Warm Audio

Warm Audio’s goal is to put VERY high-end gear in the hands of the world’s best musicians. Talent deserves to be expressed through top-notch equipment. Some of the world’s best musicians are never heard in the right light due to budget restrictions. We want to change this by bringing completely professional designs to the project and professional studios. The WA12 masterfully captures microphones and instruments with great clarity and warmth. Our biggest suggestion regarding the WA12 is to not let the price tag fool you. It’s completely discrete with no surface mount components and it uses custom Cinemag transformers. Enjoy your new sound.

19" Rack Mount Studio Hardware

A Lot of Professional Studio equipment is designed to sit in a Rack Mount unit known as a 19" Rack because of its width. The Height of the modules designed to go inside it is set as a standard known as "1U" or One Rack Unit whose height is standardised at 1.752 inches (44.50mm). Although technology has changed a lot over the years, this format has remained the same.


Condenser Microphones

Condenser (or Capacitor) microphones are fantastic for detailed recording work. When using them for vocal recording, think about if you need a pop filter (to stop plosives) or a reflection shield to minimise room noise on recordings and produce a clearer result. All condenser microphones need a power supply from somewhere, either battery or 48V Phantom Power from a desk or interface.



Microphone pre-amplifiers convert the signal from the microphone into a line level signal, SP/DIF digital or USB format. The use of a good preamp with a good condenser or ribbon microphone can produce some very accurate and detailed results.