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Handmade Guitar and Bass effect pedals

tskalis pedals

Tsakalis are renowned for their award winning handmade effect pedals for guitar and bass.

Tsakalis pedals all feature true by-pass mode and come with limited life-time warranties. All pedals are individually hand made and tested at their Tsakalis HQ in Athens, Greece.

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With Tsakalis passion in creating the best possible effect pedals and Scan Pro Audio's specialist team of industry experts, let us help you find the perfect pedal.

As Tsakalis Audio Works exclusive UK distributor we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions around their product range.

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Check out the range of Tsakalis pedals below and hear the difference these could make to your sound.

Tsakalis Experience

Tsakalis Tilay

Tsakalis Crown

Tsakalis Nerve

Tsakalis Ocean

Tsakalis Phonkify

Tsakalis Riff Raff

Tsakaliis Pedals