A Software-Defined Platform for Enterprise AV-over-IP

What is Userful?

Userful helps to eliminate proprietary hardware with a software-defined AV-over-IP solution, that allows you to distribute and manage unlimited content sources onto any display. From mission-critical operation centres to employee engagement, from data metrics to corporate signage, Userful delivers an industry-leading return on investment.

Userful Solutions

Operations Centre

Use video walls to display multiple data sources, live video feeds, and relevant information in a customisable layout to improve situational awareness and speed up decision making.


Operations Centres

• Multi-Room / Multi-Display control
• Enhanced Workflows
• Support for any Source
• Intuitive Content Control
• Advanced Layouts


Advanced Operator Workstation

• Soft-KVM functionality
• Personalised video wall layouts
• Manage physical and virtual video walls
• Control multiple sources from any workstation


War & Situation Rooms

• Flexible, quick-start meetings
• Wired or wireless screen casting
• Native integration with Cisco RoomBar & Room Navigator


Emergency Mass Notifications

• Communicate rapidly and effectively during an emergency
• Broadcast custom text alerts on every connected display
• Custom templates to create and distribute emergency messages, easily modified for any number of scenarios

Data Dashboards

Use any display to showcase data dashboards, visualisations, and real-time analytics, providing a comprehensive and easily accessible overview of key metrics for informed decision-making.


Operations Centres

Access data dashboards in situation rooms for real-time data visualisation enabling quick, informed data driven decision making


Marketing & Sales Metrics

Use screen casting for collaboration and signage with corporate message when displays are not in use.


Corporate Communications

Disseminate key metrics on displays around the organisations to stay informed and use screen casting for collaboration.


Operational Signage

Integrate and visualise data sources on any display. Leverage PowerBI integrations, multi-view data sources, and create unique playlists.

Corporate Signage

Leverage a video wall or any display for corporate signage by showcasing dynamic and engaging content such as company announcements, branding messages, promotions, and event information to effectively communicate with employees and visitors.


Corporate Communications

Integrate data sources, distribute content, and enable dynamic, real-time information with easy-to-edit templates and automated scheduling.


Operational Signage

Integrate and visualise data from multiple sources on any display. Leverage PowerBI native integrations, enable multi-view capabilities and create unique playlists.


Collaboration Environments

Use screen casting for collaboration and signage with corporate messaging when the displays are not in use


Lobbies and Experience Centres

Use video wall displays of any size and configuration to create an immersive visual experience

Collaboration Rooms

Enhance collaboration and presentation capabilities with any display to show shared content, video conferencing, and multimedia presentations for a more engaging and collaborative experience.


War & Situation Room

Pull in operational data for real-time critical decision-making. Operate in secure air-gapped environments and manage user roles and permissions.


Collaboration Rooms

Provide wired or wireless screen casting to enable the seamless sharing and display of content for enhanced communication and teamwork.


Huddle Rooms

Visualise data and bring teams together by facilitating the sharing of ideas, project discussions, and informed decision-making processes.


Executive Dashboards

Access data metrics and key performance indicators into the collaborative process, enabling teams to develop strategies and make informed decisions.

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Userful in Industry



Optimise production processes, ensure quality control, and improve operational efficiency.


Banking & Finance

Monitor transaction processing, risk & data management, and enhance customer experience & support.



Improve patient safety, enable effective disaster management, and support continuous process improvement.


Amplify terminal operations, manage safety and security, and support facilities management.


Emergency Services

Emergency preparedness & response, dispatch centres, and fusion centres.


Higher Education

Improve campus safety and security, facilities management & communication, and student services and support.



Visualise security content from disparate systems, improve situational awareness, enable mission-critical collaboration, and improve response times.



Ensure the smooth operation of complex networks, optimise network performance, minimise downtime, and swiftly address network issues.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it.


ITV Creative

Using artistic video walls and Userful’s software solution to provide that wow-factor at ITV Group Marketing.


University of Westminster

Discover how Scan have helped enable Staff and Students to seamlessly collaborate through visual content using video wall technology.

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Userful – The Infinity Platform

Providing IT all the admin tools required for the deployment and management of AV solutions.

• Centralised Management
• Automatic failover
• Browser-based (HTML5)
• Enhanced security and system monitoring
• Automation & intelligent workflows

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