Adam Audio

Innovative design and superior geometries and materials for unprecedented audio fidelity.

Founded in 1999, Adam have quickly become one of the industry’s top monitoring brands. This is largely thanks to their X-Art (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology), with them manufacturing all the tweeter units in their Berlin factory to ensure the highest quality of production.

In an accelerated ribbon tweeter, air can be be moved four times faster by this design than a flat ribbon, giving a sharp and articulated treble, particularly suited to high end monitoring.

T Series

The T-series deliver the classic, well balanced Adam sound and come in 5, 7 and 8” models. They have smaller amplifiers than the other ranges, but can all deliver the ideal 85dB target volume for mixing,

AX Series

The Classic AX range are Adam’s best known models, including the A7X, which won the Sound On Sound Reader’s award for ‘best monitor speaker’ for much of the past decade. With larger amps and slightly more detail than the T- Series, these are ideal for larger rooms and studios and come in driver sizes between 4” & 8”, alongside the Horizontal, three driver A77X.

S Series

The S series are the flagship range of Adam’s speaker technology, the highest grade S-ART tweeters, they deliver the highest detail and accuracy the brand offers and are used extensively in some of the world’s finest studio complexes. Some models have integrated DSP and let you change the voicing of the speaker.

3" to 5" Studio Monitors


5.5" to 7" Studio Monitors


8" & Larger Studio Monitors


Closed Back Headphones

Closed back headphones are more coloured than open back designs, but also isolate the listener and restrict sound leakage. This makes them ideal for tracking, recording or even just for listening whilst outside of the studio.


Monitor Speaker Bundle Offers

There are some products that fit perfectly alongside Monitor Speakers, and we've taken some of those and turned them in to 'Bundles'. These bundles are designed to be cheaper than if you bought the items seperately...



Studio subwoofers are designed to compliment your monitoring setup. It is often advisable to match your subwoofer to you main monitoring setup, to ensure the smoothest frequency response and most accurate listening enviroment.