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CPU - Intel

The CPU is the central processing unit, literally the central component in a computer. It's responsible for processing instructions and controlling the other components. Many include basic on-board graphics processors too so you can power a display without needing a separate graphics card. Intel and AMD rule the desktop processor market, and each has a wide range of models suited to different tasks and budgets. Low-end, dual-core chips can be had for £25 or even less, but are only well matched to basic tasks, while the high-end is home to multi-core, high frequency monsters that can tear through the world's most intensive software. Before buying, ensure you've got a compatible motherboard and a cooler that can take the heat. 08/04/15

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The Core i7 is the top of Intel’s CPU range and its Extreme Edition processors are the most advanced consumer chips that you can buy. They share their DNA with the most advanced server chips on the market and, together with the supremely powerful X99 platform, the Haswell E processors are the first to offer the latest DDR4 memory technology in a home computer. The Core i7 Haswell E range also houses the first eight-core, sixteen-thread consumer CPU as well as the most-affordable six-core chip Intel has ever produced. 23/12/14

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Intel Core i7 5820K Unlocked, S 2011-3, Haswell-E, 6 Core, 3.3GHz Clock, 3.6GHz Turbo, 15MB, 28 Lane, 140W, CPU
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£320.82 ex VAT

£384.98 inc VAT


Intel Core i7 5930K Unlocked, S 2011-3, Haswell-E, 6 Core, 3.5GHz Clock, 3.7GHz Turbo, 15MB, 40 Lane, 140W, CPU

£479.15 ex VAT

£574.98 inc VAT


Intel Core i7 5960X Extreme Unlocked, S 2011-3, Haswell-E, 8 Core, 3.0GHz Clock, 3.5GHz Turbo, 20MB, 40 Lane, 140W, CPU

£854.15 ex VAT

£1,024.98 inc VAT

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