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Airtime & Connectivity Services for AI

As edge AI deployments increase in scale and size there is an ever-growing demand for these cameras, sensors, vehicles and other IoT devices to remain connected - whether they require constant data transmission or just intermittent communication with the host datacentre or other edge devices. The introduction of high speed, low latency 5G mobile connectivity in the UK will provide the ideal platform upon which far more diverse and larger scale edge AI for advanced inference can be realised.

Cellular Connectivity

Next generation 5G networks allow edge AI systems to gather data and communicate in real time and deliver greatly enhanced smart city solutions. The location of vehicles, bicycles, and people can be tracked and shared, reducing the chance of accidents or collisions, whereas data on the weather, surface conditions, road works or congestion can be relayed too and, when combined with AI, help road users plot better routes maximising efficiency and reducing costs. 5G enabled systems will also enhance driving by monitoring the behaviour of adjacent vehicles and responding accordingly. 5G will also help usher in an era of reliable self-driving vehicles, such as autonomous trucks that can travel in convoys, drones that can share airspace without incident and taxis to take you safely home.

Data (per month) Cellular Network SIM Provider
100MB 4G EE
300MB 4G EE
500MB 4G EE
25GB 5G EE
50GB 5G EE

To deliver these capabilities to any of our Advantech Edge AI modular solutions, Scan, in combination with our partners Scancom and EE, can offer a wide range of 4G and 5G SIMs to suit all needs - you tell us what data you require, we send out the SIMs, set up the contract and your edge AI deployment is connected - all in a matter of days. We also recognise that data usage for edge AI inferencing may not always be consistent, so our SIM solutions can be entirely bespoke allowing you to choose a fixed data rate per month (100MB to unlimited) or variable data rates (for example, 25GB for the first three months then drop to 500MB per month). Data contract lengths can also be flexible - from a standard 60 months down to only days or hours if needed, for temporary or short-term deployments.

In cases where the data requirement isn’t in the gigabyte (GB) scale, but at terabyte (TB) or petabyte (PB) levels, EE super bundles can provide cellular connectivity built specifically for Big Data. Starting at 50TB, the bundles then go up to 100TB, 200TB, 500TB and even 1PB, they have no expiry date, no contract period, and no sharer fees and can be scaled up and down as needed, making them supremely flexible.

Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication

In many edge AI environment where inferencing data from one camera or sensor may be used to influence or affect the output of another related AI system, dedicated M2M SIMs may be required. Using the EE Connect service, where SIM cards have the ability to communicate over the cellular network from an unattended device, Scan can offer edge AI specific SIM cards that are designed to be simple yet comprehensive, providing real time monitoring of devices, the ability to set and edit business rules remotely and provide granular reporting so you have ultimate insight into your edge deployment. The system is flexible, scalable and can largely be automated, but when help is needed EE also has a dedicated M2M service team to provide assistance.

Weather Proof

Temperature Resistant

Choice of Tariff

IMEI Lock Option

Real Time Billing

Sim Swap or Bar On-demand

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These SIMs are also designed to be resilient - ideal for unattended devices where dust, adverse weather conditions, vibration and extremes of temperature
may be the norm.

Leased Line Connectivity for AI Datacentres

Dedicated hardware for AI training should be ideally located in secure data centres where data integrity can be guaranteed and sufficient power and cooling is available to support such large GPU-accelerated server stacks, all-flash storage arrays and low latency networks. To ensure the datacentre environment is connected optimally to the organisation headquarters a leased line is the obvious choice. Scan can proved BTnet leased line solutions, in conjunction with Scancom - a BT Authorised Partner - to deliver ground breaking speeds of up to 10Gbps and unlimited scalability. All backed by a dedicated 24/7 helpdesk, true business-class service with a targeted SLA of 100% availability.


Dedicated internet access with totally un-contended bandwidth.


Voted no.1 in the UK for leased lines by Netcraft.

100% SLA

Market-leading 100% target availability SLA.


Change your bandwidth to suit your seasonal business demands.


Guaranteed symmetric upload and download speeds.


There is no fair usage policy; you can use as much data as you like - no limits.

With symmetric speed choices ranging from 2Mbps to 30Mbps (Ethernet First Mile - EFM), 35Mbps (Generic Ethernet Access – GEA), and 10Gbps (Ethernet fibre), plus resilience options, a leased line is ideal for businesses where internet access is critical. And ultra-low latency makes it the natural choice for financial trading applications and top-quality video conferencing. BTnet leased line internet services have direct private peering relationships with many cloud service providers including Microsoft (including Office 365) and Amazon (AWS), which means that cloud application traffic can be handled directly with the cloud provider, without needing to route over the public internet. This helps provide high capacity and low latency connections to key cloud applications.

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