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CPU - Intel

The CPU is the central processing unit, literally the central component in a computer. It's responsible for processing instructions and controlling the other components. Many include basic on-board graphics processors too so you can power a display without needing a separate graphics card. Intel and AMD rule the desktop processor market, and each has a wide range of models suited to different tasks and budgets. Low-end, dual-core chips can be had for £25 or even less, but are only well matched to basic tasks, while the high-end is home to multi-core, high frequency monsters that can tear through the world's most intensive software. Before buying, ensure you've got a compatible motherboard and a cooler that can take the heat. 08/04/15

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Intel's most affordable desktop processors are found in the Celeron family. They're priced below £50, yet still pack in two cores that use Intel's 4th Generation Core architecture know as Haswell, as well as Intel HD Graphics so you can run your displays without a discrete graphics card. While they're not suitable for gaming, and lack higher-end features such as Intel Hyper-Threading, they can be used to build a modest PC suitable for casual work environments and entertainment. PLEASE NOTE : If you intend on using a Haswell Refresh chip on a 8 series motherboard, you will need a BIOS update for the chip to be compatible. 08/04/15

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Intel Celeron G1850, S 1150, Haswell Refresh, Dual Core, 2.9GHz, 5 GT/s DMI, 29x Ratio, 54W, CPU, Retail
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