Universal Audio

Pioneering audio recording for more than 60 years

Universal Audio was founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam Sr., a passionate innovator who is widely regarded as the father of modern recording. Putnam was the inventor of the modern recording console, the multi-band audio equalizer, and the vocal booth, and he was the first engineer to use artificial reverberation in commercial recording.

Re-founded in 1999 by Bill's sons, they had two main goals: to faithfully reproduce classic analogue recording equipment in the tradition of their father; and to design new digital recording tools in with the sound and spirit of vintage analogue technology.


Introduced in 2012, Apollo has become the new worldwide standard for professional music production, and has been used to record breakthrough albums by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Dr. Dre, Brad Paisley, and many more.

Apollo interfaces give you the authentic big studio sound of your favourite records — in real-time — with plug ins from Neve,® Moog,® Lexicon,® Capitol Studios,® and more. Combining elite conversion with UA's best production tools, Apollo is the world's most trusted audio interface.

A hallmark feature of Apollo is its Realtime UAD Processing, letting you run the full library of UAD plug-ins at near-zero latency. Apollo Heritage Editions give you 5 premium plug-in titles worth over £1000 — including the full suite of UA's Teletronix and 1176 compressors, all Pultec EQs, UA 610 Unison mic preamps, and Pure Plate Reverb!


Volt desktop interfaces let you easily record audio with legendary studio tone. Designed with ultimate compatibility in mind for those buying their first interface, the Volt is ready to capture your music, livestream, or podcast with professional sound, courtesy of Universal Audio.

Delivering 24-bit/192kHz audio conversion across the full Volt range alongside a selectable vintage mic preamp mode for rich, full sounding UA mic preamps. On top of this a full suite of industry-leading audio software from Ableton, Relab, Melodyne, UJAM, Marshall, Ampeg, and more to create on Mac and PC is also included!

The Volt 76 range further builds on this foundation - featuring a built-in 76 Compressor based on UA’s iconic 1176 model for classic analogue tone shaping, alongside a sleek industrial design with retro wood sides.


Built upon powerful dual processor engines and UA's proven analogue modelling expertise, UAFX Guitar Pedals give you sonic authenticity far beyond other stompboxes – built to inspire for decades.

From award-winning amp emulators to classic reverbs, delays, modulators, and compressors — experience legit vintage tones like you’ve never heard before.

Plus, with the UAFX Control app, users can find extra features unique to each pedal – from selectable true or buffered bypass for effect trails, preamp coloration, additional downloadable effects and custom artist tones, live/preset modes, tap tempo, analogue dry through and much more to further personalize your sonic adventure.


Explore Universal Audio’s family of professional microphones, designed to inspire singers, podcasters, engineers, and creatives of all types.

Expertly record instruments, live performances, and more with the natural-sounding, small-diaphragm condenser stereo SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones. Perfect for streamers and podcasters, the SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone provides polished studio sound that’s broadcast ready, tailor made for speech, vocals, and instruments. With the ability to replicate 34 of the most sought after microphones ever made, the award winning Sphere L22 microphone modelling system with dual gold sputtered diaphragms offers the lowest noise of any mic in its class.

The premium Bock 187, 167 and 251 microphones are handcrafted at the UA Custom Shop in Santa Cruz, California, with enhancements by world-renowned mic designer David Bock - inspired by microphones he studied and maintained as chief technical engineer of the world's top recording studios for two decades. All Bock series microphones are built and tested to his exacting specifications with boutique craftsmanship, for years of impeccable recordings.

Universal Audio has been synonymous with innovative recording products since its inception. Software or hardware, every Universal Audio product is backed by a decades long legacy of innovation, superlative quality, and technical passion.

Should you have any questions regarding any Universal Audio products, you can contact our team of professionals at [email protected] who will be happy to help.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Devices

Devices that use DSP rather than Analogue. Digital Signal Processors take real signals like a voice,an audio signal,or even a piece of video, that have been digitized and then use mathematics to manipulate them.


DSP Cards


Guitar Effects Boost Pedals

Boost pedals allow you make your sound "bigger" by adding more gain to your signal before it hits the input on your amp. They're typically used to help a solo cut through or to obtain a natural overdrive from your amp.


Guitar Load Boxes & Cab Simulators

Load Box (also known as Dummy Load) units can enable you to record the output of an amplifier without having to drive a cab to full volume, enabling you to drive amps hard to capture the driven tone and the sag effect of valve amps, whilst choosing to make little or no noise in the process. Some devices have DI outputs, whilst others also have a built in cabinet and mic simulator, which lets you sculpt your perfect tone without having to worry about noise complaints, acoustics or having an extensive mic locker.


Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

Condenser (or Capacitor) microphones are fantastic for detailed recording work. When using them for vocal recording, think about if you need a pop filter (to stop plosives) or a reflection shield to minimise room noise on recordings and produce a clearer result. All condenser microphones need a power supply from somewhere, either battery or 48V Phantom Power from a desk or interface.


Pro Audio Accessories

All the bits and Add-ons you should need to connect, expand, control, tame, carry, mend, etc….


Reverb & Delay Effects Pedals

Reverb pedals modify the signal in such a way that you can replicate playing in different sonic spaces. Delay pedals allow you to repeat your sound at pre-determined intervals after you've played it. Both effects whether used independently or together can add warmth and depth to your tone. Reverb and delay pedals are collectively known as time-based effects and are typically positioned at the end of your signal chain.


Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

Thunderbolt interfaces use an extremely fast connection to not only offer very low latency audio, but many also offer dedicated DSP processing, which wont put any load on your CPU.


USB Audio Interfaces

USB audio interfaces offer high quality inputs and outputs for recording and playing back your audio. With the added advantage of being easy to transport and move between systems, they are a popular solution for performers wishing to have a single high quality interface they can move between the studio and stage with ease. USB audio interfaces due to their portability and often great value remain perhaps the most common audio interfaces in use today. With USB being the computer worlds most widely supported connection standard, through using an USB audio interface it allows us the flexibility of having it either in the studio or to easily take it out on the road with you. This means that you can use the same high quality audio I/O connections and quality recording signal path found within your audio interface, no matter where your projects may take you. Regular USB audio interfaces are likely to be based around the classic USB connection