Intel Core i3 Socket 1700 Raptor Lake Refresh 14th Gen Processor

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Intel is a leading brand in the processor market. Scan works closely with Intel to offer the complete range of products and they are also a key ingredient of our award-winning 3XS Systems gaming PCs.

14th gen Intel Core desktop processors, based on the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture, these value packed processors deliver outstanding perfornance for everyday tasks .

The Core i3 models can reach up to 4.7GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Max, with up to 4 Performance-cores and up to 8 threads. They require an Intel 600- or 700-series chipset motherboard, and offer features such as DDR5 support up to 4,800MHz, DDR4 support up to 3,200MHz, 20 PCIe lanes (up to 16 PCIe 5.0 and up to 4 PCIe 4.0 lanes).

They also include advanced overclocking tools, integrated Intel Xe architecture graphics with enhanced media support and up to 8K HDR, Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth LE Audio.