Lacie began creating with world-famous designers in 1992. From Ziba Design to Philippe Starck and now Porsche Design GmbH, Karim Rashid and Ora-Ito, you are getting a piece of art when you buy a storage solution. For the past 12 years, we have had a close partnership with a fantastic Scottish designer, Neil Poulton, who designs and upgrades our “bullet proof” professional d2 line. We believe that working with these designers is the best way to bring you cutting-edge design.

Direct Attached Storage / Enclosures (Populated)


Ext. HDD 2.5" - 0 - 250GB

External Hard Drives for storage, back up and transferring large amounts of data. Perfect for users that require large portability for todays digital media files, formats and images. They use USB, Firewire or eSATA connections for the interface. In many cases it's simply a case of plug in and away you go. Note that if you want to use a PC ready external drive for Mac OS X, you can simply reformat the drive when you plug it into your Mac. For a list of all the features, compatibility and connections about each drive, please refer to the product information.


External HDD 2.5"

These external drives use mobile 2.5in hard disks, which mean they're a lot more portable than desktop drives. Most use super-fast USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections, and many include backup applications and cloud storage deals for added security.


External HDD 3.5"

These larger drives use desktop-style 3.5in hard disks, which means they're better suited to sitting on a desk than being carried around in a bag, but their larger profile does mean big capacities. Their 7,200rpm spindle speeds mean file transfer are quicker than 2.5in drives, too.


Pro Desktop & Mobile Storage

On-set or in the studio our range of ruggedized professional storage systems connect directly to your Windows PC or Mac. HDD or SSD in RAID offer increased read/write speeds and reliability making it the ideal choice for multi-channel HD and 4K workflow.


Thunderbolt & USB External SSDs

External SSDs are ideal for users looking for lightweight, portable and speedy storage. Their pocket-friendly enclosures are significantly smaller and lighter than external hard drives, and with no moving parts they're also silent, more robust and less prone to physical shock damage. They use the USB 3 interface, which is 10 times faster than and backwards compatible with USB 2.

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