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OmniSci and DGX

Truly Immersive Analytics

GPU-accelerated analytics applications are now available in the NVIDIA DGX container registry and NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). These applications, including OmniSci, provide customers the ability to abstract insights in milliseconds, build models with transparency and accuracy, and eliminate any integration complexity. They are tested and deployed on DGX systems and supported NGC platforms and are available to use immediately as part of your Scan proof-of-concept trial.

OmniSci – The Extreme Analytics Platform

OmniSci is a GPU-accelerated platform with an open-source SQL engine called OmniSci Core and an integrated visualisation system called OmniSci Immerse. Open source OmniSci Core is now containerised on DGX systems and in the NGC.

Customers registering for a Scan proof-of-concept trial on the DGX platforms can use the software as part of their experience, to understand how OmniSci could accelerate their insights. Data scientists using OmniSci experience unparalleled analytic speed, constant innovation from the open source community, and interactive visual exploration of the data used to build machine learning models.

OmniSci Immerse

The container includes a sample “New York taxi” dataset, which allows customers to download and immediately explore the capabilities of OmniSci Immerse. Users can dynamically cross-filter the data visualisation to see patterns across where taxis pick up and drop off, how taxi customers make payment, and geospatial trends on where passengers travel during different times of day.

During your trial, you can use OmniSci to visualise massive amounts of their own data and derive insights within governmental agencies or for commercial purposes in industries such as telecommunications, ad tech, finance, manufacturing, public utilities and transportation.

Insights driven by OmniSci

Operational Analysis

Organisations are unequipped to rapidly find insights from an ongoing torrent of operational data. OmniSci redefines real-time analytics by giving operational teams the power to query and visually explore multi-billion row, high-velocity datasets on their own. With millisecond response, OmniSci helps managers ask more questions more frequently, and receive immediate answers, improving their situational awareness and decision-making.

Geospatial Analytics

Today, most big data has been enriched with location information that mainstream BI and GIS tools simply can't process and display at granular levels. OmniSci is a breakthrough technology for geospatial analytics, able to instantly display up to billions of points of mission-critical data in interactive maps and charts.

Data Science

Using OmniSci, data scientists visualise and interact with multi-billion record data sets, enabling them to perform interactive feature engineering and also show their business partners ‘what the model sees in the data’, instilling greater trust in machine learning models.

Big Data Research

OmniSci’s ability to ingest large amounts of structured data from Big Data repositories, and query and visualise that data at the speed of thought, is enabling researchers to find insights faster than ever before. With OmniSci’s interactive visual analytics, enterprises derive more value from existing data they couldn't easily query, visualise and explore.

Scan, NVIDIA and OmniSci – Your Complete AI Solution

Following your trial on the NVIDIA DGX platform, our deep learning team can then advise the best solution for you to purchase – both hardware and the most suitable software package from OmniSci.

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