Founded in 1973, Soundcraft first made its mark with the launch of the industry-changing Series 1, the first mixing console built into a flight case satisfying the demands of the growing touring band market. Since then it has grown to become an industry leader in digital and analogue consoles for Tours, Theatres, Houses of Worship, Performance Venues and Recording applications. Design and innovation has always been at the heart of Soundcraft's philosophy. Over the years it has introduced a number of iconic consoles such as the Broadway, Sapphyre. GB Series, MH series, Vi Series, Si Series, Signature and Ui. and being twinned with sister console company Studer, has been responsible for industry changing innovations such as the patented FaderGlow and Vistonics user interfaces all designed to make the engineers job and learning - easier.

Analogue Mixing Desks

Step into the world of analog audio mixing with our selection of analogue mixing desks, where every knob turn and fader slide brings your music to life with rich, warm tones. Designed for discerning audio engineers and producers, these desks offer tactile control and sonic character that digital systems can't replicate. Whether you're tracking a live band, mixing down a multi-track recording, or fine-tuning the nuances of a live performance, our analogue mixing desks provide the flexibility and sonic fidelity you need. With premium components and meticulous craftsmanship, these consoles are the centerpiece of any professional studio setup. Experience the art of audio mixing in its purest form with our analogue mixing desks.


Digital Mixing Desks

Explore the future of audio mixing with our cutting-edge digital mixing desks, offering unparalleled flexibility and sonic precision. Harness the power of advanced digital technology to shape your sound with precision EQ, dynamic processing, and customizable effects. Whether you're mixing a live concert, recording in the studio, or broadcasting a podcast, these desks provide intuitive workflows and streamlined operation for seamless creativity. With features like recallable presets, integrated digital audio interfaces, and seamless DAW integration, our digital mixing desks empower you to achieve professional results with ease. Join the digital revolution and elevate your mixing game with our range of digital mixing desks.


Digital Stage Boxes

Simplify your live sound setup with our digital stage boxes, revolutionizing the way you connect and control audio on stage. Designed for touring professionals and venue installations alike, these stage boxes offer a wealth of connectivity options and advanced features to streamline your workflow. With remote-controlled preamps, pristine digital audio conversion, and networked connectivity, our digital stage boxes provide unmatched flexibility and reliability for any live sound application. Whether you're routing signals across large venues or managing complex monitor mixes, these stage boxes deliver crystal-clear audio and intuitive operation. Take your live sound to the next level with our range of digital stage boxes.