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Deep Learning Hardware


Whilst GPU-accelerated hardware is a central point of deep learning and AI, it is worth understanding that the hardware requirements vary significantly depending on which stage the of the AI journey you are at – Development, Training or Inferencing. Each has very different needs and Scan recognises this by offering a range of solutions within each area to ensure every price range and performance requirement is met.

AI Development Systems

Depending on budget and time to results required, we offer a range of single and multi-GPU workstations aimed at establishing and developing AI models. Cutting edge GPU accelerators from the NVIDIA RTX families are featured to ensure best performance within each price bracket.

Powered by NVIDIA RTX GPU-accelerators the 3XS range of AI dev box workstations enable you to start your AI journey and learn valuable insights from failed models at an affordable price.

AI Training Systems

The technical requirements of an AI training system may vary hugely depending on what your particular AI project is. Recognising that budgets vary, regulatory compliances may need to be met, we offer a variety of training solutions based on the NVIDIA DGX, HGX and EGX platforms to suit all possible requirements, however small or large.

Powered by enterprise-class NVIDIA A100 GPU-accelerators the DGX Station delivers the ultimate in performance and has full software stack that lets your data science teams get started within only an hour.

AI Inferencing Systems

No two AI deployments are the same and factors to consider may range from extreme temperature to dust and shock to all-weather protection. Scan has partnered with Advantech to offer a full range of NVIDIA Jetson based embedded solutions to guarantee we have the best fit product for your particular challenge or scenario.

The Advantech Edge AI range of modular solutions is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform, embedded within a robust chassis to cope with all inferencing needs.

GPU Accelerated Secure Managed Hosting

The cloud can be very costly especially for training and building models and on-premise datacentres can be difficult to manage or simply aren’t capable of handling the power density and scale needed to accelerate AI projects effectively. Scan has partnered with several secure data centres to offer a host of secure managed solutions.

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