Editing Accessories Guide

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How do you want to Edit?

At Scan Pro Video, we want to cover you on almost every base. Our 3XS systems are undoubtedly some of the best video editing machines, going from mid-range machines that still handle 4K video to powerhouses that will dominate anything you put in.

However, we also know that not everyone works on a workstation at their desk and sometimes you want your Macbook Pro or Thunderbolt 3 based laptop to pump something out a little more than what their graphics cards can provide. That’s where the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Bundle comes in, with a WX9100 packaged in, you’ll tear apart your video whenever creativity strikes.

Sonnet eGFX + AMD WX9100

Boost your current setup with the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box and AMD WX9100 Radeon Pro


Custom Built 3XS Systems

Customise a purpose built Pro Video PC to suit all of your editing and grading needs

Resolve Reseller

Blackmagic Design Resolve Panels

Blackmagic’s colouring hardware is renowned for its in depth level of options, with each wheel able to take on multiple tasks as you see fit and a range of buttons that clearly indicate what option you’re about to tap into. These Panels come in Micro, Mini and the Control Surface, making them the ultimate addition to anyone serious about their grading during the edit.

DaVinci Micro Panel

The Micro Panel suits those in a more flexible environment, with a plug and play mentality behind it. It’s ideal for graders who don’t need the full breadth of a Control Surface or the additional features found on the Mini Panels.

DaVinci Mini Panel

The Mini Panels are designed for those who have a dedicated set up and want more information from their hardware. With two screens on top, this piece of hardware is made for those who want even more control over their content.

DaVinci Advanced Panel

A Control Surface is the ultimate, Death Star equivalent of a grading and colouring station. It features every dial, knob and trackball you could possibly want for that true, Hollywood level of control over how your images come out on video.

Get the right Monitor

You’re editing, you’re trying to make your project as accurate as possible but, a standard screen just isn’t going to cut it anymore. When considering an upgrade for one of the most vital components, we recommend the new Eizo CG319X HDR 4K screen, intended for VFX, Compositing and Colour Grading, Eizo ensure that every single one of their screens is as accurate as possible to be a favourite amongst the industry.

For those who want something comparable, but more budget friendly, the BenQ SW271 is a perfect alternative. The 27” monitor is perfect for those who work within video, photography or art, and As well as supporting HDR, the panel has 99% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB colour space coverage, giving you an even colour across the whole screen.

DaVinci Logo

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

Free with all Pocket Cameras

With Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio 16, you not only get a robust video editor, you also get the new Fairlight audio post-production software and full access to Fusion, a deep suite of visual effect tools.

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Storage / Scratch Disks

LaCie are one of our go to brands for storage when editing. Their 2big Dock is an effective, multi tool of external storage, featuring Thunderbolt 3 for ridiculous transfer speeds, but also features a display port to extend your screen real estate even further. Inside is your choice of 8TB, all the way up to 20TB and these hard drives are hot swappable or upgradable as improvements are made in the technology. On the front is a USB A port capable of charging most phones or giving you access to other USB devices, a CFast card reader and SD Card reader, giving you direct access to your footage if you have the media on hand. We adore this for its speed, versatility and huge storage capacity, suitable for all 4K video files.

Additional Extras

Sonnet are all over Thunderbolt 3, outside of their external enclosures and eGPUs, they’re providing the blazing fast speeds of Intel’s technology and combining it with the industry’s favourite formats. The CFast Reader and ECHO 11 give you the full breadth of what you want to access via Thunderbolt 3, making transfer times a breeze and letting you get to what’s important.

We highly recommend you look into Logickeyboard’s dedicated DaVinci Resolve shortcut keyboard, which is ideal for those wanting to be as quick through their edit as their transfer speeds are

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