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Select the type of system depending on your workflow and then customise the specification to your requirements.

AI Optimised Storage

Rackmount storage appliances optimised for training in conjunction with NVIDIA DGX, EGX and HGX training systems.

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Next-Day Workstations

These Development Workstations are pre-built and ready for next-day delivery.

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Run:AI Certified Appliances

Certified appliances pre-installed with Run:AI - designed and configured to get the most out of GPU virtualisation whilst remaining cost effective.

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NVIDIA DGX as a Service

Our cloud service enables any organisation to take advantage of NVIDIA DGX appliances without the need to invest in on-premise or hosted hardware.


Deep Learning & AI

Our goal is to be your trusted advisor for all things AI providing a range of systems supported by data scientists, Linux engineers and hardware support. Depending on your budget, experience and scale we offer custom-built solutions including development workstations, training servers and a selection of inferencing devices, plus the range of NVIDIA DGX AI appliances. The following guides and information will help you learn more about deep learning and AI and how it can be used to revolutionise your organisation. Email [email protected] or call 01204 474747 to discuss your requirements further.

Guide to Deep Learning & AI

This guide will take you through the principles, terminology and processes of deep learning and AI to help provide a clearer understanding of these technologies, what drives them and how businesses can take advantage

Beginner’s Guide

3XS Development Workstations

Development is the key first stage along your AI journey, so knowing which hardware to choose to get you started is vital. Learn more about our GeForce RTX and Quadro RTX powered systems, and discover which is right for you.

AI Workstation Buyers Guide

3XS Custom Training Servers

Using the reference NVIDIA EGX and HGX server architectures, 3XS systems provides high performance platforms to support AI training, big data analytics and Virtual Compute Server (vCS) deployments

EGX & HGX Systems

3XS Edge AI Solutions

Edge AI or inferencing devices complete the AI journey once a model is fully trained and ready to be deployed. Modular and ruggedised systems featuring embedded NVIDIA Jetson GPUs provide a suitable solution for any environment

Inferencing Solutions

NVIDIA GPU Accelerators

Using one or more GPU accelerators is the fastest way to speed data processing, especially with large datasets. In this guide we compare all the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators so you can choose the perfect configuration for your workloads.

NVIDIA GPU Buyers Guide


The NVIDIA DGX A100 is an AI supercomputing appliance that provides up to 5 petaFLOPs performance. It includes all a full software stack including GPU-optimised Linux, NVDocker, NVIDIA DIGITS and a full remote management suite. Scan is an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider for the DGX A100 and provides complete installation and configuration services. This guide explains more about the DGX A100.

NVIDIA DGX A100 Supercomputer

AI Optimised Storage

High performance deep learning training servers require low-latency storage solutions. 3XS have designed a range of Software Defined Storage appliances, tailored specifically for AI, that can be scaled-out with additional units for more performance and capacity

Storage for AI

Proof of Concept

Prior to the purchase of any of our HPC servers, we offer the ability for you to try them out in a secure datacentre environment. This not only allows you to benchmark performance with your own datasets but ensures you choose the right system for you.

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Professional Services

To complement our range of HPC solutions, we can further support your organisation with a host of professional services, covering installation, configuration, remote monitoring, cyber security and data science consultancy.

AI Services