Bluetooth Adaptors

These Bluetooth dongles come with USB connectivity and allow a computer with a USB port to become Bluetooth enabled. This will allow the computer to connect to a range of Bluetooth devices. or even create a network amongst nearby machines.


Ethernet I/O

These devices are used to enable high-end levels of office and shop floor automation. They can be used to control motors, fans, pumps, battery chargers, LEDs and more. Our range includes devices that can handle a multitude of different ports, and products that are designed to work in tough field conditions.


Media Converters

The products in this category are used to extend wired internet connections over extreme distances. Entry-level products can be used to use a connection over hundreds of metres, and pricier models extend connections over 20 or even 60 kilometres.


Serial & Parallel I/O Cards

A collection of cards designed to give systems additional connections such as serial, parallel, USB, or Firewire ports to enable the use of both legacy and newer digital products.

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Switches - 1 - 6 Port

These switches, are available in 1 to 6 port. They are ideal for home or office use and enable you to connect multiple PC's, gaming consoles, printers and other network enabled devices together. Using a switch allows increased performance and higher bandwidth in comparison to a traditional hub.

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Switches - 8 - 16 Port

These switches, available in 8 to 16 port. They are the ideal choice for small to medium network use. Switches allow connection of multiple network enabled devices, such as PC's, printers, security cameras, NAS drives etc.