Deep Learning Hardware

Whilst, accelerated hardware is a central point of deep learning and AI, it is worth understanding that the hardware requirements vary significantly depending on which stage the of the AI journey you are at – Development, Training or Inferencing. Each has very different needs and Scan recognises this by offering a range of solutions within each area to ensure every price / performance need is met.

Development Systems

3XS Deep Learning Workstations

Powered by NVIDIA TITAN GPU accelerators the Dev Box Pro range of workstations enable you to identify the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and learn valuable insights from failed models at an affordable price.

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NVIDIA Data Science Workstation

Powered by enterprise-class NVIDIA Quadro GPU accelerators this range of NVIDIA-certified Data Science Workstations includes a complete software stack including data preparation, model training and data visualisation.

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DGX Station Workstation

Powered by enterprise-class NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators the DGX Station delivers the ultimate in performance and has full software stack that lets your data science teams get started within only an hour.

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Training Systems

DGX-1 Volta Deep Learning Supercomputer

What makes the DGX-1 special and how it will transform your development of neural networks and other AI research.

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DGX A100 worlds first AI System built on NVIDIA A100

The new DGX A100 Universal System for AI Infrastructure, The worlds first AI System built on NVIDIA A100.

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Deep Learning Framework

A framework lets you train your Deep Learning network quickly and easily. Learn more about frameworks and how they can transform your research.

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Built from the ground-up for data intensive workloads, POWER9 is the only processor with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology, including next generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI.

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HPE Apollo Servers

With up to eight high-performance GPUs per server, the HPE Apollo range of servers provides superior performance. Purpose-built for accelerated computing, this platform features both PCIe and NVLink GPU interconnects.

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One Stop Systems

A provider of NVIDIA GPU based servers designed for hyperscale deep learning training culminating in the GPUltima platform capable of scaling to eight nodes, each with 16x Tesla V100 GPUs in either a single or dual configuration.

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Inferencing Systems

Learn how our range of solutions designed specifically for AI inferencing can complete your AI journey.

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AI Cloud

Deep learning and AI deployments are at the bleeding edge of IT infrastructure as we know it. Ever-evolving at an incredibly fast rate and always designed around optimal throughput from data storage to GPU, and then concerned with maximising GPU utilisation to get the fastest time to results, and increasing the return-on-investment on your purchased hardware.

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