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Professional Post Production Workstations

Professional Video Workstations optimised to meet the demands of complex video editing, motion graphics and grading workflow.

Your Workstation Your Way

Configure a workstation from scratch, select each component from our online configurator to create your own system.

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Next-Day Workstations

These PCs are pre-built and pre-configured, so are ready for next-day delivery.

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Workstation Laptops

Create high resolution videos with a 3XS video laptop capable of running the most complex projects.

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Virtual Production Workstations

Workstations designed and optimised for driving and synchronising LED walls for virtual production.

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Pro Video Editing PCs

NLE software may be resolution agnostic, but hardware is not. There are many potential bottlenecks within a 4K/UHD pipeline. Whether you’re a DIT, editor or colourist you need a well-balanced, powerful, reliable workstation that delivers the real-time intuitive performance you require. The following guides will help you learn more about the components we use in our Pro Video PCs and how to pick the best configuration for your workflow.

Choosing a Video Workstation

Scan 3XS produces a huge range of workstations at a variety of price points, each optimised for different applications and workloads. This guide explains what sort of workstation you’ll need for optimum efficiency, enabling editors and colourists to be more productive.

Pro Video Workstations

NVIDIA Graphics for Video Editing

Graphics horsepower is an essential component of a well-balanced NLE system. GPU accelerated software allows editors, colourists and VFX artists to access massive performance gains with real-time image processing and intuitive playback, and, on export, offer significantly reduced render times and increased image quality. This guide explains all of the choices available to you and recommends the optimum configuration for your workflow.

Graphics for Video Editing

CPUs for Video Editing Workstations

The CPU or processor has a significant effect on the performance of your video workstation. It’s the engine of the NLE system, not only governing rendering times but also responsiveness. Cores and clock speed are important performance indicators, with an underpowered CPU making complex projects at high resolutions an impossibility. This guide explains which CPU will give optimum performance for your workflow.

CPUs for Video Editing

Storage for your Pro Video PC

Resolutions at 4K and beyond, raw data and high bitrate mezzanine codecs require ever-increasing amounts of storage space and bandwidth to transfer media to the NLE system. This guide walks you through the optimum storage configuration for your workstation, the connectivity options available and the pros and cons of the two common types of storage device used in video editing PCs

Storage drives for Video PCs

Video I/O Guide

In its simplest form, Video I/O allows your PC or laptop to directly ingest (IN) and monitor or stream (OUT) high quality video signals. As a multi-function tool, Video I/O is indispensable in a broad range of Production and Post environments. Available in PCI-E or external form factor this guide explains its various uses in the industry and which devise is suitable for your requirements.

Video I/O Guide

Peripherals for Video Editing PCs

Professional digital creatives utilise graphics tablets, control surfaces and dedicated keyboards to interact with their system. Seamlessly bridging the gap between user, software and hardware and with fewer mouse clicks and ergonomic controls at your fingertips, these peripherals allow fast, intuitive control of the software landscape. This guide explains the choice of HIDs (Human Interface Devices) available to digital content creators for a more productive, streamlined user

Pro Video Peripherals

The Right Monitor for Video Editing

A high quality monitor is essential for professional video production. It is the only means we have to accurately judge colour critical projects. Consider connecting more than one monitor to your workstation as this can boost productivity by as much as 50%. This guide explains the pros and cons of different monitor types for digital creatives.

Pro Video Monitors

Peace of mind

Scan 3XS NLE workstations are professionally assembled in our state of the art factory in Bolton and are protected by a three year warranty with the first year providing onsite cover. All three years of the warranty include both parts and labour, so if your PC does develop a fault we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

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