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Introducing our AI Solutions

Deep Learning & AI Solutions Powered by NVIDIA

Although Scan IT encompasses all aspects of client and infrastructure solutions your organisation may require, we created Scan AI to recognise the specialist nature of this particular cutting-edge area of computing. Our deep learning and AI solutions help get you started down the AI path, develop algorithms and models specific to your challenges and environment, and ultimately see them through to deployment. Click below to learn more about our Scan AI solutions.


AI Workstations

GPU-accelerated workstations specifically designed for the development stage of AI. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, they make the perfect platform to start your AI journey.


EGX & HGX Servers

Servers designed around NVIDIA GPUs - either PCIe or SXM4 - to power your AI training phase. Customisable and scalable to meet any deep learning project requirement.


DGX Station A100

The DGX Station offers NVIDIA A100 GPUs in a tower server format so you get the datacentre power but without the need to rackmount or cool. Designed specifically for AI workgroups.


DGX A100

The ultimate in AI appliances - eight NVIDIA A100 GPUs with NVLink and NVSwitch to deliver ground breaking AI performance. All combined with an optimised software stack and NVIDIA GPU Cloud access.


DGX as a Service

The ultimate in compute - in the cloud. Leverage the power of NVIDIA DGX server hardware on a subscription basis - scalable and flexible to suit your compute requirements.

AI Guides


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