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Create Professional and Cinematic Digital Content with PRO VIDEO UAS

Professional UAS/Drone Equipment

DJI have forever permeated the world of the professional videoprapher and photographer.

At SCAN PRO VIDEO we provide solutions. Our Professional UAS/Drones are designed to work in tandem with our NLE/RTX Workstations taking you from Video Capture to editing, colour grading and more. We truly believe in the harmonised workflow Shoot-Edit-Grade-Deliver.

With a wide range of UAS/Drone options Scan Pro Video can support your operation whether its for social media, Web, TV or Film.


DJI Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 is the latest offering from DJI which can be classed as the entry level for Professional Remote Pilots. It has 2 cameras with a Hasselblad sensor coupled with a 20MP lense and a 12MP zoom camera with 4x digital zoom. It is capable of shooting in RAW, 10bit Dlog colour and has upto 5.2k 50FPS and 4K 120FPS functionality. The Cine version comes with an integrated 1TB SSD and the RC Pro Smart controller, great for TV or cinematic work.

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DJI Inspire 2

DJI’s current Professional Cinematic Offering is the Inspire 2. It is a hugely capable UAS/Drone especially when combined with the X5s or X7 cameras. The ability to change cameras and lenses allows for a much wider range of shots retaining superb Image quality. With multiple formats such as 6K CinemaDNG or 5.2K Apple ProRes it remains a capable workhorse and a big step up from the Phantom and Mavic Series UAS/Drones. It has high speeds in both horizontal and vertical planes, and self-heating battery technology allows for more operational days. It is also capable of a 2-crew operation with a pilot and camera operator.

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DaVinci Resolve Studio 17

Featuring a robust video editor, full post-production, audio software (Fairlight) and a deep suite of visual effects (Fusion), there's a reason we're in love with the DaVinci Resolve.

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