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Enterprise Solutions for Deep Learning and AI

Deep Learning Server Hardware

Deep learning uses the power of neural networks to teach computers how to detect patterns and concepts in data, such as translating languages, image recognition and trend analysis.

Deep Learning servers are powered by multiple NVIDIA GPU Accelerators working together in parallel to speed up this highly computationally-intensive process, using multi-layered deep neural networks to simulate the functions of the brain to solve tasks that have previously eluded data scientists.

Choose from a wide range of servers optimised for deep learning, available to purchase or rental via the cloud with free proof of concept trials also available. Visit our Deep Learning site to learn more.

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Deep Learning Server Software, Licensing & Support

Scan is an Elite Solution Provider for NVIDIA DGX Systems and has a dedicated AI team including data scientists to support our deep learning systems.

Make the most your deep learning hardware with this selection of software, licensing and supoprt upgrade options.


AI Optimised Storage Appliances

High performance deep learning training solutions from the NVIDIA DGX family require low-latency storage solutions. These 2U Software Defined Storage appliances are powered by Excelero and can provide up to 330TB of NVMe over Fabric storage, with the entry-level configuration of 4 SSDs providing over 2M IOPS, 12GB/s random read with less than 90 microseconds latency.

The system is scalable up to 24 SSDs, providing more than 23GB/sec from a single enclosure, and be extended with additional units.

Email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


3XS Cloud Workstations

Scan 3XS Cloud Workstations are GPU-accelerated systems hosted in Scan's UK datacentre available around the clock on flexible contracts. They are based on the same high-quality components as our award-winning physical Pro Graphics, Pro Video and AI workstations and servers.

Scan 3XS Cloud Workstations are available in flexible increments of one week, one month, three months, six months and one year.

If this isn't exactly what you are looking for please get in touch with the 3XS Cloud Workstation team or visit our Scan Cloud website.