Takamine Guitars

Takamine have a long tradition of producing Fine instruments, and dedicating themselves to the art of Guitar Craftsmanship

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Artisans, History & Heritage

Takamine have been a Manufacturer of distinction since the 1960’s. Their attention to detail, and pioneering technical explorations led to them being the most used acoustic guitar in a live situation, in the world.

Attention to detail

Look inside a Takamine, and you’ll see the craftmanship for yourself. Finely sanded braces and meticulously cut linings, all in the places that no-one ever sees.

Different body styles to suit your music

When it comes to guitars, different body shapes accentuate different frequencies, giving them a distinct tonal character, for example, Dreadnoughts are typically louder with strong lows, whereas the smaller Takamine NEX body shape, tends to be more balanced.

Takemine the Pioneers of Pick-up and Pre-amp technology

Pioneering Research

They pioneered the Palathetic Pre-amp system back in the ‘70’s, giving Guitarists unprecedented control over their own EQ on stage, and since then have developed the proprietary CoolTube system, the first and only onboard tube pre-amp for Acoustic guitars.

Ahead of the Pack

Takamine were one of the early adopters of the Undersaddle pick-up system, and to this day, they use up to 12 times more Piezo crystal under each string’s pick up pole than most other manufacturers.

Check out the Design features of the Takamine range

Examine the frets on a Takamine

What you see is the work of a laser-guided fret finishing system that levels and crowns each fret to within 0.0001” of dead-on, so that when you play, the string contacts the centre line of the fret perfectly, and you get World class clarity.

Asymmetrical Neck

Improved playability for everyone.

The neck profile of a Takamine guitar is offset – like an asymmetrical letter “C” – slightly thinner on the bass side, so that it fits the natural shape of your hand. This results in a comfortable feel and an exceptional playing experience.

Pinless Bridge

Quick and easy string changes

Many Takamine Pro Series guitars feature convenient “Pinless” bridges which make string changing a breeze.

Split Saddle

The bridge to great intonation

Takamines distinctive split-saddle bridge uses a specially compensated design to give the two unwound strings the B & E, their own break which enhances the overall intonation.

6 String Acoustic Guitars

The 6 string Acoustic was first developed in 1779 and since then has been used by Singer/Songwriters, and fingerstyle players. It comes in many styles from Classical through to Dreadnought shaped. An acoustic guitar does not need an amplifier...

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Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Electro-Acoustic guitars are designed to have pick ups in the bridge and to be plugged into an amplifier. To this end they may have an onboard pre-amp to go with the pick-up, and some even have built in effects too.....

Important - Please Note: Guitar orders placed after 12 Noon will be set up and despatched on the next working day.


Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

For the 10% that need the neck the other way round....