Cooling - Air

Air coolers, heatsinks and fans. Third-party cooling solutions can help you achieve lower temperatures, better overclocking and lower noise than the coolers typically supplied with cases and components. Here, you'll find coolers for processors, graphics cards and other components to suit every budget and style, from high performance towers and hydro coolers to discrete or even passive heatsinks.

Multi CPU All-In-One Hydro Coolers

These coolers allow anyone to water-cool their processor. They combine the pump, tubing, radiator and fans into a single, sealed unit that's simple to install and doesn't require maintenance or filling, and they're compatible with modern Intel and AMD sockets. They can cope with high-end, overclocked CPUs too, but larger models with more fans will have lower temperatures and noise levels. You need to make sure your case has the appropriate size and number fan mounts and enough space for the radiator and fans.


140mm System & Case Fans

Ideal for today's high-end cases, these fans rotate at a slower speed than standard fans but due to the increased surface area this ensures a larger volume of air is passed which in turn means a cooler quieter PC system.


AMD CPU Air Coolers

From dinky low-profile units that fit in the tightest confines to larger models that offer better CPU temperatures and reduced noise, these third-party coolers provide a host of benefits over the stock AMD cooler. Make sure your chosen cooler is compatible with your CPU, that it won't interfere with other components on your motherboard like RAM or heatsinks and that it will fit inside your case.


Active Fan Multi CPU Coolers

Each cooler here is compatible with the modern AMD and Intel sockets, and include at least one fan to blow over over the heatsink. Some models include multiple fans to please make sure your motherboard has sufficient free fan headers available, if not you will need to purchase a fan splitter. There's something for every budget but, as ever, ensure the cooler will fit in your case. Clearance with motherboard components is also worth checking, especially with the large units, some of which will let you add a second fan.