Guitar Pedals & Effects

You’d think it would be enough that a guitarist found his perfect guitar and amp rig, but no, they still want to mess with their tone! And what better way than with a wide variety of effects from companies like BOSS, XVIVE, VALETON, CKK, FRIEDMAN, ONE CONTROL, VOODOO LABS, CARL MARTIN, PROVIDENCE, WAY HUGE, WAMPLER and many more…

Effects Pedal Power Supplies

A good power supply is essential when putting together your peda lboard. Asside from keeping things tidy around your feet they can also provide different voltages to match the individual pedal requirements. Pedals can be powered either by daisy chainging them together or by using an isolatied powersupply. An isolated supply should eliminate ground loops and any associated hum, as there's no grounding path between the pedals.


Phaser Pedals

A phaser pedal is a modulation effect.Similar to a chorus but instead of delay it utilises all-pass filters. When mixed back with the original signal it creates comb filtering giving the swirling effect.