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The 8K future is coming

The oncoming future is closing in and your studio shouldn’t be left behind as 8K begins to become adopted in the coming years. Just like with Blackmagic's 4K production gear released from 2012, this hardware is made with future-proofing in mind.

While you might not have anything that can shoot 8K just yet, it’s always worth investing in it now, and the results at 4K and below are astounding.

ATEM Constellation 8K

The ATEM Constellation 8K is more than a beast. It's the beast-slayer. This 4 M/E switcher features 40 12G-SDI inputs, 24 12G-SDI outputs, 4 DVEs, 16 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers, 4 media players, 4 independent Ultra HD multi viewers, 2 SuperSource processors and even standards conversion on all inputs. For audio, there is a 156 channel Fairlight audio mixer, plus built-in talkback.

The Constellation is designed to work in 8K natively, transforming the 40 SDI inputs into 10 Quad Link 12G SDI 8K inputs, and the 4 multi views into a full resolution 8K multi view. Each port can be up and cross converted, meaning you can bring your HD or Ultra HD feeds directly into an 8K stream or push your 8K stream to a lower resolution for standard broadcasting.

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Works with other panels

The ATEM Constellation works similarly to other rack mounted Blackmagic switchers, with connectivity and control being routed to an external panel via a network.

This includes the Camera Control and ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel.

The Camera Control will require the URSA Broadcast, URSA Mini range, Blackmagic Studio or Micro Studio Cameras.

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HyperDeck Extreme 8K Recorder

Taking the basis of the HyperDeck, a powerful SD card recorder and playback device, this is an 8K version that has multiple options to record to, such as CFast or a USB-C external disk

Innovations include H.265 recording for native 8K with the advancements that the format gives you with lower storage and the same amazing image quality. It’s time to take the next step in production.

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HyperDeck Extreme Control

Designed to look like a traditional deck, the HyperDeck Extreme Control is an external and optional attachment that is perfect for pairing with the HyperDeck for extra functions or to even control multiple HyperDecks at once.

The Control provides video control, HyperDeck control and small editing functions to get footage out of the HyperDeck faster for pumping into a vision mixer or a quick edit.

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Accurate monitoring in 8K

Introducing the Teranex Mini 8K, an SDI to HDMI HDR monitoring solution. Built in the same style as previous Teranex Minis, this rackmountable box is clearly labelled and easy to follow and can be used with third party monitor calibration tools.

Reduce load on your CPU and GPU when working with 8K, as the Teranex Mini will handle the colour accurate monitoring for you, drawing 3D LUTs and Scopes without tearing away from any other processing power. Utilise it with switchers, like the ATEM Constellation 8K, to keep an eye on each view or source on larger monitors, as if it had its own dedicated view.

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Legacy Storage

Embrace the march of progress by converting old, legacy formats into a digital one for streaming platforms and digital distribution. Combined with a Teranex, you’ll be able to convert the footage to support higher quality monitors without the effort.


4 SSDs, all at once!

The Blackmagic MultiDock 10G is here to simplify your storage solutions and give you something that not only fits in well with whatever software you're currently using, but fits in well into any setup you might already have.

Slotting in up to 4 SSDs, you can access all four via a single USB-C cable, giving you a high speed 10Gb/s transfer speed for lightning quick back up and access. Combine it with the Hyperdeck Extreme 8K and you've got a near endless recording and storage solution in 8K.

Because PCs and Macs simply read the dock like any other storage device, you can utilise the dock while you edit in Resolve and pull all your footage in as quickly as possible.

If your studio or work fits multiple of these, you’ll even be able to just pop it out and walk over, rather than upload and transfer over your network.

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SSD Recommendations

Because you’ll be dealing with large file formats, you’ll want blistering fast speeds, reliability and something that’s readily available from us! Take a look at our recommendations for SSD’s at the bottom of the page.


High quality audio

Monitor audio sources with the Audio Monitor 12G, which fits into your rackmount workflow, with built in subwoofer speakers, a small monitoring screen and bright meters for all situations you might find yourself in.

It also comes with an HDMI 2.0 port on the back for 4K video monitoring or utilise the 12G SDI loop out. 3 XLR ports and stereo ports are on the back for a myriad of connections.

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DaVinci Resolve Studio 17

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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 is not just a robust video editor. You also get the renowned Color page, Fairlight audio post-production software and Fusion, a deep suite of visual effect tools, all built in.

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Audio Monitoring


SSD Recommendations