Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

4K and 6K camera options now available for order

Blackmagic's Next Generation of Cameras

RAW Video

Cinematic level video, all captured in RAW or ProRes. Take advantage of Blackmagic's own RAW codec for even better results in Resolve. Even for web content, you'll get fantastic results when it comes to grading.

Dual ISO

The Pocket Cinema Camera is the logical leap forward for this level of cameras, with an added boost with a dual native ISO up to 25, 600 and with 13 stops of dynamic range, low-light video is incredibly easy.

Flexible Storage

Your options for how you capture and store your footage are expanded with the PCC, with USB-C, SD and CFast all at your disposal.

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Built to Perfection

The Pocket Camera is as it sounds: tiny. This gives you far more portability, allowing you to get more unique shots on projects or even when in tight studio spaces. Just because it's small, doesn't mean it isn't packing, as Blackmagic have fitted it with a 5" screen, 4 built in microphones and recorders. There's also all the buttons that you'd need, letting quickly get a hold of framing, focus, audio and file management.

Pocket 4K Pocket 6K

Pocket Camera Lenses

The Pocket Camera 4K features a Micro Four Thirds Mount, while the 6K offers an EF lens mount, giving you access to your previous collection of lenses. Obviously, with adapters, you can begin to utilise your own PL, C and X-mount lenses, among others. Below, you'll find our recommendations for both cameras to get you started.

Storage Media

The Pocket Cinema Camera features something unique in the area of storage media, especially for a camera of this size. The PCC4K can take SD cards, CFast 2.0 and USB-C external SSDs, giving you a range of options for whatever you decide to record to.

For backing up while on a shoot however, we highly recommend the LaCie and DJI joint venture, the CoPilot BOSS. This portable hard drive packs 2TB of space and doesn’t require a PC to back up to, you can use the app, ensuring your footage is kept safe and freeing up your camera’s media for continuous shooting.

Power Sources

With advancements in power banks coming a long way, the Omnicharge is one of our personal favourites and comes in two variations. The regular Omnicharge 20 and 20 Pro offer an AC plug and USB ports, letting you plug in pretty much any device up to a 100watts into it. The Omni 20 C is a 60W and 40W USB Type C based powerbank, with the ability to transfer files while your camera or devices are charging via USB pass through tech inside. This is ideal for the latest range of Macbooks and other USB C based laptops.

For the camera itself, rather than swapping out batteries every few minutes, we highly recommend Core SWX’s PowerBase Edge, which can supply up to 4 hours of continuous recording time. There’s also USB ports to give power to your other accessories we recommend further on.

Support Accessories

Make sure you get the right support for your camera, with our broad selection ranging from the perfect vlogging gear and versatile gear from Joby, to studio grade tripods from Manfrotto and their selection of bags to carry your kit in.

We’ve tested DJI’s Ronin S, their larger one-handed gimbal system that’s bringing all the great support you expect from other DJI Ronin gimbals to a smaller form factor camera. While the Ronin S doesn’t yet support direct connectivity with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, it does fit and balances extremely well. Because of the handheld nature of the gimbal and the endless recording time on it too, once you’ve hit the record button you can go to town with unique spinning shots and extensive stabilisation not found in many other places. With the 6K version, you'll want to compensate for the heavier EF lenses.

Split into two sections, Linear and Pan Tilt, Genie 2 gives you the flexibility and options to create how you want, without the fuss. The Linear drive is effectively the original Genie, but supercharged. It comes with a built-in joystick for granular control and can be attached to any slider or accessory you might be using to turn it into a motion control device. The Pan Tilt Drive gives creatives the freedom they deserve when they're filming. By attaching it to the top of a tripod will give you a full Pan Tilt capabilities.

Viewing Assistance

For those interested in using the Pocket Camera in a true studio setting, the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K is the perfect choice for a larger viewing monitor. Teradek supply some of the best methods of getting your video online and across the studio set. The Serv Pro is perfect for a more iOS orientated video production studio, with a dedicated app and support for 10 devices. Teradek’s Bolt series will give you extended ranges to beam the video across your set to different devices for monitoring and can be combined with certain SmallHD screens for more colour accurate viewing for those within that area of the production.


We highly recommend LEDGO Pad and Ring lights, giving you the right kind of light in almost any situation and saving shoots going to waste. These lights are also portable and low powered enough to be supported by the Omnicharge if you need a quick, guerilla solution.

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DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

Free with all Pocket Cameras

With Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio 16, you not only get a robust video editor, you also get the new Fairlight audio post-production software and full access to Fusion, a deep suite of visual effect tools.

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