Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Range

A Professional Camera for every kind of shoot

An URSA Camera for everyone

Whatever your goal is, the URSA Camera range offers great versatility, making them perfect for any studio and film shoot. Find out more below.


URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2

300FPS. USB C recording. Blackmagic RAW support. The next version of the URSA Mini Pro brings the same form factor with completely reworked innards for an even better experience.

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URSA Mini Pro 12K

A revolution in digital film with a 12K Super 35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range. With 80 megapixels per frame, new colour science and Blackmagic RAW, 12K recording is now a reality. Also features high frame rates of 120FPS at 8K and 240FPS at 4K.

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URSA Broadcast

The URSA Broadcast is ideal for studio broadcast and news programs wanting to leap into 4K and the Blackmagic workflow.

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Interchangeable Lens Mount

The URSA range offers great flexibility with an interchangeable lens mount that means you can use optional lens mounts to quickly make the cameras compatible with lenses such as EF or PL. This makes the URSA range incredibly versatile, and a great option for a range of projects.

Built In ND Filters

Built In ND Filters make it so you can quickly reduce the amount of light entering the camera without changing the aperture of the lens or affecting the depth of field. The ND dial on the camera makes it much quicker than replacing a filter in a conventional mattebox and the filters come in increments of 2, 4 and 6 stops.


The URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 has the option of adding an OLED viewfinder and a variety of shoulder mount kits while the Broadcast version can be boosted with a 7” studio viewfinder and fiber converter. There is also a wide range of other accessories Blackmagic provide that work well with all the URSA range, making the cameras customisable to fit any project.

Editing Hardware

The best editing gear, curated specifically for the Blackmagic Design workflow

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Lens Mounts