Deep Learning Workstations

DGX-1 Volta Deep Learning Supercomputer

What makes the DGX-1 special and how it will transform your development of neural networks and other AI research.


DGX Station Deep Learning Workstation

Develop and iterate new deep neural networks with the compact deep learning solution before training at scale in a data centre.


Deep Learning Framework and Hardware

Deep Learning Framework

A framework lets you train your Deep Learning network quickly and easily. Learn more about frameworks and how they can transform your research.

Framework Solutions

NVIDIA Quadro, Titan or Tesla ?

Which NVIDIA GPU is better suited for deep learning and which one will give you the best processing power.


Intel Coprocessor and Accelerator Cards

Learn how Intel hardware can reduce the overhead of complex hardware and software integration as well as ensuring high power cost efficiency.


Try DGX-1 in the cloud

We want you to be sure that DGX-1 is right for you, so provide the ability to try your own data on one of our deep learning servers as Proof of Concept. Hosted in a secure datacentre, we will provide you with remote access to a DGX-1 server so you can evaluate and benchmark it.

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Planet AI Search

Scan is proud to partner with Planet AI to bring their Argus software solutions to the DGX-1 platform.

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7 Day Support

Access our technical support team 7 days a week. If your system is in need of repair you may be eligible for an onsite engineer to come to your home or office. Alternatively we can repair your system at our UK-based service centre.