Beabloo & ACIS

Beabloo Digital Marketing and Analytics Solution


Active Customer Intelligence Suite

Beabloo’s Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) integrated digital solutions allow businesses to communicate with in-store customers, analyse their behaviour, and create personalised and automated experiences. ACIS features cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and covers the entire retail customer journey, from awareness, to purchase loyalty.

Customer Communication

A digital signage content management system is an interface that facilitates many different roles for your organisational needs to deploy and manage any number of Digital signage solutions.

Our wide range of content players give clients the flexibility to choose a solution that is fully adapted to their needs.

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Customer Data Intelligence

Use anonymous facial detection to learn about your customers and the effectivness of your content. Receive audience analytics with demographic insight and use this knowlage to trigger the right content to the right audience, enhancing the customer experience.

Track footfall in and around your space using anonymous data to compare and learn whether your business is in the right location, and lets you put your window displays and promotions to the rest.

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Customer Experience

Enhance store efficiency with innovative technologies like artificial intelligence that help automate processes and even manage stock.

Achieve appopriate customer segmentation through dynamic signage and mobile engagement solutions that personalise your message and offer customers what they want, when they want it.

Improve customer experience by improving in-store service with interactive, touch screen, support solutions that secure customer loyalty.

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