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Using a keyboard designed specifically for gaming makes for more rapid and accurate key strokes, with many gaming keyboards including additional functions such as macro keys, media playback and RGB lighting. You have two main choices to make, between rubber dome keyboards and those with mechanical switches.


Rubber Dome Keyboards

Rubber dome keyboard are cheaper and often quieter than mechanical keyboards, but provide very little in the way of feedback.


Mechanical Keyboards

These more expensive keyboards feature individual mechanical switches under each key, providing more tactile feedback. Mechanical keyboards are also much easier to clean and typically last much longer than rubber dome keyboards.

Mechanical Switches

To allow for the many types of game and user, mechanical keyboards are available with different types of switch, which are colour coded to set them apart. They feature different operating forces to use them, have various degrees of travel and noise levels related to these other factors. The below table shows the common types.

Red Silent Red Speed Silver Black Silent Black Brown Blue
TYPE Linear Linear Linear Linear Linear Tactile Tactile
OPERATING FORCE (CN) 45 45 45 60 60 55 60
PRE-TRAVEL (MM) 2 1.9 1.2 2 1.9 2 2.2
TOTAL TRAVEL (MM) 4 3.7 3.4 4 3.7 4 4
8 5 8 8 5 9 10

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Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboards

If you want to be the best, you must use the best! Keyboards play a key role in your gaming setup, be it for moving around your favourite map on Call Of Duty, or firing off your Ulti on LoL! Why settle for second best? Get yourself a mechanical keyboard and feel the difference for yourself!

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PC Gaming Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are renowned for the quality, consistency and longevity of their switches – they're rated for tens of millions of presses, so they'll never tire of gaming before you do. There's a wide range of excellent switches to choose from, and many keyboards come with extras such as backlights, media control and macro switches. Invest in a mechanical keyboard, feel the difference and never look back!

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Keyboard Accessories

Ensure your gaming keyboard is perfect for you in every way. Wrist rests and cushions may help those long hours of gameplay pass without generating any stresses and strains on the arms and wrists, they can also contribute to improving seated posture overall.

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