought stern competition to the marketplace with its range of Ryzen processors.

The AMD CPU Range Explained

There are several models in the AMD CPU range, starting with the workstation-optimised Ryzen Threadripper PRO family at the top of the range, then moving through Ryzen 9 CPUs. There are also Ryzen 7, 5 and 3 processors which are more suitable for office PCs and lower-spec workstations.


PCIe 5.0 Compatibility

PCIe 5.0 provides twice the bandwidth of PCIe 4.0, speeding up compatible graphics and SSDs for a superior user experience.


Highly Secure

AMD Pro CPUs are designed with security in mind from the ground up to be highly resistant to today’s sophisticated attacks, helping protect your sensitive data, avoid downtime, and reduce resource drain. The AMD Secure Processor is a powerful, integrated, dedicated security processor designed to establish a hardware root-of-trust to help secure the processing and storage of sensitive data and trusted applications.


AMD Memory Guard

Help secure your entire system memory with Pro CPUs, the world’s only processor family with full memory encryption as a standard feature. AMD Memory Guard delivers real time encryption of system memory to help defend against physical attacks should your system be lost or stolen.


Advanced Manageability

AMD Pro CPUs feature a robust manageability feature set for simplified deployment, imaging, and management that is compatible with your current infrastructure so you can remotely update and repair networked devices, monitor, restore, and upgrade systems and fix a wide range of client issues in-band and out-of-band.

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Buyers Guide NVIDIA GPU Link

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Scan and AMD have been close partners for many years. It’s this relationship that has allowed us to bring you the very best prices, knowledge, service and support you would expect when buying a AMD product from Scan.


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