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NVIDIA BlueField Data Processing Units

Revolutionising the Datacentre

The NVIDIA BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU) is the world’s first datacentre infrastructure-on-a-chip optimised for traditional enterprises’ cloud workloads and high performance computing. It delivers a broad set of accelerated software- defined networking, storage, security, and management services with the ability to offload, accelerate and isolate datacentre infrastructure. With its 200Gb/s Ethernet or InfiniBand connectivity, the BlueField-2 DPU enables organisations to transform their IT infrastructures into state-of-the-art datacentres that are accelerated, fully programmable, and armed with zero trust security to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks.

By combining the industry-leading NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx network adapter with an array of Arm cores and infrastructure-specific offloads, BlueField-2 offers purpose- built, hardware-acceleration engines with full software programmability. Sitting at the edge of every server, BlueField-2 empowers agile, secured and high-performance cloud and AI workloads, all while reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing datacentre efficiency.


Hardware Accelerated Applications:

vSwitch/vRouter, NAT, load balancer, NFV

• RoCE, Zero Touch RoCE
• GPUDirect
• SDN acceleration powered by NVIDIA
• ASAP - Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing
• Overlay network offloads including VXLAN


Hardware Accelerated Applications:

NVMe over fabrics (NVMe-oF), elastic storage virtualisation, hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), encryption, data integrity, compression, data deduplication

• Elastic block storage enabled by BlueField
• SNAP storage virtualisation
• Compression and decompression acceleration
• NVMe-oF acceleration
• VirtIO-blk acceleration


Hardware Accelerated Applications:

Next-Generation firewall, IDS / IPS, root of trust, micro- segmentation, DDOS prevention

• Hardened isolation layer
• Hardware root of trust
• IPsec/TLS and AES-XTS encryption acceleration
• Connection tracking for stateful firewall and IDS / IPS
• Regular expression (RegEx) matching processor

The Datacentre on a Chip Architecture

The NVIDIA datacentre-on-a-chip (DOCA) software framework enables developers to rapidly create applications and services for the BlueField-2 DPU. NVIDIA DOCA makes it easy to leverage DPU hardware accelerators, providing breakthrough datacentre performance, efficiency and security. With DOCA, program the datacentre infrastructure of tomorrow by creating high-performance, software-defined, cloud-native, DPU-accelerated services to address the increasing performance and security demands of modern datacentres.

Future Proof

DOCA provides multi-generational support to offer developers the confidence that applications developed today will consistently run with added performance benefits on all future generations of BlueField.

Offload, Accelerate, Isolate Infrastructure

Network, storage and security services are offloaded, accelerated and isolated on the DPU while data is securely delivered to workloads at wire speed.

Open Ecosystem

DOCA offers a software application framework to accelerate ecosystem development.

DOCA unlocks datacentre innovation by enabling developers to rapidly create applications and services on top of NVIDIA DPUs, leveraging industry-standard APIs. Together, DOCA and the BlueField DPU enable the development of applications that deliver breakthrough networking, security, and storage performance with a comprehensive, open development platform. BlueField isolates the infrastructure service domain from the workload domain to offer significant improvements in application and server performance, security, and efficiency, giving developers all the tools they need to realise the optimal, secure, accelerated datacentre.

DPU Name Protocol Interfaces Maximum Speed Host Bus Memory Crypto Enabled
BlueField-2 Ethernet 2x QSFP56 2x 100GbE / 1x 200GbE PCIe 4.0 16GB
BlueField-2 Ethernet 2x QSFP56 2x 100GbE / 1x 200GbE PCIe 4.0 16GB
BlueField-2 Infiniband 2x QSFP56 2x 100Gb EDR / 1x 200Gb HDR PCIe 4.0 16GB
BlueField-2 Infiniband 2x QSFP56 2x 100Gb EDR / 1x 200Gb HDR PCIe 4.0 16GB

Introducing BlueField-3

NVIDIA BlueField-3, expected in 2022, will be the first 400Gb/s NDR DPU with line-rate processing of software-defined networking, storage, and cybersecurity. BlueField-3 combines powerful computing, high-speed networking and extensive programmability to deliver software-defined, hardware-accelerated solutions for the most demanding workloads. From accelerated AI computing, to hybrid cloud, to cloud-native supercomputing and 5G wireless networks, BlueField-3 redefines the art of the possible.

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