Recording Equipment

There are many devices which allow you to record without the need for a computer.

These includes solid state recorders which utilize solid state technology to record and playback digital audio simultaneously as well as portable field recorders. Portable field recorders allow you to record high quality audio in environments outside the home or studio.

Portastudio’s are still popular with people who just want to record ‘the old fashioned way’, thankfully replacing the old days of cassette tape with Lovely big hard drives.

We feature major brands like Tascam, Roland, Zoom and Olympus.

Portable Recorders

Hand held field recorders are incredibly useful and versatile units. Whether you want to record aircraft whooshing past for sound FX, or just tape the junior school choir going through it's paces, these nifty little fellas are just the job, and capable of some high quality results. Many have external microphone inputs, with some providing phantom power and the ability to record from both the built in and external mics at the same time to on different channels.

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Solid State Audio Recorders

This Category contains Multitrack digital recorders designed for home and studio use. These units are self contained and work without a computer.

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Portable / Field Recording Accessories

Accessories for field recording equipment.