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GPU Accelerated Secure Managed Hosting

AI optimised architecture maintained by our datacenter team

Why Scan Managed Hosting Services?

Many organisations are beginning to understand the huge impact an AI strategy can have on their business, whether for efficiency, cost saving or competitive edge. Once AI development has begun, it is very easy to then end up with a disparate range of GPU systems or to look to the cloud to solve scalability challenges. Whilst both these approaches will deliver results they do have problems. The cloud can be very costly especially for training and building models and on-premise datacentres can be difficult to manage or simply aren’t capable of handling the power density and scale needed to accelerate AI projects effectively.

Colocation is the answer, and this is why Scan, as an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider, has partnered with a number of secure datacentre partners in order to deliver performance and unlimited scalability whilst guaranteeing security and peace of mind for enterprises worried about the integrity of their data - all backed by Scan’s team of AI specialists.

With the addition of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Datacentre program, built on NVIDIA DGX Systems and delivered by NVIDIA accredited partners, you can be safe in the knowledge that the premises that house your infrastructure is perfect to accelerate your AI projects. This program ensures datacentre partners are accredited and provide a broader range of services, including proof of concepts and AI-as-a-service offerings. All of Scan’s chosen datacentre partners meet this standard.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

The Scan AI-as-a-Service offering, delivered in conjunction with our datacentre partners has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of GPU-acceleration and includes optimised appliances at every stage of the architecture to reduce bottlenecks and ensure scalability to deal most intensive complex deployments. Unlike other remote GPU-accelerated services these environments are supported by a full team of expert consultants including data scientists, Linux engineers and hardware architects to supported your AI development whether it be a proof-of-concept trial, project planning or full deployment.

These specialist teams are available in half-day increments to hand-hold your deep learning projects, or simply to compliment your in-house experts as and when you require.

Managed solutions

Secure managed solutions allow you to store data in a data centre but without the risk of uploading data into hyper-scalers.

AI specialists

Our Deep Learning and AI specialists can take responsibility of infrastructure management and enhance in-house technical skills.

Low cost

Rental or operational cost models on the latest infrastructure which provides a more flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Unique access

Dedicated unshared or uncontended high-performance access to Deep Learning & AI platforms.


Access to platform security with physical segregation and no resource sharing that can be accessed in a multitude of secured connectivity options.

No risk intergration

Scalable platform without the challenges and risks of later integration.

Data Scientist Consultancy

For help and advice with all frameworks, algorithms and interpretation of your deep learning and AI results.

Infrastructure Engineer Consultancy

For help in hardware configuration or software (Linux) set up of your deep learning environment.

Security Consultancy

For help with the security and regulatory compliance aspects of your deep learning project.

Pre-installed Frameworks

The class-leading hardware configurations we offer come pre-installed with a range of common and widely-used deep learning frameworks. Deep Learning frameworks are systems for the training and deployment of Deep Learning networks which provide the flexibility to design and adapt the network to your specific task – they allow you to hit the ground running, to prototype and test ideas and applications without the considerable overhead of writing significant amounts of your own code. All the major frameworks use cuDNN so you can rely on optimised code, and each one has a community of developers and users who can help you not only get the most from the framework you chose but also guide you in modifying the framework to provide new features you may require for your application.


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